Trophy Ridge Alpha React 1—Not Just Your Average Mid-Priced Single-Pin Sight

With Trophy Ridge’s uniquely designed single-pin sight, you’ll be making accurate long-distance shots in no time. Keep reading to learn all about one of the hottest sights out there—the Alpha React 1

Picture this; you’re sitting in a blind on a crisp autumn morning. The sun has just started to make its way up into the sky. You’re not sure if you’re sleepy or just relaxed. All of a sudden, a beautiful 150lbs. buck steps out 40 yards in front of you. You definitely aren’t tired now. Your heart’s racing, kicking adrenaline through your body. You get your bow lined up, pick a pin on your sight, pull back the arrow, let it go, and you miss! In the confusion and heat of the moment, you sighted out on the wrong pin, and the buck ran off.

If this sort of thing has happened before, it probably left you frustrated and questioning if a multiple pin sight was worth it. You start to wonder what it would be like to have a clear field of view without four extra pins. What if you only had one pin? Well, it sounds like you need a single pin bow sight. This is exactly the sight you should be using if you want to know exactly where your arrow will land. With a single pin sight, you’ll be able to land long-distance shots without having to sneak up to your target, risking that they hear you and run away. 

Switching sights isn’t exactly a spur of the moment decision, though. You’ve got to do some research first. What sort of single pin sight do you need? What’s considered a quality sight? How much do you want to spend on it? That can take a lot of time to figure out. Or, if you would rather skip all of that, you can take our word that the Trophy Ridge Alpha React 1 is among the best of the best single pin bow sights you’re going to find. We’re going to go through what makes it so impressive, get into the details, and hear what some real buyers had to say about the Alpha React 1. If you’re ready, let’s dive in. 

Trophy Ridge, Among the Best

Before you buy a product, it’s always nice to know from whom you’re getting it. After all, not all companies have the same reputation for quality. However, with Trophy Ridge, you’re buying from a company that has spent the last 13 years revamping its entire product line. Their goal is to make each item as top-grade as possible. Trophy Ridge is a division of the Florida based Bear Archery that was purchased in 2007 for their wide range of excellent bow accessories. Since then, they’ve been able to climb their way up into the top names in bowhunting.

The thing about these guys is that they’ve got the customer in mind. They’re not just pumping out the same old thing to make a profit. With every product, they’ve taken time to consider how it can benefit you, so you know, if Trophy Ridge made it, it’s got to be great. And that’s what the Alpha React 1 is. A great, unique piece of equipment that will satisfy your every need.

Alpha React 1 Features

As you ought to know by now, the Alpha React 1 is a single pin bow sight. Unlike a multi-pin sight, you only have one single pin, and it works on a slider. First, you set the different yardages. Then, when you’re ready to shoot, you just dial in your sight to the exact yard. This really makes a world of difference for your accuracy since you know exactly where the arrow is going. No more aiming between multiple pins.

This isn’t exactly your average single pin sight, though. The optics on this sight are unique do to the style of the pin. Let’s take a look.


Most single pin sights look like what you’re imaging—a single vertical pin, like a multi-pin sight but without the extra pins. But you’d be wrong if you think it looks like that. Trophy Ridge has revolutionized the idea of a single pin sight by updating their design into something truly unique. The Alpha React 1 has a .019 pin in the shape of the Greek letter lambda. Now don’t worry, we’re not going to send you off to look up the entire Greek alphabet. Just picture an upside-down V. 

You might be wondering what the point of making a new pin shape is? Trust us; it’s not just a snazzy design choice. By shaping the pin as an upturned V, your eye is pretty much forced to focus on the point of the pin. The two sides of the V draw your eye right up, making sure that you’re aiming is completely accurate. Also, the opening between the upended V keeps your line of sight clear. The whole point of a single-pin sight was to clear up all those extra pins. With the Alpha React 1, you don’t even have a single pin blocking your vision. 

At the tip of the point, the Alpha React 1 uses an ultra-bright fiber optic coil that’s lit up by a rheostat light. Fair warning, you will want to check your local government’s regulations. Some regional governments don’t allow battery-operated accessories on bows. If that’s the case for you, it’s not a big deal. You can take the battery out of the rheostat, and the fiber optic will still catch the light well enough to be used in low-light conditions.

The hood of the Alpha React 1 is accented with a coil of the same green ultra-bright fiber optic. There’s also a bubble level attached to the floor of the hood to help keep your bow upright when you’re shooting.


A lot of hunters hear the words single-pin sight and balk at the idea of setting one of these things up. Compared to a multi-pin view, it is a long process but, with the Alpha React 1, those days are gone. Sighting and adjusting the pins on this sight are probably the simplest things about this sight. 

