Top 6 Best Spotting Scopes of 2021 Reviewed | Outdoor Opticals

Top 6 Best Spotting Scopes of 2020 Reviewed _ Outdoor Opticals

Here is all the information you need to get a quality spotting scope for activities such as bird watching and hunting. Check out the best options around.

With the summer of 2020 nearing, a lot of us want to get outside and begin the activities we love the most. Whether its bird watching, hunting, target shooting, or general sight-seeing, a good scope can always come in handy. The right scope can make the color palette of a landscape just pop and help you spot that deer from two miles away. This guide will show you the six best spotting scopes to get for your outdoor adventures in 2020

The best time to weigh your options is now. Without the right scope, you may miss out when the perfect moment comes. Whether you are looking for something durable that will last through the toughest terrain or something that will give you a clear view of that bird at the far end of your yard, this article is for you. Some frequently asked questions will also be answered to make sure you know what you are getting. 

Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

With a fully multi-coated 80mm green film objective lens, this spotting scope is perfect for bird watching and observing wildlife at a distance. With its rotatable scope body and 20x to 60x magnification you can adjust your experience. Images will come out nice and clear at greater distances than most scopes.

One of the most exciting features of this spotting scope is its digiscoping adapter. Instead of just seeing that oriole on the fencepost, you can share it with all your friends. Brighten your photography collection with photos you could not obtain without a scope.

This scope is also built to withstand any weather, including all water, and comes with a shield for the eyepiece to keep it intact. With rubber armor, it is resistant to damage from impact. This is truly a scope to take with you out on the trail or into the forest. 

  • 20x to 60x magnification
  • Clear digiscoping capabilities
  • Rubber armor and magnalium framework
  • Some users say the field of view is smaller than desired
  • Some users say they have experienced the lens fogging up with humidity
  • Some users do not like the build of the tripod

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope with Zoom

This is a scope that believes optics is key over magnification. While it is not the strongest scope on our list, it produces one of the clearest views at all levels of its magnification capabilities. It is built for close focus. It comes with a BAK4 prism and fully multi-coated, all-glass lens that produces eye-catching photos. The scope comes with a 50mm objective lens. 

A great use for this spotting scope would be any activity at which you know the distance you are wishing to have a clear view of with your scope. Whether it is a target you are shooting at a set distance or from your porch to the bird feeder, you will get the absolute best from this scope.

This scope is small, and at just 2.1 pounds it is the perfect spotting scope to use on the go. If price is a major selling point for you, you will be glad to see that it is one of the more affordable scopes on the market. It comes with a rubber armor build to keep it safe as well, and it is recommended in all weather conditions.

The manufacturer prides itself on the use of metal connectors to keep the scope on the tripod no matter what occurs. If durability is your primary need, this scope is one for you.

  • The use of metal connectors for the tripod
  • Focus on quality optics
  • Small and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Least expensive
  • Less focus on magnification
  • Some users say that it is hard to keep the scope stable on the tripod
  • Some users have trouble with adjusting the focus ring

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope

Lightweight for its size, this scope is a true contender when it comes to performance. If eye relief is important for you, this manufacturer does care about ease of use. The eyepiece is 80 mm with 20-16.5mm for eye relief. The eyecup twists up and down, allowing the user to get comfortable. This spotting scope is great for those who have struggled with scopes that hurt their eyes or are awkward to use.

With the use of nitrogen, this scope prevents fogging and lets the user see in conditions that would obstruct the view of other scopes. Like the others it is built with rubber armor, making it very solid and easy to grip.

While some scopes can be hard to focus, the wheel for this one is designed for ease of use. This scope is like the luxury car of scopes; it is truly designed with the user in mind. This scope also sees rave reviews in the outer limits of its magnification. 

  • Use of nitrogen to prevent fogging
  • Ease of adjusting the focus
  • Lots of options for adjusting the eyepiece for comfort
  • Some users had trouble adjusting the eyepiece
  • Some users do not like the quality of view in the high magnifications
  • Some users say they experienced issues with light impacting their view

Bushnell 12-36x50mm Waterproof Ultra Compact Spotting Scope

Compact is the first word that comes to mind for this spotting scope. It is the heaviest of those mentioned so far but has the smallest dimensions. Storage is made easy; it will fit with the rest of your gear in your backpack. It comes with a hard case and soft case, so there are plenty of options. This scope also comes with a car window mount, making it a great option for travelers. 

This is another scope that prefers quality in lower magnification over high magnification. The scope has 36x magnification and is clear for its range. The eyepiece is 50mm and the scope comes with both a soft and hard case to meet either need. 

