Why Use a Hunting Rangefinder?

Why Use a Hunting Rangefinder_

Why use a hunting rangefinder? Laser rangefinders have a host of benefits and are a great way to get accurate range measurements to ensure you are on target.

Hunters need to have high-quality gear that will be able to help them during their hunts. They don’t want extra gear they don’t need and that will weigh them down. They need the right rifle and scope, they need the right clothing and boots, and they need to have a knife and possibly tools for field dressing an animal. However, you can’t forget the importance of also having a rangefinder.

Why use a rangefinder? You will find that they have some great benefits, and they should be a part of your set of gear. These small devices are typically lightweight and easy to use, and they can help to make hunting and taking accurate shots much easier.

Below, we will be learning more about rangefinders and the most important reasons that you need to bring one along on your next hunt. We will also provide you with some information on a few of the best rangefinders on the market right now.

What is a Rangefinder and How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, a rangefinder will help you to determine the range of objects quickly and easily in the distance. The laser rangefinders of today are fast and accurate, and they can serve multiple purposes.

All of the laser rangefinders available today work using the same principles. The unit will emit a laser beam when you push a button. The lasers will hit and bounce off objects in the distance. The high-speed clock in the rangefinder will calculate how long it took the laser to reach those objects and return to the unit.

Lasers move at the speed of light, so it’s easy for the device to calculate the distance of the object based on the amount of time that the laser took. It will then display the distance to the hunter, so they can determine what adjustments they might need to make to their scope when taking a shot.

Benefits of Using a Quality Rangefinder for Hunting

If you have a great scope and rifle, and you believe you are a good shot, you might still be wondering whether you need to invest in a rangefinder. Why use a hunting rangefinder if you can save some money? You’ll find that having a rangefinder can provide you with ample benefits and can make your hunts more successful.

Never Guess on Your Ranges

If you aren’t using a rangefinder, you are only estimating the distance between you and your targets. This leads to missed shots or poorly placed shots that could wound but not kill an animal. When you make use of a laser rangefinder for hunting, you will receive accurate results that will help you improve your shots.

Scouting the Area

Another great benefit of the rangefinder is that it can be helpful for those who want to scout out some hunting areas early. You might want to check out some locations that look like they will be good places to spot game and find a shooting position. You can then use the rangefinder to get the distances between your spot and different locations long before the actual hunt.

Write down the information, so don’t have to do it on the fly when you are hunting. It can save some time and still provide you with the accuracy you need.

Slopes Are No Problem

When you use a quality hunting rangefinder, you will discover that they can calculate accurate distances even when you are aiming toward a target that’s on a slope. This will ensure that your shots in these scenarios are more accurate since you will get the true horizontal distance to the target. You won’t have to worry about shots being too high or too low.

Small and Lightweight

As mentioned at the start of the article, you don’t want to carry about heavy equipment while you are hunting if you don’t have to. Fortunately, even though they have a substantial amount of technology in them, hunting rangefinders are compact and they do not weigh much.

Typically, they will weigh about half a pound or so. This will be easy to add to your hunting gear without noticing an appreciable difference in the weight. Most can be put into a pocket or carried on a lanyard today.

No Need to Carry Binoculars

Many hunters carry a pair of binoculars with them, so they can glass a field or other location to look for prey or signs of game passing. However, if you have a quality rangefinder that provides excellent magnification, you may be able to keep your binoculars at home or in the car.

The rangefinder is capable of providing you with the same type of information that you would get through the binoculars. This will eliminate one of the pieces of gear that you might normally carry with you, which can help to streamline your hunt.


One of the other great things about laser hunting rangefinders today is the cost. Some options will work well for just about every price range. They are more affordable than they have ever been, which means it should be easier for more people to add these to their gear. This is especially true if you opt to get these instead of binoculars, as suggested above.

Take Good Care of Your Rangefinder

If you choose to buy a rangefinder, you want to be sure that it lasts as long as possible just like the rest of your hunting gear. Fortunately, you will find that the care of the laser rangefinders is simple. You will want to keep them clean and only clean the lenses with a camera lens cleaner and a soft cloth.

Make sure that you wipe them down after each day in the field and keep them in a carrying case or pocket if you aren’t using them. While they are durable, you still don’t want to drop them, as it could cause damage.

