What Is Eye Relief?

What Is Eye Relief_

Are you familiar with eye relief? When you are buying a new rifle scope, make sure you understand what eye relief is and why it’s important.

When looking for a new rifle scope, you will come across a range of different terms and specifications that are meant to help you learn more about what the rifle scope can offer. Product information for scopes will often include information on the level of magnification the scope provides, the size of the objective lens, the housing, the reticle, and similar specs. It will also likely include the amount of eye relief that the scope offers.

However, this tends to be one of the elements that people look at last and often don’t understand. Many don’t think that the eye relief is important at all, so they ignore it when they are looking at the specifications of a scope. However, it might be more important than you realize.

Below, we will be delving deeper into eye relief, so you have a firm understanding of what it is and why it could be important. We will also provide you with some great options for rifle scopes that offer excellent eye relief, along with other excellent features.