Trijicon AccuPower 1-4X24 Review in 2021

Trijicon Accupower 1-4 Review

Most people do not know about the Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 , and they are too fussy about choosing the optic for their hunting trip then it is the right place for those people.

Today we will do Trijicon accupower 1 4X24 review  in detail to tell you if Trijicon is worthy for you or not. And also, discuss the Trijicon in pros and cons fact to remove all of your queries.

Trijicon Accupower  1-4 Rifle Scopes is well known for its quality and ruggedness. Trijicon AccuPower is similar to the AccuPoint, which usually has the dual-illumination of tritium and fiber optics.

Trijicon is one of the popular optics due to glass quality, construction quality, and the Scope’s ruggedness. This model comprises four various options for reticle selection. It also comprises 11 different brightness settings, but interesting fact is you won’t have to scroll through them to turn it off. It’s an SFP scope.

Here we will thoroughly guide about this budget friendly scope,high quality scope in this Trijicon Accupower 1-4 Review.

Trijicon Brand:

Trijicon is the generic name for Trijicon, which was established in 1981. Trijicon is one of the famous American companies known for the production and distribution of gun sight devices. This American firm is well-known for its dependability and consistency.

Since 1985, Trijicon has provided arms to the US military. These items were often used in a combat mission. The majority of the goods are outsourced to Japan, but Trijicon Accupower production and custom facilities are handled in the United States.

Model of Trijicon:

As per the specifications of magnification, , lens objective diameter and power Trijicon is available in 5 models varying in their magnification levels.

  • 1-4x24mm Trijicon Accupower
  • 1-8x28mm Trijicon Accupower
  • 2.5-10x56mm Trijicon Accupower
  • 3-9x40mm Trijicon Accupower
  • 4-16x50mm Trijicon Accupower

MAIN FEATURES – Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24:

Heavy recoil is no problem for the Trijicon 1-4 Accupower. You may use this Scope on muzzleloaders, slug cartridges, pistols, and other firearms in addition to rifles. The Trijicon rifle scope is an excellent match for the lever-action rifle.

This rifle scope has a broad field of vision, excellent eye relief, maximum magnification, and excellent glass. Let’s take a deeper peek at the key features of the Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 rifle scope.

  1. Weight and look
  2. Image quality
  3. Field of view
  4. Magnification
  5. Reticle
  6. Eye Relief
  7. Turrets
  8. Durability
  9. Warranty of Scope
  10. Value of money

Weight & Look:

The Accupower 1-4X24 from Trijicon is a compact  scope. Trijicon measures 10.2 inches long and weighs a fair volume. Although it weighs 16.2 oz, some analysts claim it seems to be a little strong for its height.

This model has a high resolution and a wider objective width, which renders it considerably heavier. Apart from that, it is often related to its close relative, the tritium-powered Acupoint. This Accupower might be a little heavier than the Scope, weighing in at around 2 ounces. In three guns, the Trijicon scope is ideal for both running and gunning.

Image Quality:

When we relate this scope to those in its price range, we note that the glass is smooth and crisp from edge to edge. Trijicon’s light transmitting is also outstanding. After sunset, this scope guarantees sufficient visibility for at least 45 minutes.

Field of View:

As compared to many other scopes in the same price range, Trijicon’s field of view is very broad. At the lowest magnification, you’ll get 32.6 ft at 100 yards, which is great for your CQB needs. As a result, Trijicon has a perfect field of vision.


Trijicon’s magnification ring is flat and simple to switch. A throw lever is also included, which allows flipping from CQB to long-range a convenience.

Many observers questioned if the AccuPower is not 1x. There isn’t much of a difference it gets close to the goal. With both eyes wide open, the Trijicon may be used in CQB. There’s even a minor fishbowl influence.


Among from these four reticles one might be selected:

  • Duplex
  • MOA
  • MIL-Square
  • 4.223/55gr BDC  Segmented-Circle/Dot 

The reticles on the AccuPower are small enough. The reticles are a little translucent, and they’re still very thin. This Trijicon is a decent option for you if you hear the slogan “Aim small, miss small,” or if you choose a smaller reticle that doesn’t distract your goal and field of view. The reticle is vivid and transparent when lit.

As contrasted to its tritium-powered cousin, AccuPoint, it is lighter. It is not, however, daylighting bright. Just the black reticle is visible under daytime, not the lit one. It is evaluated from the above description that one would be able to see the reticle under any light. Scope also has diopter changes that enable you to easily concentrate your reticle.

One CR2032 Lithium battery is used in the Trijicon reticle, which is really simple to use. Once they are continuously switched on at full strength, the reticle lasts 31 hours. The battery that lasts more than three weeks before it hits stage 6.

Eye Relief:

It comprises a generous Eye relief of Trijicon which is 3.5″.


Trijicon’s turrets are finger adjustable, and turret caps are included. Trijicon’s Clicks are visual, auditory, and extremely accurate. Hunters and shooters sighted in easily and completed the box with precision.

