The Leupold Mark 4 20-60X 80 Spotting Scope Is Available to the Public

Used extensively by the US military, the Leupold Mark 4 20-60X 80 tactical spotting scope is now available to the public. It will see extensive use for long-range shooting and archery.

If it’s good enough for US Navy Seals and Marine sharpshooting teams, it must surely be good enough for civilian use as well. The highly-regarded Mark 4 20-60X 80 tactical spotting scope has been made available for the public market by Leupold. Constructed for the most rugged terrain and use imaginable, and using the best available materials, the Leupold Mark 4 is naturally at the higher end of the spotting scope price range. For those who are seeking exacting precision in long-range sighting and hunting, however, this scope may be exactly what they need.

The Mark 4 20-60X 80 comes from Leupold’s 100-plus year tradition of sporting optics and builds upon their outstanding reputation for unmatched quality of production and effectiveness during use in the field. In this review we’ll have an opportunity to learn about the heritage of Leopold scopes, to review the impressive specs of the Mark 4 20-60X 80, and to hear from those who have used it in the field.

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