Trophy Ridge has designed the Alpha React 1 using their React technology. If you are unfamiliar with this tech, it means that you only have to sight two of the five distances. Once you’ve done that, the React technology will do all the math and calculations for you to sight the remaining three distances. Seriously! 

This might not seem like a big deal, but with this technology, you will save a lot of time. It’s also scary how accurate the sighting is. If you don’t trust it, try it out and be amazed for yourself. You will want to sight to 20 and 30yds and, after that, the sight will take care of the 40, 50, and 60yd distances. 

If you want to make micro-adjustments to the windage and elevation, it’s also been made simple thanks to toolless adjustment dials. 


If you’re a hunter who likes to use a tree stand or hunt in hilly terrain, you know that the angle you shoot at can significantly affect your accuracy. That’s why it is crucial to have a well-leveled bow. Otherwise, you might as well be canting your bow. With the Alpha React 1, you’re covered.

Trophy Ridge has added not only second axis leveling but also third axis leveling to this sight. By combining both axes of leveling, your bow will remain level even if you’re on a harsh angle. You could take this bow to the mountains and still make accurate shots at a distance. And by distance, we mean that the Alpha React 1 will have you shooting up past 60yds!


If you’re taking this sight out into the woods to hunt, you want something that isn’t going break or fall off right when you want to take your shot. You need a sturdy build that isn’t afraid to take a couple of knocks or bumps. Trophy Ridge knows that, though, and build their sights with your needs in mind. 

The Alpha React 1 is made of a sturdy forged aluminum. From the sight head to the mountings, you’ve got tough aluminum. If the idea of having a metal sight worries you, don’t let it. There are no metal-to-metal points, so when you use the slider, it’s not going to make a sound.

Aluminum is also an extremely light metal, so it’s not like you’re lugging around a ball of wrought iron. All in all, the Alpha React 1 only weighs a little over a pound. You will hardly even notice the added weight to your bow. It’s durable, lightweight, and looks slick, too!


We’ve gone ahead and rounded all of that up for you in an easy to read format. 

Alpha React 1 Specs


Single .019 inverted V pin

Ultra-bright fiber optic (green)

Rheostat controlled brightness


React technology easy sighting

Toolless windage and elevation micro-adjustments
2nd and 3rd Axis Leveling
Forged aluminum 
Mounting Positions
3 positions

So, we’ve got third axis leveling, toolless micro-adjustments, advanced React technology, a robust aluminum housing, and rheostat-controlled brightness. You’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost. We are talking about a lot of premium equipment when it comes to this scope. Amazing, the Alpha React 1 will only cost you $169.99. That’s premium quality for the price of a middle-level sight! We guarantee you won’t find this quality for a price better than that!

You probably want to hear it from someone else, though. Let’s look at what buyers had to say.

Buyers’ Thoughts

The Alpha React 1 has an overall rating of four out of five stars, with over half of all buyers rating it five stars. It’s easy to see what buyers love about the Alpha React 1. Most users ranked it highly for its easy setup, pinpoint accuracy, and the fantastic value for the quality. 

Many buyers commented on the pin’s unique design, agreeing that the shape forces your eye to focus on the point of the pin. The ultra-bright fiber optics have also been praised for their brightness, even in low-light situations.

Buyers didn’t have many negative things to say about the Alpha React 1, but it was a common complaint that the sight did not come with a user’s manual. There may also be some quality control issues as some buyers reported receiving a defective product. 

It’s crucial for us to point out that Trophy Ridge offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. If you do receive a defective sight, Trophy Ridge will replace or repair it for you under their warranty. 

  • React Technology sights in distances automatically
  • Unique inverted V pin shape
  • Durable aluminum body
  • 2nd & 3rd axis leveling
  • Toolless windage/elevation adjustments
  • First-rate quality at a middle-level price
  • Uses non-standard batteries
  • Does not come with instructions
  • Quality control issues


If you keep missing your mark because you’re accidentally sighting off the wrong pin, it may be time to switch from your old multi-pin sight. A single-pin sight will keep your field of view clear and let you sight the exact yardage of your target. With a Trophy Ridge’s Alpha React 1, you get all the benefits of a single-pin sight. But, with the added perks of a unique pin designed to focus your aim, third axis leveling for increased accuracy, and the quality adjustments of Trophy Ridge’s React technology.

Keep in mind that you will want to practice with your new sight before you head out into the woods. Making the switch to a new sight always includes a small learning curve. But, once you’ve got it mastered, we know you’ll be landing consistently precise shots. Hopefully, this article has given you some more knowledge about single-pin sights, and we hope that you find the Alpha React 1 as amazing as we did. Keep hunting, and remember to always stay safe out there.