Vortex Red Dot Review: Consider the Crossfire Red Dot Sight Gen II

Vortex Red Dot

In need of a red dot sight for your rifle for short-range shots, check out the Vortex red dot review to see if this might be the solution that you need.

Vortex Optics has been making quality optics for many years. Many people associate the company with their rifle scopes and binoculars, but they also make high-quality red dot sights for shorter ranges. One of the most popular options is the Vortex Crossfire II, which will be detailed below. The Vortex red dot review will provide you with all of the information you need about the pertinent features of the sight, as well as any elements that might be considered a drawback.

Below, you will learn more about this versatile sight to see whether it’s a good choice for your requirements or not. Getting to know as much as possible about the various pieces of equipment you are considering will help to ensure that you are getting the best sight for your needs. Having a quality device will make all the difference whether you are shooting at targets or you are hunting. 

Pros and Cons of the Vortex Red Dot Sight

Here are some of the biggest pros of choosing the Vortex red dot sight and the reasons that so many people have put their trust in the sight. Also, you will find cons associated with the sight, so you can have a more accurate picture of whether it’s right for you.

  • Fully multi-coated
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Affordable
  • Finger-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Works with Weaver or Picatinny rails
  • Variable brightness
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with night vision
  • No selectable MOA reticles
  • Some have said that their red dot is not concentric

Specs of the Vortex Red Dot Sight

Below, you’ll see the most important specs at a glance to help determine whether this might be the right red dot sight for your needs.

Eye ReliefUnlimited
Reticle2 MOA Dot (Red)
Weight5.2 oz.
Optics CoatingFully Multi-Coated

Features of the Vortex Red Dot Sight

Choosing the correct red dot sight for your rifle means that you want to find a solution that works for your rifle and your needs. You want a sight that you can trust, that’s easy to use and mount, and that will provide you with the durability you need. The Crossfire II red dot sight from Vortex has plenty of great features that help to make it a solid solution.

The scope can work well for a range of different types of firearms including rifles, shotguns, and rimfire weapons. You can quickly acquire your target while in close quarters and at short range. The bullet will go where the dot is pointing, which should make it even easier to hit your target. The sight also happens to be low weight, which means you will not have to worry about adding too much weight to your firearm. Anyone who has spent time carrying a rifle and other gear knows that keeping weight down wherever possible is important.

Good Optics

Naturally, you want to choose a red dot sight that can provide you with the best possible optics. The 2 MOA red dot sight has 1x magnification, as you would expect from a close-range sight. It has fully multi-coated lenses, as well. This helps with the light transmission, for a brighter and clearer target when you are looking through the sight. The unlimited eye relief helps to make it fast and easy to acquire targets.

One of the questions that you might be asking is what the ideal range will be for this scope. For the best results, using the sight for ranges that are 100 yards or less will provide you with the best results. While it can be used for longer ranges, it does become more difficult to ensure proper accuracy at those distances.

The Turret System

You will also find windage and elevation adjustments that are easy to use. The dials will move with audible clicks. To make adjustments to the dials, you will need to use either the bar that’s on the removable cover of the turret cap. You could also use a coin to make the adjustments if needed. This is how most turret systems are on red dot sights. You will find that it’s possible to use your fingers to make changes to the settings since they are high enough to grab with your fingers. It’s easier to use a tool, but it can work.

Turning the elevation dial counterclockwise raises the elevation, while clockwise lowers it. Turning the windage turret counterclockwise will move the impact point to the right and clockwise moves it to the left.

You may notice that there’s not a parallax adjustment. With a larger scope with powerful magnification, parallax controls are often necessary. However, this red dot sight is considered to be parallax-free, so you shouldn’t have to worry about parallax being an issue. This is especially true for short-range shooting.

The Reticle

One of the most important things to remember when you are using this sight is that you will want to keep both of your eyes open, which allows you to use your peripheral vision. This will help you get on target faster when you are at those shorter ranges.

The sight features a 2 MOA dot reticle that is red and easy to see no matter what the lighting conditions might be. This includes being able to see the dot even on bright days. There are 11 different illumination settings that you can use, and it’s easy to change up the intensity of the dot when needed. This sight is also compatible with night vision equipment when you are at the two lowest dot illumination settings.

