What Is Field of View?

What Is Field of View_

How much do you know about field of view? FOV is important to consider when you are buying a rifle scope, so make sure you know its significance when choosing.

As someone who hunts, or perhaps is just starting as a hunter, one of the terms that you have likely heard involving scopes is field of view. What is field of view in terms of hunting? While it might sound like a simple enough term, it’s important to have an understanding of exactly what it is, why it is important, and how it can affect your hunting depending on the field of view of your rifle scope.

When you are searching for a scope, you will have to consider all of its features and capabilities. However, you shouldn’t let things like the magnification or turret system overshadow the field of view and optics. It’s all-important when you want the best rifle scope.

Below, you will find more information on field of view, along with several rifle scopes that can provide you with a great FOV. Having a better understanding of field of view and what you should be looking for in a scope will make it easier for you to find the right option.

What is Field of View and Why is It Important?

The field of view is measured in feet at a distance of 100 yards. The field of view tells you how much you will be able to see through your rifle scope at that distance. Keep in mind that as you increase the level of magnification, the field of view will go down. The opposite is true, as well. Decreasing the magnification will increase the field of view.

This is something that you will want to consider when you are using any scope that has variable magnification. Even though it might have high magnification capabilities, you will be able to see less surrounding your target at those higher levels. This is not always a problem, but it is something to be aware of. Don’t think that you are still going to get a 30’ FOV when you are zoomed in at 24x.

Choosing a Scope with Excellent Field of View

When you are choosing a rifle scope, you will always want to choose from models that have a higher field of view, even at those higher magnifications. Some scopes are better equipped to provide a nice FOV even when using higher magnification. The results will still be a smaller field of view than what you will find at lower magnifications, but it could be better than other scopes.

Even though two scopes might be similar, and even if they have the same levels of variable magnification, the field of view can differ. This is often because the quality of the optics is different between the scopes from various manufacturers and between models. Quality is always important when you are choosing your rifle scope if you want the best results.

When choosing from various rifle scopes, you should also consider whether the rifle scope can provide a constant FOV in proportion to the magnification level. This means that if you have a field of view of 100 feet at 100 yards with 1x magnification, it should be about 25 feed at 4x magnification.

Should You Choose a Large FOV or a Small FOV?

One of the common questions that many new shooters and hunters ask is whether they need to have a large field of view or not. When you are hunting, you will generally be shooting out to 150 yards at most. While there are certainly hunters who can take clean shots at longer ranges, most will be 150 yards or closer to their prey.

So, if you are shooting at those distances, you might be wondering if you need to have such a large field of view. Even though you might not need a lot of magnification, remember that field of view is different. Having a larger FOV will provide you with not just a long eye relief, but a much better and more accurate of the surroundings of the target.

Having a wider field of view will help to ensure you have more accuracy and better awareness. It’s always a good idea to choose a scope that has a nice, wide field of view.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Rifle Scope

The field of view is one of the most important factors you need to think about when you are choosing your rifle scope. However, there are plenty of other elements that can determine whether you are getting a great scope or a dud. In addition to the field of view, make sure you are considering all of the following, as well.

  • Eye relief
  • The durability of the housing
  • Quality of the optics
  • Turret system
  • Overall magnification
  • Size of the objective lens
  • Size and weight

Never rush into a scope, or you might end up disappointed. When you do your research, check reviews, and learn as much as possible about the scopes you are considering, you will be able to purchase with confidence.

While you can take advice from friends when it comes to buying your scope, you also have to think about what you need. Your hunting style and shooting style, and your particular desires may differ. Find the scope that’s right for you.

Scopes Offering a Wide Field of View

If you want to have a nice and wide field of view, you know that you need to be careful when choosing your scopes. The quality of the optics matters quite a bit. To help make your selection easier, we’ve gathered three of the best rifle scopes on the market today that have a wide field of view. One of these might be a good choice for your next scope.

Hammers 1-4×24 Wide View HOG Rifle Scope

The HOG rifle scope from Hammers provides you with a low magnification option that is well-made and can provide you with a nice, wide field of view. The FOV for the scope at 100 yards is 94.28 feet at 1x magnification and is 25.14 feet at 4x magnification. This should still provide you with a nice and wide view when you are getting ready to take your shot.

