Top 5 Best 3-Pin Sights for 2021: Choosing the Right Option for Your Archery Needs

Top 5 Best 3-Pin Sights for 2020

When you’re out there hunting, a 3-pin site gives you the accuracy and versatility you need to bag whatever game you’re after. See the best options here.

If a single pin bow sight is no longer cutting it, but a sight with five or seven pins is too overwhelming to think about, the perfect alternative is the best 3-pin bow sight. It can offer a variety of features seen in multi-pin sights while being nearly as effortless to use as a single-pin version. These sights tend to have fewer moving parts but give you the advantage of being able to take shots at different distances without a massive number of adjustments.

While many accessories can help with your bow shot, anything that improves accuracy should be at the top of your list. Bow sights not only help you aim nearly effortlessly, but they also make it easier to hit any target more precisely. These devices are simple to use, typically inexpensive, and able to improve your hunting skills to a high degree.

For those who aren’t sure what the best 3-pin sight is, we’ve reviewed a few of the top options to guide you. Learn more and find the right choice for you below.

IQ Bowsight Micro 3-Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology

The IQ Bowsight Micro 3-Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight comes from a well-known manufacturer and offers excellent features at a reasonable price. The most lauded feature is the retina lock technology, which helps ensure your arrow hits precisely the target you are aiming for. By aligning the green retina with a centered black dot, this sight can improve your form while reducing unnecessary torque.

This bow sight also has elevation and windage adjustments to make getting sighted in simple and straightforward; it also lets you lock the adjustments without tools using knobs for the utmost convenience. The knobs can also be replaced with screws if you prefer that instead of the included configuration.

The Micro doesn’t have a third adjustable axis but does have second axis adjustments and comes with a built-in sight level to prevent unnatural cant and help you get the job done the first time.  This bow sight has three and 5-pin options, and each has a fiberoptic 0.019” pin that is visible and bright. A rheostat sight light can also be added but will need to be purchased separately.

Most users who master the use of this bow sight find it helpful, and even people shooting from steep angles don’t have an issue with the lack of third axis adjustments. However, quality control can be an issue, so it’s recommended you inspect the sight as soon as it reaches you.

  • Comes at a low price even for those with a tight budget
  • Includes retina lock technology which allows you to shoot farther in tighter groups
  • Features micro-adjustment knobs for precise sighting based on windage and elevation
  • Offers a dual position mount so you can adhere the sight based on your hunting style
  • Some hunters have experienced quality control issues with the 3-pin sight
  • Might be heavier than other sights that users have had in the past

TRUGLO Storm Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bow Sight

With the TRUGLO Storm Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bow Sight, you can enjoy incredibly successful hunting experiences. It comes in both a three or a 5-pin model so each hunter can decide which is better for their needs. Featuring bright pins and wrapped fiber, this model is known for offering clear visibility in all kinds of conditions.

This bow sight comes with a large aperture that adds to its already fantastic performance. It is also made of CNC machined, high-quality aluminum to ensure the highest durability possible. With easy controls and adjustments, this is ideal for even an inexperienced archer and can make it easier to hit a specific target.

On top of that, this sight can be used whether you are left- or right-handed and is a universal model, so it will fit onto any bow you might have. 

  • Designed in a versatile manner for both right- and left-handed hunters
  • Features a set of high accuracy pins to ensure the most unobstructed view possible
  • Available in a three, four, or 5-pin configuration so you can choose the right model for you
  • Offers a compact and lightweight design with a bright, large field of view to take down targets
  • Can be challenging to decide between the three or the 5-pin model of archery sight


The TOPOINT ARCHERY 3-Pin Bow Sight is an affordable option that offers an easy to use configuration, even for beginners. One of the things that this sight is best known for is the inclusion of both red and green fiber optics that can help with illumination in low-light areas. It has pins that measure 0.029 inches for a higher level of accuracy when you are aiming.

This model comes with a level and has marked bars to improve your aim further. It also has dual hand orientation so you can use it whether you are left- or right-handed. 

As with any sight, it does have drawbacks. It might not be as study are more expensive models, so parts are more likely to be damaged. It also comes without any adjusting tools, so you will need to purchase those unless you already have them on hand.

  • Features green and red fiber optics with a 0.029-inch diameter for the most precise aiming
  • The included level has two vertical bars that translate into an improved level of accuracy
  • Offers the option to work for both left- and right-handed hunters in the field
  • Features a set of marking to make adjusting for windage and elevation simple
  • Not ideal for use in environments with a low amount of light
  • Does not come with adjusting tools so you may need to purchase them separately

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

For a quality bow sight that will fit many different hunting styles, the Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight is an excellent option. It’s designed for use by entry-level and starter users and comes with all the basics needed to get going with the sport. However, those who are looking for a plethora of advanced features might find that this model is too simple for their needs.

