Vortex Sparc 2 VS StrikeFire 2 in 2021 – Which one is best for you?

Vortex Sparc 2 VS StrikeFire 2

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Vortex Sparc 2 is always trying to prove that you do not have to spend plenty to get a great red dot shooting experience. Here, in this article, we will be comparing two sights from their two most famous budget red dot lines.

The Sparc II and the Strikefire II. The VORTEX SPARC II is intended to be smaller amongst the best reflex sights, where the StrikeFIre II is meant to be a more extensive mid-range offering. They are both excellent red dot sights at an affordable price.

 Both of them are budget-friendly, entry-level red spot sights with satisfactory features. Although their rates are in the identical ballpark, they are making a difference for people to think which optics should they go for. Both of them have different features and characteristics, having the red spot of the same brand.

Strikefire 2 and Sparc 2 have almost identical glass transparency and dot gleam. Generally, you can choose anyone that suits your budget as well as the features you are interested in. Sparc 2 is more moderate, and also extra compact.

The 2 MOA red dot is more reliable. Strikefire 2 seems to be more extensive, and it has 4 MOA, swappable green or red dot for quick point purchase. You need to better stick with EOTech, Aimpoint, and Trijicon, in case you require Battle Proven sight or red dot for occupational usage of Home defences.

However, concerning long-range guns or shooting guns, a lot of people do not demand that extraordinary security and can manage to keep some cash. It means, most Chinese red dots and lower ends are below featured  and inaccurate, and inexpensive, which you are more suitable buying more trustworthy brands as “Vortex Optics

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The other excellent point of Vortex is its warranty. That is mainly concerning the sights of red dots. There are just a little number of brands that definitely provide a Transferable Lifetime Warranty for red dot sights.

For comparison, Aimpoint gives almost a ten years warranty for civilian use. And Leupold provides just two years at its DeltaPoint Pro red dot sight. Then two of the Vortex has the guaranteed benefit.

Comparison Between Sparc 2 and StrikeFire 2

 SPARC 2StrikeFire 2
Waterproof depthSubmersible, but don’t try your luckWater-resistant but not waterproof
Night Versionyesyes
Battery lifeAround 300 hoursUp to 21 hours
Lens coverFip up, attachedFlip-up

The VORTEX SPARC II and StrikeFire II are both suited for short-range to mid-range shooting. But with longer ranges, these are also possible if you use a magnifier.

The StrikeFire is more acclimated to different lighting conditions, where the SPARC II has a smaller set of use in many cases. These are great for plinking, target shooting, some close-range hunting and varmint shooting, or tactical situations.


A more in-depth explanation of the SPARC 2 vs strike fire 2 has already been done. The SPARC is intended to strike fire and tactical rifles and packs in a stronger light and more durability in return for shorter battery life and lesser conveniences, such as Bikini-style lens covers. 

The SPARC II will be covered for the most part, but the STRIKE FIRE is the best tactical shooting choice.

Optic – Vortex Sparc 2 & StrikeFire 2

The glass quality of both red dot sights is the same. But there is a difference in MOA dot dimension and appearance. 

Dot crispness, glassful, and spectacles covering are almost identical for both. Some common differences, such as Sparc 2, have a 2MOA red dot, but Strikefire has 4MOA red dot. Green selection or Deep red or switchable red.

Sparc 2 & StrikeFire 2 Battery life

Due to the lack of the needed authenticity and persistence, they both are not fabulous red dots for the Home Defense situation. However, if you are having great cash in your pocket, you should choose EOTech or Trijicon, or Aimpoint brands

for serious Home Defense optics, you should go forThe Aimpoint PRO, as it fairly suits the pocket. But both have good sine qualities.

They both are considered to have super strong batteries, always-on capacity, or motion-initiated features that are not as necessary concerning a field gun or a shooting gun. Although we yet desire under battery waste and simple to get batteries, and simple to manipulate optics.

Battery Comparison

Strikefire 2 holds a little more reliable battery lifetime prospect. Still, the CR2032 battery to Sparc 2 is more comfortable.

