Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Review

Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40

If you’re looking for the best riflescope for big game and long-range applications, the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope should be on your list. Here’s why.  

Long-range shooting is always best accomplished with a proper scope. For those who enjoy rifle hunting, a riflescope is a very worthwhile investment when the right one is chosen. Hunters, sport shooters, target shooters, and others can all enjoy investing in a high-quality riflescope to help them improve their shot and get more accuracy in their long game.  

Using a rifle, or any firearm for that matter is going to be challenging to learn for some people. Also having to learn how to sight shots can be difficult. Plus, there are plenty of situations where you are just not able to get close enough to the target to get the shot that you want. In that case, it’s crucial to have the tools to get the job done. That’s where a riflescope will come into play.  

You’ll want to look at scopes that have premium lenses and optical technology, like the Vortex Diamondback series and this specific model that is being reviewed in this guide. Most people aren’t going to use open sights (no scope) unless they are in a situation where they are relegated to that option by some type of legal regulation or hunting guideline. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that it’s less about whether you need a riflescope and more about which ones are going to be the best.  

For efficiency, accuracy, a strong field of view, and other perks, the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope delivers everything that you need. Keep reading to learn more about this scope, as well as what to look for in any scope when you are looking for the right tools to help improve your aim.  

Vortex Diamondback 4 12×40 

The Vortex Diamondback 4 12×40 riflescope is one of several configurations available from Vortex as part of the Diamondback lineup, offering the ideal scope features for big game, predators and varmints, long-range shooting, muzzleloaders, and slug shotgun shooting. The premium optics and durable construction make this scope well worth the money and then some.  

Highlighted Features 

  • Single-Piece Construction 

Made from a single piece of high-quality aluminum, this scope offers a durable exterior that will hold up under any weather conditions. It can handle drops, bumps, and even weather without flinching, and give you the peace of mind that it will stand the test of time.  

  • Argon Purging for Waterproofing and Fog-proofing 

Every shooter knows that having a riflescope that is waterproof and fog-proof is crucial to enjoying their time out on the hunt or at the range. The Vortex Diamondback series includes argon-purged units with a durable O-ring seal that keeps out all moisture and protects the lenses from all kinds of weather and other potential dangers and water or liquid-related damages.  

  • Fully Multicoated Optics 

Like all premium riflescopes, this model from Vortex features premium, fully multicoated lenses that ensure the best in anti-reflective properties and the clearest imaging. Your field of view will be brighter and clearer, and your targets will be more detailed, even at longer ranges, giving you the best view for improved accuracy.  

  • Magnification Range 

The impressive 4-12x magnification range allows everyone to home in on a variety of distance targets and change the magnification as needed for the best aiming results. Plus, all the adjustment dials are easily accessible on the front, sides, and top of the scope so that you never have to work too hard to adjust. It’s easy to change settings on the fly, including the magnification that will help you get the most accurate shot possible.  

  • Dead-Hold BDC Reticle  

The reticle is designed with a customized dot design that takes all of the guesswork out of your windage and holdover correction. It works great for shooting at longer ranges where there might be a concern related to estimating the holdover of the shot. Essentially, it offers even more accuracy.  

Other Features 

The Vortex Diamondback 4 includes a second focal plane that ensures that you get an ideally-sized field of view and aim for improved accuracy, while the capped reset turrets offer easy resetting and zeroing of the sight after you have set the scope. The caps ensure that the turrets don’t accidentally reset while the scope is in use. This scope has a robust offering of features, but these are some of the most popular to keep in mind.  

  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Features 4-12x magnification for the perfect shot every time
  • Premium optics with fully multi-coated lenses
  • Only zooms to 12x
  • Not many accessories included

As with most products from Vortex, we struggled to find disadvantages when reviewing this scope. Those who need long-range assistance with a premium scope will love all the features that this one offers. For those looking for a high-quality scope that delivers performance without compromising on the specs, the Diamondback 4 riflescope is worth a look. From amateur shooters to the more experienced, everyone can have a more enjoyable time with this riflescope in their collection.  

Vortex Diamondback 4 12×40: Specs Overview 

The Vortex Crossfire II has some impressive specs: 

  • Magnification: 4-12x 
  • Objective Lens: 40mm 
  • Eye Relief: 3.1 inches 
  • Turret Style: Capped 
  • Parallax: 100 yards 
  • Field of View: 32.4-11.3 feet per 100 yards 

This tech-heavy and feature-rich scope is all about giving you more for your money, featuring elevation and windage adjustments in addition to the specs listed here.  

What’s Included 

In the box, you’ll find the Vortex Diamondback 4 scope, along with a couple of other small items. It doesn’t come with any major accessories or additional tools like some models, but it does include covers for the lenses and cloths to clean the lenses. There is a full range of accessories available for the Vortex Diamondback collection, however, that you can add to your inventory at any point in time.  

