Top 3 APO Barlow Lenses For Every Budget

Upgrade your lenses for mesmerizing views of our galaxy. Check out these high-quality Barlow lenses that will get you closer to the stars at any price point.

Since the dawn of time, man has been captivated by the stars, planets, and galaxies light-years away. It’s only natural that over the millennia we’ve developed different optical systems that allow us a better peek into the night sky. While you might think you’re limited by the telescope you already own, there’s another, cheaper way to achieve fascinating images of the stars around us.

A handy tool for at-home astronomers, the Barlow lens was designed specifically to enhance the views of the celestial bodies you can expect to see through a telescope. However, early on humans realized that simply increasing magnification power does not yield more insight into the above skies. The field of optics has had to understand and overcome wavelengths, focal lengths, apertures (terms we’ll explore in this article) to design lenses that produce quality images. Many of these factors will also help you determine whether you should invest in an achromatic or apochromatic lens to correct issues and increase your magnification.