The Scope is almost dead after 100 rounds. Trijicon’s windage and altitude turrets are all 0, and it can be reset without the usage of any equipment. This move dramatically increases the usability of turrets on the run.

Warranty & Durability:

Trijicon is an American-made Scope that is both robust and military-grade.

The Trijicon Accupower is designed to last in any way. Aluminum with such an anodized coating makes up the Trijicon Aircraft. The Trijicon is almost 10 foot waterproof.

Trijicon users could have mentioned the Accupower’s exceptional toughness. However, the majority of consumers had one complaint: the colour has chipped away just too easily. However, since there are layers of anodized powder beneath, this Scope would not have any dangerous capabilities.


From multiple perspectives it is concluded that price is a most crucial factor when one opts to purchase an equipment. 

Everyone knows that the price varies with time and promotions. As per several experiences it is suggested that one must figure out the cost of the product. 

We assume the Trijicon scope is a high-quality scope worth $650-$750 if bought in this price range. As a contrast, the Trijicon Accupoint, which has a dimmer reticle, is around a dollar cheaper. Buy Now

Pros & Cons – Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 review


  • It is crisp and clear.
  • Its magnification ring is easy to use with a throw lever.
  • It is a Highly praised illuminated reticle.
  • It is Durable 
  • It has a five years electronics warranty. 


  • It is higher priced
  • No warranty is available and paint often tends to chip off from ends.
  • Reticle does not comprise a function of daylight bright.
  • Original Owner Warranty only.

Technical Specification:

In this article, we do Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 review and make a technical specification list.

Weight16.2 oz
Tube Diameter30mm
Tube Material6061-T6, black hard coat anodized
Objective Diameter 1.2 inch
Eyepiece Diameter1.7 inch
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) – High24.2
Field of View18.0° – 4.6°
Reticle PatternDuplex



223/55gr BDC Segmented-Circle/Dot 

Reticle ColorRed, Green
Illumination Source1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Battery LifeApproximately 31 hours at max brightness
Adjustment Click Value.1/4 MOA
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA).100 MOA Total Travel

29.6 MIL Total Travel

Windage Adjustment Range (MOA).100 MOA Total Travel

29.6 MIL Total Travel

WaterproofApproximately 10 ft. (3m)
Warrantylifetime warranty

(5y for electronics)

Other Consideration

Following a study of the trijicon accupower 1-4X24:

Mounting Of Scope:

The diameter of the tube on scope is 30mm. As a consequence, you’ll get 30mm rings with the required height and base form.

In general, using a QD mount is a smart idea; but, in 3 gun competitions, you can quickly change this Scope.

The key thing to note is that investing in successful rings and mounts can save you time and money. After a few uses, the scopes can work longer and you will spend fewer time zeroing them.

There is a guideline for ring height, and for optimum precision, you must select the smallest scale that does not distract other sections of your rifle. If you’re uncertain about which mount to use, I prefer the American Protection QD mount for fluid three-gun action.

Accessible to Use and Reliable:

The sharpness and clarity of the Trijicon Accupower mean it is straightforward to pick up a sight picture fastly. It also offers many brightness settings that usually offer solid usability over nearly all lighting conditions.

The use of 6061-T6 aluminium in the housing rather than 7075-T6 in several other Trijicon versions speaks to Trijicon’s dependability. 

There is nothing missing about this offering. The weight is the only thing when it comes to ease of usage. It can be effectively avoided with preparation.

Battery Life:

The battery of Trijicon is straightforward to access for changing. After 31 hours of operation or more after the selection of the brightest possible setting, one would probably be unneeded unless you’re blinding conditions of whiteout. One will have lots of time between battery replacements.

Why Should You Buy Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 Scope?

Because everyone wants the best for them, there are various Trijicon Accupower, but today, we do Trijicon 1-4accupower reviews. When it comes to the Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24  and their Acupoint, it is reliable and variable.

In my opinion, it is worthwhile to money, and it is the best optic for you to choose. Same versatility and durability are designed by the company in line with a battery-powered LED illumination.

If you are not willing to pay for a higher-priced product then, this is the best alternative available. And it contains all the essential features that every rifle scope should have. It is 20% heavier than tritium. 

The AccuPower is reasonably affordable. It is definitely costing less than $700 depending on the reticle and option for color which is available.

This scope is intended for anyone who needs a consistent all-around approach and appreciates the brand’s consistency. However, they do not need the 1-8X’s ultimate capacity or expense, nor do they need its high-end output.

if you need more instruction about this scope then watch this video

My Verdict – Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 Review:

“your business gives you the best result if you invest your best skills and times in your business

Whenever you are discussing the product, then they must have something good or something worse. In this article, Trijicon Accupower 1-4X24 is reviewed. Every shooter wants the perfect for them, and they want to choose the best Scope for their gun.

Any of the characteristics of the 1-4X are purely a question of personal choice, such as the battery capacity vs tritium or fiber optics

Another benefit is that it is also within sight of the average sniper. Although it is more costly than the lower-end versions, it is well worth the cost.