Top 6 Red Dot Sights for Handguns

Top 6 Red Dot Sights for Handguns

Looking for a new red dot sight for your handgun can be a time-consuming process. Rather than taking time away from your shooting, keep reading to learn about 6 of the hottest red dot sights on the market today.

As modern as it may seem, putting a red dot sight on a handgun is not exactly a new idea. Gun owners have known about the clear advantages of this modification since the mid-1970s. Since then, manufacturers have been streamlining and improving mini red dot sights to be lighter, more compact, and more durable replacements for the iron sights on your gun. And the odds are that if you are in the market for the best red dot sight you can put on your handgun, you are ready to take the next step in improving your shooting experience.

That’s not to say that iron sights haven’t served shooters well for the past five centuries but, let’s face it, if you can get a quicker and more accurate round off, why limit yourself to the factory standard? Customizing your weapon should make it more efficient, not just more aesthetically pleasing. And that’s what a red dot sight does. There is no denying that these optics make a gun look more tactical, with that sleek military, special forces look, but they are also more accurate and are all-around better than the back sights on your handgun.

So, where should you get started with a red dot sight? There can be a lot of things to consider when adding any modification to your handgun. There was a time when adding a sight to a pistol meant drilling into the slide, costing you well over one hundred dollars. Thankfully though, those days are mostly gone with the advancements in rails. For that reason, we want to share with you some information and six different options for red dot sights that you can buy today.

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