Tons of Bang for a Few Bucks: The Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR

Tons of Bang for a Few Bucks_ The Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR

When you want a fantastic scope, but you don’t want to spend too much on it, the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 could be the perfect solution. Learn more now!

Not every hunter needs, or even wants, an expensive scope with a ton of new features that require study and mastery. Sometimes, simple is the best solution. In our Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR review, we’ll look at what sets this inexpensive scope apart from others you could use with your favorite rifle. We’ll go over everything it brings to the table and how it can help you when you’re out in the field.

This has been called the best scope at a low price point by many people, and it doesn’t slack on the features, either. You can expect to enjoy high-quality, low light level hunting performance, an illuminated reticle, and an extremely versatile power range for diverse applications. If you’ve been searching for a general rifle for hunting, target shooting, and more, this rifle scope is bound to be one that you come across.

As we go through this article, we’ll share all the information about this scope so you can decide if it’s right for your specific needs.

Top Features of the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR

We’ve covered the fact that the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 is an inexpensive rifle scope and talked a bit about its many features. Now what we want to do is share the specifications of this scope so you can get an idea of what we mean. If you’re anything like us, you may be surprised by how robust and durable this scope is considering the price. 

  • Model Number: AC10056
  • Magnification (Zoom): 3x – 12x
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Eye Relief: 2.7 in
  • Exit Pupil: 16.7mm – 4.2mm
  • Field of View: 35ft at 3x, 10ft at 12x
  • Optical Coating: Multi-coated
  • Adjustment Knobs: Windage, adjustable rheostat, elevation
  • Weight: 20.1 ounces
  • Length: 13 in

Field of View, Resolution, and Magnification of the Barska Huntmaster

When you’re looking at any scope on the market, magnification is going to be the most crucial thing to check on. With the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR, you get a variable magnification features so it can be used in many different ways. Objects and targets off in the distance can be enlarged from around 3 to 12 times their actual size.

While a fixed magnification scope is less complicated, which also makes it more reliable, the flexibility you get with variable magnification will outweigh any of those concerns in most cases. When you want to make a long shot across the field, you can set the scope to 12x, or you can bring it back to 3x for targets that are much closer to your position.

This is an advantage of the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 because you can zoom in or out to see whatever you need up close and personal. It increases your field of view, which makes it easier to find targets through the scope or track game or other objects that are moving.

While we’re talking about the field of view, this 12×50 IR scope has a rating of 35 feet when at 3x magnification, and 10 feet if you’re up to 12x magnification. Most of the other scopes in this price range have an upper level of 30 feet, so Barska is adding some utility through the extra five feet you can use.

Of course, spotting a target requires a clear, sharp image, which is provided through a high resolution. This is dependent on everything from the quality of the lens coatings to the quality of the glass used in the lens. Thankfully, the Barska Huntmaster Pro has an excellent resolution so you can get the images you want.

What to Know About the Barska Objective Lens Size

The objective lens is one that is in the very front of the scope, so it’s also the closest to your target. Other than glass quality, the essential part of this component is the diameter. While many objective lenses for scopes range from 40-44mm, this scope has a much larger one at 50mm. If you’re wondering, when it comes to these lenses, bigger is better.

When a lens is larger, it can allow additional light to enter the scope. When this happens, the image is going to be brighter, which is why the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR review notes that it’s great for low light conditions.

A larger objective lens can also offer a larger field of view at any magnification level than a scope with a smaller lens. However, while bigger is still better, it can also cause problems with usability since the scope has to be larger to use the big lens. In some cases, this can make them tough to handle and unwieldy when traveling.

With the Barska Huntmaster Pro, brightness is maximized, and additional space is provided to the field of view, but the scope still has a slim profile. It offers a compromise between the lightest and smallest size and the absolute best image quality possible.

Precision Adjustments and Eye Relief of the Huntmaster

When talking about safety, the biggest concern with a scope is that it has an appropriate eye relief measurement. This is the distance in inches that your eye can be from the scope without experiencing a degradation of image quality.

The reason this matters is because many guns recoil and move quickly toward the shooter, which can lead to cuts and scraps near the eye if it’s too close to the ocular lens. Every rifle is different and has a different level of power. Still, for the vast majority of hunting rifles, the Barska Huntmaster Pro’s 2.7-inch eye relief is more than enough to avoid injury.

