Top 5 Pin Bow Sights To Improve Target Acquisition

Top 5 Pin Bow Sights To Improve Target Acquisition

Every archer knows it’s about getting the perfect shot. Take your accuracy to the next level and invest in one of the best pin bow sights on the market in 2020.

When I think about bow sets, I often think of the bow as the muscle and the sight as the brain. A pin bow sight offers so much control over the shooting process and is where archers can get tactical. The level of planning and strategy shows that archery is more than just sport, but an intellectual art. Check out this article for the best pin bow sights that are worth your time and money. 

What Is a Pin Bow Sight? 

A pin bow sight is attached to a compound bows and allows archers to line up their shot for improved accuracy. The archer can draw back the bow and view the pins through the rear peep sight once the sight is connected. The individual pins usually contain fiber optic lighting to make for easier sighting, even at dawn and dusk. Depending on the type of pin bow sight you select, which we’ll detail in this article, the archer aligns their peep sight with the pin set at the desired yardage. This tool is incredibly helpful for all levels of archers. It can help archers improve their technique and form, and gives experienced archers a supremely accurate shot. 

Types of Sights 

The pin bow sight you need depends on the level of accessibility you’re looking for and how you plan to use your bow. The first that we’ll cover is the single, movable pin sight. A single pin sight can be great for beginners, especially when you gauge distances of targets. As the name indicates, this sight only has one pin and is movable for different yardages. For beginners, the advantage of this type of sight is its simplicity. There are no other pins to distract you, and you can practice aiming at the same distance each time. This type of sight also works well for folks doing target practice as they have more freedom to adjust the pin before shooting at a different distance. Hunters can also use the single, movable pins, but precious seconds between adjustments can be the difference between taking down a buck or going home empty-handed.

There are also multi-pin, fixed sights, which typically range from three to seven pins. Each pin is set for different yardage, usually in increments of 10 yards. For example, an archer might have a 20 yard, 30 yards, and 40 yards set up on a three-pin sight. The pins are arranged so that the pin for the shortest length is at the top, and the pin for the longest distance is at the bottom of the sight. Multi-pin sights are great for folks wanting to shoot at different yardages, but can also be overwhelming for beginners or those with eyesight issues to have so many pins in their sight. It also requires shooters to be precise in setting their sights at the different yardages so that they are accurate in longer shots. 

With the multi-pin, fixed option, you’ll want to look for sights with micro-adjustment technology to get your sights just right. A huge advantage is a sight with a master adjuster, which allows you to move all of your pins as you set your sights. Pin bows with a micro-adjustment option are also going to run higher in costs, but for expert archers wanting more precision, it’s worth the expense. 

Pin Size

The other factor in selecting the right pin bow sight is the size of the pins themselves. Pin size is measured in inches by its diameter and pins come in a variety of sizes: .010″, .019″, .029″ and .040″. Choosing the right pin size depends on the type of shooting you enjoy and personal preference. Most expert archers use larger pins for shorter distances and smaller pins for longer distances. A .040″ pin will cover a large field of view if you’re planning a shot at 50 yards or more away. However, archers with poor eyesight or those who shoot in low light conditions might feel more comfortable with the larger pin sizes. 

Regardless of your needs and preferences, you’ll find the features you’re looking for to improve your shot in these top five-pin bow sights. 

Adjusting for Accuracy

The best part of using a pin bow sight is the ability to make adjustments that correct your shooting technique. Experts recommend that archers shoot multiple arrows at a target to test your accuracy at each yardage. If three arrows miss your mark but are well-grouped, this means you need to adjust your sight. If your shots are veering to the right, you will adjust your vertical screw to the right. Advanced sights will allow you to adjust the first, second, and third axis for ultimate accuracy. The first axis adjusts your sight in relation to the mount, the second axis adjusts your pins in relation to your sight head, and the third axis tilts the sight head to be closer or further away from you. 

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight is a top-class pin bow sight coming in at a reasonable price of $69.99 for a five-pin set-up. We have several Trophy Ridge sights on this list, and you’ll see, it’s because this brand comes with a ton of advantages. The Trophy Ridge brand makes all the top lists and is well-known among hunters and archers. 

This sight comes with micro-adjustable pins, which offers ultimate flexibility for setting your sights. Another considerable advantage of this sight is it is tool-less. Most sights require an Allen wrench to make windage and elevation changes, but with this sight, everything can be done with just your hands. The sight also gives you ultimate control with four mounting positions, second-axis adjustments, and third-axis leveling. You can be sure that you’re always level, due to the neon green bubble at the bottom of the sight. 

The pin size on this sight is .019″, which is excellent for long-distance accuracy. This sight is also perfect for shooting at dawn or dusk due to the rheostat light and ultra-bright fiber optics in the pins. The entire sight is also ringed by a bright green accent so that it contrasts against the darkness. 

