Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review

Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review

Are you on the lookout for the finest rifle on the market? In this post, we will provide you with a Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review that will be very beneficial to you.

Tikka t3x compact tactical rifle is a typical multifunctional weapon that can adapt to any scenario. 

The Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Rifle comes equipped with a vertical angled handle for prone shooting and a 10-round steel magazine.

The Tikka T3X is essentially an improved version of the T3 rifle. Tikka focused on areas where consumers had previously complained or had other businesses offer changes while developing the rifle.

Tikka improved the stock by texturing the pistol grip and forend, as well as providing a unique pistol grip that could be swapped out for a more vertical grip if desired.

To reduce noise and vibration, the stock was further improved with a soft,ter recoil cushion and a foam-filled buttstock. 

Although this stock is composed of hard plastic, it is not a low-quality item that should be discarded as soon as possible after purchase.

Many OEM stocks have been criticised for being excessively flexible, particularly when utilising a bipod, which may compromise accuracy. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the Tikka’s stock; getting it to bend sufficiently to touch the free-floating barrel took a lot more effort than using a bipod.

In addition, instead of the aluminium lug used on the T3 rifles, Tikka began utilising a steel recoil lug within the stock. 

While I’ve never seen it, I’ve heard that the aluminium recoil lugs may deform with time, and many T3 shooters have replaced them with steel lugs as a simple upgrade.

It’s great to see Tikka taking care of that step for the customer.

Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review also states that it sells a metallic bolt shroud, which is a popular modification among customers; nevertheless, the remainder of the bolt assembly seems to be unchanged.

Tikka’s bolts, as we found, are very easy to disassemble and need very little in the way of tools.

To remove the bolt shroud, just turn it clockwise, then pull back on the cocking piece while twisting it up into the little flat with a small wrench, then release the bolt handle.

The shooter may also replace the bolt handle and bolt knob with ones having various shapes or angles to suit their needs.

The bolt of the Tikka T3X is the same two-lug design as the T3, with the same 70° bolt throw.

The majority of bolt actions with a two-lug bolt body have a 90° bolt throw, which means the bolt rotates 90 degrees from open to closed. 

As a result, although the difference between 70 and 90 may not seem to be substantial on paper, in practise it looks to be a world apart.

The bolt’s action feels smoother and quicker. While shooting the rifle, we also began to fall in love with the Tikka trigger.

It works best straight out of the box, with little creep and just a small amount of overtravel when it breaks; in other words, it’s almost perfect.

Not only does it feel the nicest, but it’s also very simple to fine-tune simply twisting a tiny screw on the front of the trigger housing.

Turn the screw in and out with an Allen wrench to change the trigger pull weight between two and four pounds.

We tweaked ours after receiving it, and it now pulls at a constant three pounds, as tested by a Lyman digital trigger pull gauge.

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Range Time

So, that’s enough about the features and how this and that was improved and changed out, since we’re sure you’re all curious about how it shot accurately? You can see the complete Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review.

We’ll simply say that we don’t expect this weapon to disappoint you, and it certainly shocked me.

In our view, this Tikka is a cut above the rest. We received four different kinds of ammunition from two manufacturers to test.

American Eagle’s 140-grain BTHP bullets, as well as Hornady Precision Hunter, American Whitetail, and Custom Match ammunition.

Across the board, none of them managed to score more than a 1.00 “At 100 yards, a 5-shot group is very excellent for a factory rifle with a plastic stock and factory ammunition. 

Hornady Precision Hunter ammo, which uses a 143 grain ELD-X bullet, was a standout performance, but it only placed five rounds into a 3/8″ target in terms of accuracy “a bunch

As you can see from the graph, a performance like that might be mistaken for a bespoke bolt-action rifle.

We wanted to test it out in a different shooting position, not only the prone, since this is a reasonably light tactical precision rifle that might see us as a hunting rifle, varmint gun, or competition rifle.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to practise shooting the rifle from a set of Stoney Point shooting sticks when we had the chance to fire out to 600 yards.

When shooting in the field, shooting sticks come in useful since they let the shooter climb up over foliage or other barriers while maintaining some stability. 

Tikka t3x compact tactical rifle was almost boringly accurate from prone, and ringing steel was no issue, even in the gusty winds that day on the range.



T3x features a redesigned modular synthetic stock with replaceable pistol grips, allowing the angle of the grip to be adjusted. 

After reading Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review, we get to know that this allows for a variety of shooting positions. Additional grips may be purchased separately. 

An extra attachment point on the T3x synthetic stock allows you to adjust the breadth of the stock’s fore-end.


A firm grasp that never lets go. The T3x synthetic stock has an unique asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that was created especially to provide a secure grip in any situation.


T3x models have a unique recoil pad technology that reduces recoil’s effect on the shooter. The redesigned, more durable pad allows you to focus entirely on the precision of your strokes.


Be as deafeningly quiet as the woods. The inside of the rear stock of T3x synthetic stocks now has a foam insert, which reduces stock-generated noise and may help you maintain your aim in sight. Models with an adjustable cheekpiece are not eligible.


A wider angle ejection hole on the new T3x receiver makes it simpler to feed one cartridge at a time.


Keep the target in sight at all times. Extra screw locations on top of the receiver on the T3x versions allow you to securely connect a Picatinny rail — even when utilizing larger scopes.

Technical Specification

Chambering 6.5 Creedmoor
Barrel 20 inches
OA Length40.1 inches
Weight 7.5 pounds
FinishStainless steel
Capacity10 rounds


Q1: Is this compatible with the Tikka T3x TAC A1 rifle?

A: We’re sorry, but this product is no longer available, and we don’t have that information. For this question, we suggest contacting the manufacturer. 

Q2: Will this work in 6.5 Creedmoor for t3 ctr?

A: Yes, this will suit the Tikka T3 CTR and should also fit the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Final Verdict – Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review

Let’s wrap off this article with Tikka t3x Compact Tactical Review. Tikka t3x compact tactical rifle, on the other hand, is a user-adjustable rifle. 

The 12.5” length of draw on this rifle makes it suitable for shooters who have trouble with lengthy stocks. 

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Although it is appropriate for long-term usage since you can change the length of draw to your needs.

It is particularly useful for young shooters who can alter it over time. As a result, you will find useful and comprehensive information on the tikka t3x small in this post.