The Benefits of a Riflescope and How to Choose Your Best Option 

Several perks come with adding a riflescope to your firearm, no matter what type of shooting you enjoy. This scope enhances the accuracy of shots from longer distances and it gives you the chance to aim quicker, sight better, and get more out of your overall shooting experience in every environment.  

Accuracy Over Distance 

When you have a riflescope, you will be able to make longer shots, including those that are within the best range and by choosing targets from further ranges. The scope will offer clear, sharp, brightly colored images that allow you to see your target plainly from a distance and make a much better shot. Some scopes even calculate angles and other factors that could affect the sighting, which will increase the accuracy even more.  

Faster Improvement 

Learning to shoot can be tricky. Learning to manually sight a rifle can be even more difficult, no matter the gun that you’re using. With a riflescope, you can sight faster and with less effort. Plus, you will be able to hit better shots and improve your accuracy in long-range shooting faster than if you tried to do it without a scope. While learning to shoot the “old fashioned” way might seem like a fun hobby, the fact that you can capitalize on technology to get better faster just makes sense.  

Improved Scorecards 

Competitive shooters will enjoy having a much better scoreboard when they use a riflescope along with their firearm in a shooting competition. This is a time when making the shot counts even more than usual, so it will be important to take advantage of the tools available to increase your odds of making the best shots. With a riflescope, you’ll find long-range shooting to be easier and your accuracy to improve in competitive shooting almost instantly.  

Self Confidence 

The biggest thing that scopes offer is the chance to boost your self-esteem. When learning to shoot and sight a rifle, it’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged. If you aren’t catching on easily, it comes even faster. However, now that you are aware of all of the benefits of a riflescope, you’ll see why it’s a good investment.  

Speaking of self-confidence, we need to dispel the myth that using rangefinders, scopes, and other equipment is cheating. The reality is that these tools exist for a reason, and you should use them to improve your shooting and sighting skills as much as you can for the maximum enjoyment of your shooting hobby.  

Buying Factors 

Several factors should be on your list when you are in the market for a new riflescope. However, the most important elements include things like: 

  • Lenses and optics 
  • Focal plane and field of view 
  • Reticle and adjustment options 
  • Magnification 
  • Durability and construction 

Although each of these elements will have different weights, and you might have different specific requirements for each, they should be on everyone’s checklist when shopping for a new riflescope. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Riflescopes 

Q: How does a riflescope work? 

A: A riflescope works by using magnifying lenses to line up the sights with the target. Essentially, it replaces manual sighting and gives you the chance to aim at your prey from longer ranges than you might with your open sight or another type of scope that isn’t magnified. Riflescopes come in fixed magnification and variable magnification, but variable magnification seems to be the most popular option because it offers you more versatility in your sighting.  

Q: How much does a good riflescope cost? 

A: Riflescopes come in a variety of price ranges, making it easy for you to get what you need regardless of your budget. Unfortunately, because of the variations in features and designs, there isn’t one price range that would be considered “typical” for a quality riflescope. Most shooters spend $200-$300, on average, for high-end models, but you don’t have to spend that much if you aren’t ready to make that kind of investment.  

Instead of focusing on how much you’ll spend, try focusing instead on what you are getting for your money. After all, getting the best features is far more valuable than saving a few dollars.  

Q: What is the most important feature in a good riflescope? 

A: Although there is no single feature that outweighs the rest when you are choosing a riflescope and have to pick between different elements, you should always look at the optics above all else. No matter how durable the unit is or what other features it offers, if the optics don’t deliver the imaging that you need, the scope will essentially be useless. Make sure that you consider all of the factors discussed throughout this guide to find the best scope for your needs.  

The Final Verdict 

Buying a riflescope is something that takes a little bit of time and a lot of research. Fortunately, this guide should have given you a great overview of riflescopes and how to shop for them. No matter what your shooting hobbies might be or how much experience you have, a top-rated riflescope can improve your accuracy and help you become a better shot in less time than if you practiced on your own or used manual sighting methods.  

Of course, the other benefit to riflescopes is usually what draws people in. These scopes are not just making people better at shooting, but they are making them better at shooting from long distances. Thanks to technology, people no longer have to get that close to their target to take a great shot. This is especially helpful in the case of hunting big game, which can spook easily and need to be avoided as much as possible. Of course, regardless of your needs or shooting interests, the Vortex Diamondback 4 riflescope offers everything that you need in a premium sighting tool to help you increase your accuracy for all kinds of shots.  

Check out the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope for yourself, as well as any others on the market that strike your interest, and use the information here to help you narrow down your choices and determine which riflescope is best for your needs and why you need one sooner than later.