Which Laser Rangefinder Will Go the Distance for You?

There are many uses for laser rangefinders and a large number of rangefinder products today. Everyone can find an ideal rangefinder that meets needs and budget.

It’s difficult to believe that the ubiquitous laser beam—that we use daily in applications from cash registers to hair removers to computer mice—was only invented in 1960. Soon after, in 1964, the first laser rangefinder came into being. First used for industry and military purposes, the laser rangefinder’s uses have magnified even as the cost of the units has dramatically declined. Today we use handheld lasers to measure the size of the spare room for carpet, while rangers use rangefinders to count the various species of trees in a forest.

The outdoorsman’s world, particularly in the sports of range shooting, hunting, and archery, has made good use of this new technology. Rangefinders have removed the guesswork surrounding target distances for the archer and shooter, increasing accuracy and increasing enjoyment. This laser rangefinder 101 article will review and compare three rangefinders, each with an appeal to a different group of sportsmen, but accessible to all.

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