You will also find that the optics used in the scope are high-quality and have multi-coated lenses, which ensures that you have a bright image even when you might be shooting in low light. The scope is parallax-free at 100 yards. Windage and elevation controls have a 100 MOA adjustment range.

The reticle of the scope is etched onto the glass, and it features red and blue illuminated circles with a small dot at the center. This should make it easier for you to get on target when you are hunting hogs that might be moving through particularly thick areas. The reticle also has vertical level lines, so you can always be sure that you are holding the rifle level.

The scope requires a CR2032 battery for the illumination. There is also room for a backup battery that is kept inside the windage cap, so you will always have a backup just in case you need it while you are in the field.

The eye relief for the rifle scope is 4” at 1x and 3.25” at 4x. This should provide you with plenty of eye relief when you are setting up your shot and firing. The scope is durable and features Weaver-style 30 mm scope rings along with flip-open lens caps.

The scope is easy to use, it can stand up to your rigorous hog hunts, and it is easy to use all while providing you with a wide field of view.

AGM Python TS75-336 Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

 Those who are looking for a high-end scope for their rifle that can provide them with long-range capabilities while providing a great field of view will find that the Python might be the scope to consider. Although this is a large scope, it remains lightweight and has an excellent, durable design.

One of the interesting features of the scope is the FLIR Tau 2 17μm pitch thermal sensor. The real-time display will provide you with several color palettes. It provides 1x, 2x, and 4x digital zoom, and you will be pleased to know that there are multiple reticle patterns. You will be able to control the scope using a wireless remote control, as well.

The scope system is powered using two CR123A batteries. It has a 60hz refresh rate, it will start up in about three seconds, and the full optical magnification for the scope is 5x. The Python features an integral MIL-STD-1913 rail system, and you will find that mounting the scope is fast and easy.

The focusing range is from 10m to infinity, while the diopter adjustment range is from -5 to +5 DPT. The eye relief is just 45mm, but this is not much of a problem with the nature of this scope. The display is 800×600 pixels, providing you with a clear image.

In addition to the thermal imaging scope, it comes with a user manual, a soft carrying case, and a lens cloth. The scope is waterproof and rugged, so you will feel comfortable hunting with such a high-end scope.

The Python rifle scope provides a range of interesting features that help to make it stand apart from so many other rifle scopes. This is mainly due to the thermal imaging capabilities and the overall technology that is used in the scope.

Although the scope might not look entirely traditional, you will find that thanks to the included user manual, it is easy to get started without much of a learning curve. Don’t let all of the technology scare you away from considering the scope.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Rifle Scope

 Vortex Optics is a well-known company making quality rifle scopes, such as the Razor HD Gen II. The highly accurate scope has variable magnification from 3x to 18x with a 50 mm optical lens. The first focal plane scope has a wide field of view and it features a glass-etched EBR-2C MOA reticle with 11 different illumination settings.

The scope can work well for shorter ranges, as well as for long-range purposes. The L-TEC turret system is easy to use for controlling windage, elevation, and parallax correction. It even has a locking mechanism, so you will not have to worry about making accidental adjustments. The turret system also has a visual rotation indicator, which makes it easier for you to track the number of rotations that you have made on the turret.

All of the controls are easy to use for dialing in your shot. There is a single knob for adjusting your illumination and your parallax control. You will also appreciate the fact that the APO optical system has image quality thanks to the extra-low dispersion, high-density glass. Also, the lenses have been multi-coated with antireflective material, which helps to improve light transmission.

Durability is also important when you are choosing a rifle scope, and the Razor does not disappoint. The scope has been made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and has been O-ring sealed and argon purged. This provides waterproofing and fog-proofing. The lenses also have a special Armortek coating to keep them safe from dirt, scratches, and oil.

Conclusion: Getting the Right Rifle Scope with a Great Field of View

When you are choosing a rifle scope, you now know that field of view is one of the factors that you should always consider. While it is not the only thing that you have to keep in mind when you are choosing a new scope, it is still important. A nice, wide field of view will provide you with more information on what is happening around your target and can provide a chance for better shots.

Consider the scopes that we have covered above, and you might find that one of those will work well for your hunting needs. Get the right scope for your hunting style today.