 Vortex StrikeFire 2Vortex Sparc 2
The kind of batteryCR2CR2032
Lifetime6000 hours (red/green)5000 hours
Auto-Off QualityAutomated shut off after 12 hoursAutomated shut off after 12 hours


Mounting- SPARC 2 vs STRIKE FIRE 2

The Sparc 2 includes a flexible mount. Besides the Vortex Sparc two, you’ll go through a level mount (18milimeter) & a level mount (37milimeter), regarding what you’ll seek a 3milimeter spacer for additional modifications.

You will obtain a cantilever round mount along with a Vortex Strikefire 2 that has the ability of more additional room on your rail for additional pinion wheels, like a magnifier. The two optics can be supreme or one by three co-observer above an AR stage without any problem.

Compact and Weight- Sparc 2 vs Strikefire 2

Vortex Sparc 2 is thinner and has more extra vanity than the StrikeFire 2. If you are in search of a lightweight build, then you must go for the Sparc 2

Weight Comparison of Sparc 2 and StrikeFire2

 StrikeFire 2 Sparc 2
Objective Lens (mm)2230

Guarantee and Durability

Both Vortex Sparc ii and Strikefire ii are enduring adequate concerns either occupational applications or non-home-defence. If you are within heavy usage, then you must contemplate having a more leading end red dot. 

Lifetime guarantee and Customer Services of Vortex Sparc have exceptional reliability, and even you can depend upon them in the case of any problem

Review – StrikeFire 2 Vs Vortex Sparc 2

we review vortex Sparc 2 vs Strikefire 2. There are so many similarities, but there are also some main differences between them, making the general shooter more into the StrikeFire than the SPARC.

Vortex glass is good enough, and both optics have a glass of really comparable quality. We will go out onto a limb and say that the SPARC has a much better drink than the StrikeFire II.

Both scopes give little to no aberration at the edges. Both provide a vast field of view and give you a clear shot of any object. Acquisition either is relatively easy, but the SPARC has the quickest addition that it is intended to be a reflex sight.

The dots on either optics are excellent. With the SPARC II, you may get a 2 MOA red dot that is short rather than staying out of your way but wide enough not to get lost. The adjustment range between brightnesses is a bit small, making both low-light and ultra-bright situations challenging to work with.

The StrikeFire II, on the other hand, gives both a red and green dot. The green dot works better for indoor environments or low light, and the red is super bright in the daylight. However, the sight works excellent with a magnifier, which is easy to install due to its small size.

The battery life of both is good, with the StrikeFire II slightly edging out the SPARC II by approximately 1000 hours. Both are relatively inconvenient battery types, but the battery longs last enough that you can choose spares and carry them with you for the rare occasion that you need them.

The controls on both vortexes are easy to use. The SPARC II is a breeze to use even with gloves on, and the tethered has adjustment caps that are a nice touch. The markings on the StrikeFire II could be more legible, and the adjustment clicks are softer.

In terms of design and quality, both are perfect. The SPARC is significantly more understated than the StrikeFire, which may be because the StrikeFire is supposed to be mid-sized while the SPARC is meant to be very small and tactical.

Both of the sights come with flip-up caps. The super sturdy build quality is backed up by Vortex’s outstanding VIP Warranty that is more transferable and covers any damage and defects that probably happen to the scope throughout its whole life.

Vortex Sparc promises to complete repair or replacement at free of cost to you, and these are renowned for following up on that you enjoy their superb customer service.

Pros & Cons of Vortex Sparc 2:

  • Better for precision shooting
  • Vortex has 2MOA red dot
  • Mount with flexible length added.
  • Light in weight and also denser
  • It is an inexpensive
  • Smaller viewing glass

Pros & Cons of Strikefire 2:

  • switch between green and red dot
  • larger viewing glass
  • good battery timing
  • good for fast target acquisition
  • more expensive

My Verdict – Vortex Sparc 2 vs StrikeFire 2:

Comparing Vortex Sparc 2 VS StrikeFire 2 is really fun and both have some amazing features.

Strikefire 2 is a more comprehensive, 4 MOA, switchable green/red dot for quick objective securing. They are not SHTF rough and have a Vortex VIP guarantee.

A more current Vortex Crossfire red dot should supplant the Sparc 2. It has 2 MOA, a comparable speck and glass, no night time vision ability, and a perfect battery lifetime. In-state, you’re convinced with 2 MOA dots and no night vision settings, the Vortex Crossfire red dot seems to be the correct option.