Another thing to think about is the precision adjustment knobs, which are provided on most kinds of scopes on the market. With the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR, you can easily adjust elevation and windage to ensure that your scope is zeroed in continuously. This is what makes a bullet go precisely where the cross-hair is sighted, for a more relaxed hunting experience.

Having the ability to make adjustments is crucial since you will need to do so on occasion. Zeroing in is something you will do once in a while, and you may also need to make adjustments when you’re targeting on elevated terrain.

What the Barska Huntmaster Optical Coatings Bring to the Range

Another of the more critical things to think about when choosing a rifle scope is what kind of optical coating it has. There are four main types, which include:

  • Coated – One layer of coating is found on at least one of the lens surfaces.
  • Fully Coated – One layer of coating is placed on all of the air to glass surfaces.
  • Multi-coated – Many layers of coating are found on at least one lens surface.
  • Fully Multi-coated – Many layers of coating are on all air to glass surfaces.

The coating or lack of one will play a massive part in the image quality a scope can provide. Coatings can decrease light loss based on reflection, so more light enters the scope and creates a high contrast image that is brighter than average.

You may have already gathered that the more coating layers a scope has, the better it is going to perform for you. This is true, but the quality of the coatings can be even more important for hunters. The Huntmaster Pro has multi-coated lenses, and they are created of quality materials, another reason that this scope is so great for low light situations.

While on the topic of lenses, water and fog can also be issues when you are out hunting. However, the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 prevents problems by offering a scope that is both fog proof and waterproof. The integration of O-rings into the design allows you to use the scope in any kind of weather. 

The lens also comes nitrogen-purged to prevent fogging due to your breath or the weather, something that will make it much easier to get a perfect shot off, no matter the time of day.

Other Features to Be Aware Of

We’ve talked about many of the essential features and components of this rifle scope; there are still some things to cover. For instance, have you wondered why this scope has “IR” in the name? This is a designation that the scope has an illuminated red option, which is ideal for hunting in the evening. The control is on top of the tube between the eyepiece and powering and has 10 brightness settings for any conditions.

Also, this Huntmaster Pro 3 scope features a 30/30 reticle that you’ll find on a variety of Barska rifles. There’s not much to go over here since this is a fairly typical, straightforward duplex-style reticle. However, it’s exceptionally clean and uncluttered to help you get off your next shot with ease. It has a 30/30 reticle, but only the cross in the middle will light up.

This scope also comes with a warranty, so you get some peace of mind when you purchase it. This model comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but you need to understand how the process works. Typically, sending in for a repair or replacement under warranty is free other than shipping costs, but that isn’t the case with the Huntmaster. Instead, there is a processing fee attached to any repairs or replacements, even under warranty.

However, all in all, this is an excellent scope for someone just getting started shooting or who appreciates a straightforward design without a lot of high-tech features. That’s also what keeps the price so low, which many hunters appreciate. 

Pros & Cons of the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR

Now that you know what to expect from the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR, we wanted to delve into the pros and cons of this particular scope. This will give you an idea of the weaknesses of the scope while providing more information about the best features so you can decide if this is the scope that you need. 

  • Lightweight and made from durable materials for use during hunting or target practice
  • Designed with reticle for hunters to adjust brightness levels in low-light environments
  • Comes with a zoom adjustment feature that helps a shooter focus on a target from far away
  • Includes a fast-focus eyeball to assist in focusing on a target with the utmost accuracy
  • Offers multi-coated lenses to ensure the clearest and brightest image quality possible
  • Backed up by Barska’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Some users have experienced issues with the lens becoming blurry and unclear
  • After using the score a moderate amount, it may lose some of its effectiveness


We hope this Barska Huntmaster Pro 3 12×50 IR review has given you all the insight you need about this excellent scope. It has a lot going for it, with the illuminated reticle being especially appreciated at this price point. Whether you’re new to hunting or an old hand at it, this is a scope that will offer all the standard features and a handful of innovative options. It’s also at the perfect price for anyone who happens to be on a budget.

Most other scopes at this price aren’t going to light up and may not even have multi-coated lenses, so be cautious about the one you choose for your own riffle. This scope may be a bit plain, but some people prefer that to an option with all the bells and whistles. If all you want to do is take accurate shots in any kind of light, you’ll find that ability using the Barska Huntmaster Pro 3. All you have to do is make your order and then wait for it to show up!