Like the other scopes, this one has rubber armor for protection. It is also waterproof and fog proof, making it ideal for outdoor elements. It has 14mm of eye relief, making it less of a comfortable, stationary scope and more of an on-the-go option. A user who wants something simpler to use while out in the wilderness would enjoy this product. Light transmission is also one factor that makes this scope one of the best.

  • Designed for the car window mount
  • Small dimensions
  • Can be used as a hand-held spotting scope
  • Some users felt the eyepiece was uncomfortable
  • Some users say the tripod does not work well
  • Some users had trouble getting the scope sighted in

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 (45 Degree) Spotting Scope

The scope is the heaviest on this list, weighing 7.11 lbs., but that truly makes it one of the best in quality. It has a BAK4 prism and 60x magnification, making it a very capable performer. The ED Prime extra-low dispersion glass creates remarkably high resolution, prevents glare, and helps the user experience low light loss. Reviews rave that this is a quality scope up to its limits in magnification with its razor-high definition, so if clearness is important at far distances, this scope is for you. Its stacked, dual-focus controls allow the user to adjust as they go with ease. 

While some of these scopes are really for use on adventures, this one would be best for stationary use with less hauling on foot. Any use which doesn’t require a lot of moving would work out perfectly.

Do not be mistaken, the quality you get in the performance will not be impacted by weather. This scope has a water repellent coating to keep it safe in even a torrential downpour. While the 45-degree angle of the 80mm eyepiece cannot be adjusted, the whole scope can be rotated. If you enjoy the natural angle of this scope, you will enjoy the results you get from it.

  • ED Prime extra-low dispersion glass
  • Bushnell’s patented RainGuard HD water-repellent coating
  • Up to 60x magnification
  • The eyepiece angle cannot be adjusted
  • Heavy compared to the other scopes
  • Some buyers experienced packaging issues

LANDOVE 20-60X80 BAK4 Prism Spotting Scope

If you prefer low light lenses this spotting scope is for you. The BAK4 prism eliminates lighting issues. The fully multi-coated green lens allows for high-definition spotting. The scope has up to 60x magnification, allowing the user to see at great distances. The scope also has a great field of view compared to many of its competitors. This scope is near the middle of those mentioned in size and price, but it is one of the best. It is an all-around great scope for nearly any use.

Nitrogen usage prevents fogging for this scope, as well. It is exceptionally durable and waterproof, making it a good scope to be used anywhere. There is sometimes the misconception that quality in performance can only come from more delicate scopes, but that is not the case here. Few users have reported any optic issues under any conditions or from any of its ranges. 

This is also one of the best spotting scopes for photographers. It comes with a universal smartphone adapter, making it a digiscoping dream. It comes with a nice oxford carrying bag that gives you a professional look when showing up at events and destinations. Take the clearest of pictures from the farthest of distances with this great scope.

  • 60x magnification
  • Universal smartphone adapter
  • Nitrogen filling for anti-fog, dust-proofing, and waterproofing
  • Some users reported loose lenses
  • Some users reported issues with use in hot climates

Frequently Asked Questions You May Also Have

Are spotting scopes worth it?

Yes, the right scope can help you catch the clearest of pictures. Having the wrong scope can be the difference in putting food on the table for your family while hunting or saying you never saw any game the whole hunting trip.

What is the best Bushnell spotting scope?

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 (45 Degree) Spotting Scope provides the best quality for the widest range of uses. However, the Bushnell 12-36x50mm Waterproof Ultra Compact Spotting Scope is more compact and may be better for carrying purposes. 

What is a good spotting scope for 1,000 yards?

The Landove 20-60X80 BAK4 Prism Spotting Scope, Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 (45 Degree) Spotting Scope, and the Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope are all great options.

Which spotting scope is the most comfortable to use?

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope was built with comfort in mind. If eye relief is most important to you it would be the scope to get. The Landove 20-60X80 BAK4 Prism Spotting Scope is generally comfortable for most users as well.

Which scope is easiest to carry along on a hike?

The lightest spotting scope is the Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope with Zoom. Users say that it is easy to bring along wherever they travel.

Can I get a quality scope without breaking the bank?

Yes, several of these great scopes are less expensive compared to a lot of others on the market, yet they are all amongst the best.


This guide has provided you with all the information you will need to make the right decision for your next purchase. Ask yourself what exactly you will need from your spotting scope and see which one fits your needs the best. Not every scope is made the same. Whether you need to see at a greater distance, take crisp pictures of landmarks and wildlife, or need something as specific as a good car window mounting scope, there is a great fit for you here. Prices range anywhere from less than $100 up to $600 for these scopes, so you can also find a scope that fits your budget perfectly while delivering what you need. Take some time when finding the right scope for you, it can really matter once in the outdoors. Be reassured that when you get a scope from this list, you are getting one of the six best out there.