The Leica Geovid HD B 10X42: the Best Rangefinding Binoculars

The Leica Geovid HD B 10X42_ the Best Rangefinding Binoculars

When we list the best rangefinding binoculars available, only a few brands come to mind. Of these, the highest in quality, features, and use in the field is probably the Leica Geovid HD B 10X42.

For those who take long-range sighting and shooting seriously, the highest quality and unqualified precision are absolute necessities. Whether determining the accurate distances of several kilometers across rugged mountain peaks, calculating bullet drop compensation at 1500 yards, or knowing the position of game to the half-yard, there are those for whom accuracy and consistency are paramount. It is for this outdoorsman that Leica created the Geovid HD B 10X42 rangefinder binoculars.

From its origins in Germany in 1869, the lens maker Leica has been perfecting optics in everything from riflescopes and cameras to microscopes. Across the ages and various products, the one constant is outstanding quality. When comparing the finest in every category, the Leica name always rises to the top. This is particularly true when discussing binoculars. This review will examine what may be the best of the best, the Geovid HD B 10X42 laser range finding binoculars.