It does have the option of choosing between a three or 4-pin set up and includes 0.019-inch fiber optic pins. It also allows standard pin adjustments for elevation based on individual pins. This bow sight can be used by both left- and right-handed users and includes the option of two mounting positions on the riser, depending on your preferred style.

Many people who use this archery site are incredibly happy with what it offers for the price and find it works well for recreational learning and shooting. However, those who are more experienced with bows might discover that it doesn’t have all the features they want to get things done.

  • Comes at a very reasonable price that will fit the budget of most hunters
  • Offers two different mounting positions based on your style, including a reversible mount
  • Created with a simple design that can be used by even beginners to archery
  • Available as a three or 4-pin set up so you can choose the model that fits your needs best
  • The plastic construction makes it less durable than some sights on the market

CBE Engage Hybrid 3-Pin Bow Sight

Our final pick is the CBE Engage Hybrid 3-Pin Bow Sight, which is a top-of-the-line best 3-pin bow sight. That means it is going to be more expensive than many other sights, but it’s also going to perform so well that many people don’t mind the price. It offers 0.019-inch fiber optic pins, a sight light, and many other great features.

The primary feature that makes this sight stand out is the Revolve Micro-Pin Sighting System, which lets you adjust one pin bow at a time. This makes it much easier to make small adjustments without wasting any time. It’s also highly portable with a unique slider configuration where it comes on and off the mount in seconds for safe transportation. 

If you are looking for a bow sight with all the bells and whistles, it doesn’t get much better than the Engage Hybrid. It brings a great look and tons of fantastic features together for a sight that is nearly unstoppable.

  • Has a heavy-duty construction but remains lightweight so you can easily travel with it
  • Included bright pins are easy to see and can help with the level of accuracy even in low light
  • Offers a sleek, modern appearance that will turn heads and look great on your bow
  • Pins are individually locked so adjusting one without making further adjustments is simple
  • Bargain shoppers and those with a tight budget may find this bow sight too expensive

 Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Archery Sights

While you now have an idea of what to expect from some of the best 3-pin sights on the market, you may still have a few questions that need to be answered. Below are a few of the most common questions answered so you can move on with confidence when choosing the best 3-pin sight for your hunting needs.

Are Sights Specific to Certain Bows?

While there may be some bows sights that are created for a particular bow, this is exceptionally uncommon. Almost all of the 3-pin sights you run across are going to be standard. That means the sight is designed to fit on and work with any kind of bow you happen to have. 

Why Should I Choose a 3-Pin Sight Rather than a Single Pin Sight?

There are pros and cons to either choice, and the right choice is going to depend a lot on what sort of hunting you do. Multi-pin sights are going to be more convenient in most cases since there’s no need to readjust pins while hunting as a target moves farther away or closer to you. On the other hand, a single-pin sight is going to be easier to get started with.

Do 3-Pin Sights Operate Differently Than Fixed Pin Sights?

A 3-pin sight works in much the same way as a fixed pin sight, but there is a difference. When using a 3-pin sight on your bow, you can adjust the distance by sliding the sight to or away from you. Since sights with sliders often include long armbars, that means you can slide the primary sight away from you and nearer to the target for a better level of accuracy.

What Distances Should I Set My 3-Pin Sight To?

Everyone is different, so the distances that work for you may be different from those that are ideal for someone else. One person might choose 20, 30, and 40-yard distances, while another might start at 30 and go up from there. Doing some research and then using your own hunting experience will get you started with how to set up the pins initially.

What Matters Most When Buying a 3-Pin Archery Sight?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best 3-pin sight. However, some of the things to watch for are useful features and a reputable manufacturer. Looking at reviews for the sight can also help, as can weighing the price vs. the value in terms of usability and features.


A 3-pin sight is an excellent choice for someone who is just being introduced to multi-pin sights. They work well as an introduction into what multi-pin sights can offer without being as complicated as archery sights with additional pins. Multi-pin sights see the most extensive use among hunters, both beginners, and experts, due to having a high level of accuracy and simple to set up.

While it can take some trial and error on the part of a newcomer to learn all the tricks associated with using a 3-pin archery sight, once the basics are understood, it’s easy to implement into your hunting routine. It also adds a great deal of flexibility to when you can take a shot since the pins act as guidance while you’re in the field.

When it comes down to it, the best 3-pin bow sights are many of the ones listed here today. Each is durable, easy to use, and works well in a hunting environment. It all comes down to your priorities when choosing which one is going to be the star of the show for your needs. Whether you’re engaged in target practice or trying to take down a buck from 50 yards, these 3-pin sights will help you do it well.