  • Micro-adjustable pins for optimal sight setting
  • Tool-less adjustment knob for windage and elevation
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Green hood accent ring
  • Model is for right-handed users
  • Battery-powered fiber optics (not legal in some states – check your local hunting regulations)
  • Adjustment options can be overwhelming for budding archers

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

Another pin bow sight in the Trophy Ridge series, the React Pro 5 is going to cost you. This sight comes in at $210, but it’s worth every penny. The React Pro comes with all the bells and whistles of the Series Fix, such as tool-less adjustment knobs and fiber optic lighting, but with even more features. The React Pro allows for third-axis adjustments, which will give you an even more accurate shot at longer distances. Trophy Ridge also prides itself on its React Technology. There is a master adjustment that can move all five pins at once based on the proper arch needed for your shot. Their “micro-click” technology also means you can hear each click as you adjust so that you are confident in the precision of the adjustments that you’ve made to your sight. The React Pro also seems to be sturdier due to its aluminum assembly and stainless steel body. 

The other neat advantage of this product is the versatility. The React Pro 5 has an option with either .010″ or .019″ pins and can be ordered for left-handed and right-handed users. Overall, this is an elite sight for archers who are ready to invest in their shot. 

  • Master adjustment for pin house
  • Micro-click technology for precise adjustments
  • Tool-less adjustment knob for windage and elevation
  • Adjustable second and third axis for optimal accuracy
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Some reviewers dislike the fiber optics
  • Adjustment options can be overwhelming for budding archers

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge sets itself apart from its competition with the variety of sights that it offers. The Volt 5 Pin bow sight is a great budget-friendly option for any archer. Similar to the Fix Series, this sight is a five-pin set-up with a pin size of .019″. A bonus is a reversible mount to accommodate either left-handed or right-handed users. Unlike the two previously discussed sights, this only has three mounting positions. This product will require an Allen wrench to make horizontal and vertical adjustments, much like other sights on the market. This sight also has many of the features from the Fix Series, such as a precision bubble level, a neon green accent around the sight, and fiber optic pins. Several Amazon reviewers commented that for the price, this pin bow sight priced at $42.99 is hard to beat in terms of quality and costs. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Reversible mount to accommodate left-handed and right-handed users
  • Ballistix coating designed for vibration reduction
  • Less flexibility in axis adjustments
  • No master pin adjuster

IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight

The IQ Bowsight Micro is perfect for correcting technique. IQ’s claim to fame is their Retina Lock technology. What can only be described as a neon green dongle, the Retina Lock perches on the top of the sight for easier sighting. The Retina Lock shows archers when their bow is torquing, invaluable feedback for those working on their form. Many archers have joined in the trend of going “peepless” after practice with this tech. According to one archery enthusiast, the Retina Lock technology eliminated the frustrations of using a rear peep sight and provided greater accuracy. 

The IQ Bowsight also has micro-adjust knobs that allow for tool-less adjustments to windage and elevation, as well as an adjustable second axis. The pins are also moveable, but as a group in their housing. This product is for .019″ pins, comes in several models with three or five-pin options, and has models for left- and right-handed users. The build is super durable with an aluminum body. Another bonus of the IQ is the fiber optic pins are battery-free, so that no matter where you live or the hunting regulations in your state, you can enjoy happy hunting. 

  • Retina Lock Technology improves technique and prevents torquing
  • Micro-adjust knobs for tool-less adjustments to windage and elevation
  • Adjustable second axis for optimal accuracy
  • Available for left and right-hand archers
  • Battery-free and suitable for hunting in all states
  • Pricier than other brands
  • The third axis is not adjustable
  • Some reviewers find the Retina Lock Technology to be aesthetically displeasing (read – ugly)

Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge Peak 5 has an edge up in the bow sight competition and comes in at $85. Unlike the other four bow sights, this product uses Trophy Ridge’s trademarked Vertical In-Line Pin technology. Images of this pin bow sight are impressive, and you can see how this sight would offer a clear, unobstructed view of a target. Many users love the unique design of the centered and vertical pins and claim it improves their accuracy. This model features .019″ fiber optics pins and has tool-less windage and elevation adjustment knobs with the same micro-click technology that you can enjoy in the other Trophy Ridge models. 

The body of this sight is lightweight, yet durable due to its aluminum build. The Ballistix coating also helps reduce vibrations that can interfere with the perfect shot. The Peak 5 is available for either left- or right-handed archers. There are also plenty of mounting site options for your shooting preferences. 

  • Unique Vertical In-Line Pin technology for unobstructed views of targets
  • Micro-click technology for tool-less adjustments to windage and elevation knobs
  • Available for left- and right-handed archers
  • Lightweight aluminum body with Ballistix coating to reduce vibrations
  • Second and third axis are not adjustable
  • Some reviewers mention the scope ring is bigger than other brands


A pin bow sight is a necessity you cannot skip as an archery enthusiast. You will be amazed by what is possible once you invest in your first or an upgraded pin bow sight. Before you select your sight, make sure you know your budget and the features that matter most for your type of hunting and comfort. To come full circle on my analogy, if your pin bow sight is the brain of our compound bow, you want to invest in a tool that allows you to be strategic and tactical.