While the red dot reticle is certainly serviceable, it might not be what everyone is looking for, as we will discuss below in the section on potential drawbacks.

Long Battery Life

You don’t want to have to stop and replace a battery when you are in the field. Fortunately, you will find that the battery life of the Crossfire II red dot sight is quite long. It can last up to 50,000 hours with the included CR2032 battery. You should not have to replace the battery for a long time when you choose this sight. Even when you are at the highest illumination setting, you should still have hundreds of hours of use.

If you find that you do need to change out the battery, it’s easy. The dial that controls the illumination has a battery compartment that can be removed easily. There is space for an extra battery there, as well. It’s always good to have an extra on hand, even if you don’t think you will need it. This way, you will never have to worry about not having the reticle when you need it.

The Durability of the Sight

When you buy a sight, or any type of gear that you will be taking hunting or out into the field with you, it’s important to consider just how durable it will be. Vortex has a great reputation for making quality products that last, and you will find that this is true of the Vortex Crossfire II red dot sight. It also includes O-ring seals, which will prevent moisture of any type getting into the sight. You won’t have to worry about fogging either. The housing is strong, and it is made to last, giving you peace of mind that you are buying a quality scope that will hold up to even the toughest conditions.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a sight from Vortex is the warranty. The company offers a lifetime warranty on their scopes, sights, and more. This warranty is even transferrable if you choose to sell the sight later. Having this type of peace of mind with anything you buy today is difficult to find, but Vortex stands behind the quality of their products.

Mounting is Easy

Another one of the nice features of the sight is that it has both a low mount and a high mount, so you have more versatility when it comes to mounting. It will mount to Picatinny and Weaver rails quickly and easily.

You will mount the unit with the illumination dial on the right side and make sure that it’s seated and positioned properly. Make sure that oy have at least four inches of eye relief. Make sure that the sight is in the right spot and that the clamp is hooked around the outside of the rail or base. Press the sight down and toward the muzzle, and then tighten it using the hex wrench. Getting the red dot sight mounted is simple and should only take a matter of minutes.

The Price

When buying a red dot sight, you don’t have to have to break the bank to do it. You will find that although Vortex might not have the lowest cost, it is still very affordable. The sight is currently available for around $150. This keeps it well below the cost of some of the high-end sights that are available, while still providing you with plenty of great features and benefits. Those who are on a budget and who want to have a quality sight that can perform well no matter the conditions will find that the Crossfire II from Vortex could be a nice solution.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Vortex Red Dot Sight?

There is a lot to love when it comes to the Vortex Crossfire II red dot sight. However, this doesn’t mean that we should gloss over issues that others may have had with the sight. One of the biggest complaints is that the reticle is just a simple red dot. For many, this is fine. However, others have expressed that they would like to have more options to choose from different MOA reticles. Some would like hash marks, for example.

Still, quite a few people like the clean simplicity that the sight can provide. It’s easy to use and because there is not a lot cluttering up the reticle, it will mean that it’s often easier to get on those close-range targets quickly. There is also the fact that the two lowest settings on the reticle are considered by some to not be bright enough unless you are using NV gear. However, since there are nine other settings, this should not be a problem for the vast majority of people.

Some have said that the red dot is not concentric. However, this seems to be a small number of people who have voiced this complaint. Most seem to be happy with the sight and the quality of the red dot itself.

Overall, it is easy to see that there are more benefits to choosing the Vortex Crossfire II red dot sight than there are drawbacks. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you to determine whether this is a good fit for your needs or not.

Conclusion: Is This the Right Red Dot Sight for You?

There are plenty of red dot sights available today, so what makes the Vortex Crossfire II red dot sight a good contender. As you have seen throughout the Vortex red dot review, there are many benefits that the sight can offer. It’s durable, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to mount and use. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that you might find with a more expensive sight, but that’s the point. This sight is reliable, and it does what it sets out to do.

If you are on a budget and you want to have a scope that works well for hunting and tactical use, you will find quite a bit to enjoy with the scope. Of course, you still want to compare and contrast it to other options that you are considering so you can be sure you are getting the right one for your needs.