Quality Rangefinders to Consider for Your Hunting Needs

You should have a much better understanding of why you should consider getting a hunting rangefinder to add to your gear by now. Of course, there are many options on the market, and you want to be sure you are choosing a great tool. Below, you will find three high-quality hunting rangefinders that could be a perfect addition to your hunting gear.

AOFAR HX0-700N Hunting Rangefinder

AOFAR provides the HX0-700N rangefinder for hunters who want to find an affordable unit that can provide them with the benefits noted above. The rangefinder is capable of providing 6x magnification with an impressive accuracy of +/- one yard. It is capable of providing a measurement for up to 700 yards.

Another nice feature of the rangefinder is that it can be used with the usual range mode, or with the fog mode, which can provide results even when the weather is not cooperating. In addition to the range and fog modes, there are also scan and speed modes.

You can turn the device on with the power button and cycle through the various modes with the mode button. You can choose to get your information in meters or yards depending on your preference. The device will power off after eight seconds if there is no operation, which will help you to save on your battery life.

You will find that this rangefinder is compact, and it weighs about half a pound. It will not be any trouble to add this to a pouch or pocket on your gear for easy access and without adding much weight. The unit is waterproof and dustproof, and you will feel comfortable carrying the durable rangefinder out in the field with you.

The hunting rangefinder also comes with a carabiner, carrying case, lanyard, a CR2 battery, user manual, and a cleaning cloth. The affordable unit is highly accurate and affordable.

Vortex Optics Impact 850 Laser Rangefinder

The Impact 850 laser rangefinder from Vortex Optics is another option for those who want to choose a quality rangefinder. The unit has a non-illuminated display and an intuitive control system. The rangefinder has the power to provide accurate ranges of reflective targets out to 850 yards, and down to 10 yards if you are much closer to your prey.

The unit has 6x magnification, as well as fully multi-coated optics that help to improve light transmission. This means that the unit will be capable of providing great performance even if you are in conditions with a low amount of light. Whether you prefer Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) or Line of Sight (LOS), the unit can meet your needs.

HCD can allow you to get distances for targets that are on level ground at long range. If the target is on a slope of fewer than 15 degrees, it can provide accurate ranges to 800 yards. Targets on slopes that are from 15 to 30 degrees can be ranged out to 400 yards.

You can choose to have the readouts in yards or meters. The LCD is clear and will stand apart from the target area, so you can read it easily. The unit requires one CR2 battery, which is included.

The scan feature of the hunting rangefinder will allow you to range targets that are on the move, and to help you range smaller targets that might be on uniform backgrounds. The system is easy to use, it is highly accurate, and it is a durable option that can be a great addition to any hunter’s gear.

The rangefinder comes with a microfiber lens cloth, a lanyard, and a soft carrying case, as well as a warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Hunting Rangefinder

If you are going to be hunting at great distances, or you simply want to be able to find the range of animals or objects that are far away, the Ranger 1800 from Vortex Optics could be a good fit. It provides you with an illuminated display that is easy to read, and a menu that is simple to understand and use. Whether you are an archer or shooting a rifle, this could be a good option to consider.

The rangefinder provides both HCD and LOS measurements like the Impact 850. The unit is capable of providing measurements out to 1,800 yards on reflective surfaces. For ranging deer, it will work well out to 900 yards, which is more than enough for most hunters. For HCD, it can provide ranges out to 800 yards on slopes less than 15 degrees and 400 yards on slopes between 15 and 30 degrees.

The Ranger 1800 also has the scan feature found with the Impact 850. The unit is easy to use and to get precise ranges quickly, so you can get on target and make your bullet count. The red display can be adjusted for intensity, which will make it easier to see your targets. It comes with a neck lanyard, as well as a utility clip.

The lenses are fully multi-coated, so you can expect excellent light transmission for a great, bright picture. It is waterproof and fog-proof and could be a nice addition to your gear for the hunt.

Conclusion: Make a Rangefinder Part of Your Gear

You always want to make sure that you know the ranges to your targets, and the best and most accurate way to do that is with the use of a rangefinder. Hunting rangefinders have many benefits, as you have seen above, and they are a small and lightweight addition to your gear. They can help to make your hunts more enjoyable and your shots more accurate.

If you are looking for your first rangefinder, or perhaps a better rangefinder for hunting, the options we’ve included could be perfect. Check out their features and capabilities and determine which one might be right for you whether you are a hunter, an archer, or even just shooting at targets.