The Best 6 Single Pin Bow Sights

If you are in the market for a single pin bow sight, don’t look any further. Keep reading to learn about our top 6 favorite single pin bow sights and what makes them the best products out there.

It seems like these days, single pin bow sights are everywhere. Competition shooters are using them, hunters are using them, even guys just getting started with bow shooting are using them. It’s hard not to see why, though. Having one of the best single pin bow sights out there can improve your shooting for the simple fact that it lets you adjust your sight to how far away the target is. Compared to a multi-pin or a digital sight, you’re far more likely to hit a bullseye with one of these.  

Like with any modification you’re making to your setup, you want to do a little research before you just jump right into it. Otherwise, you could end up dropping big bills on a product that you are disappointed and frustrated with. If you’re wanting to invest in a single pin bow sight, you need to look out for a product with tough and well-protected optics, easy-to-use adjustments, and a clear field of view. And, of course, a few extra frills thrown in can make for a fun and more fulfilling shooting experience.

We know you probably don’t have the time to go diving through the Internet for user reviews and product summaries, but, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a top of the line single pin sight for your bow, you can’t go wrong with one of the options we have here. We’ve made a list of our 6 favorite sights and gone into a bit of detail about what makes each one so awesome. Hopefully, this will get you started on your next purchase. 

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

The first sight up on our list comes from Trophy Ridge. These guys are a pretty dedicated team looking to make the lightest, toughest, and most precision sights they can and their Pursuit vertical pin bow sight lives up to that goal. The Pursuit uses a pretty standard .019” fiber optic cable to carry light up and down through the single pin. This lets you make those ultra-precise shots without having a cluttered looking field of view. After all, you don’t want to be looking down your sight at a whitetail and get confused about where you’re shooting. 

Even if you are tracking through a shaded patch of woods, you’re still going to see the optics on this sight thanks to a nifty glow indicator built into the pin and an added rheostat light. Also, to get the Pursuit vertical pin sight as durable as possible without packing on unwanted weight, the guys over at Trophy Ridge built this sight out of 100% forged aluminum. However, you don’t have to worry about the metal on this sight making any sound and scaring away your target. The Pursuit uses silky smooth Delrin bushings to keep your yardage adjustments free of any metal-to-metal contact. 

Another added little perk on this sight is the bubble level located just below the pin. It’ll keep you shooting straight, guaranteeing you land bullseye shot after bullseye shot. So, what’s the damage, you ask? That’s all going to depend on whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. For a right-hand model, you’re going to pay $70.04 for this sight but if you are a lefty, you can expect to pay a steeper $91.27. Even at that price, though, you’re getting a quality and durable piece of equipment.

  • 2 different mounting positions
  • Simple and clean design
  • Bright and visible slider and optics
  • ed a couple of different wrenches to sight it in
  • The left-handed option is more expensive
  • Does not come with range tape

Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin Sight

Next up on our list is another fantastic sight from Trophy Ridge. This is their Alpha Slide single pin bow sight. It’s a unique looking sight, different from all the other options on our list due to its specially shaped pin. To be honest, calling it a pin is it little difficult, mainly because it’s not just a simple vertical design. Like its namesake, the pin on this sight is shaped like the Greek letter Alpha (basically an A without the line through the middle). According to Trophy Ridge, they designed it to perfectly guide your eye up to the target without having to block your line of sight. At the tip of the A shape, you’ve got that standard .019” fiber optic to accurately land on target every time.

So, you’ve got the Alpha part of the name but what about the slide? Well, Trophy Ridge added a lengthened slider that maximizes how far you can shoot, start from the 20yd mark. Also, on top of the sight, you’ve got two knobs, one that’s round and one that’s shaped like a four-pointed star. The round knob adjusts your elevation and windage but the star-shaped knob locks in the sight. Having them in two different shapes will keep you from slipping up and readjusting your sights on accident. 

As for the construction on this sight, Trophy Ridge used the same forged aluminum as on the Pursuit up above and they included those same ultra-smooth Delrin bushings for oh-so-quiet adjustments. But, with the Alpha Slide, you get the added benefit of a quiver mount on the bracket. Now, this is a slightly pricier option than the Trophy Ridge Pursuit but with the Alpha Slide, you are getting a unique bit of equipment and at $108.91, the price difference is practically unmentionable. 

  • Unique Alpha design
  • Quiver mounting hardware
  • Durable and silent Trophy Ridge adjustments
  • right-hand model
  • Comes with only one yardage tape which is unmarked

TRUGLO Range-Rover Series Single Pin Moving Bow Sight

This next sight comes from TRUGLO, who are known for making solid and premium bow optics without all the unnecessarily frills. Their Range-Rover Series single pin bow sight is one of the tougher options on our list thanks to the all-metal pin that guards the fiber optics against any abuse you might through at your bow out in the woods. The full metal coverage does little to block your image though, as the Range-Rover Series gives a clear, circular picture, keeping you accurately on target. 

The Range-Rover is also an easier sight to use than the previous two options on our list thanks to this sight’s tool-less adjustments. You can simply reach up and turn the knob to get your sight aiming where you want it without even putting down your bow. The zero in dial also lets you make micro-adjustments to the elevation of your sight, making the tuning on the Range-Rover really accurate. 

The TRUGLO Range-Rover Series single pin bow sight is made of aluminum just like the Trophy Ridge options on our list, making it equally durable and lightweight, but the added beefing up around the fiber optics make this a stronger option. Another added perk to this sight is that the housing can also take a 1.87” scope lens. If you want to make use of this option, you will have to get a separate lens because it doesn’t come with the package. 

TRUGLO’s Range Rover Series single pin sight will set you back $108.99, pretty much the same as the Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide, but with this purchase, you’ll also get 40 pre-marked yardage tapes and the hardware to attach your quiver directly to the bracket. 

  • Left-hand and Right-hand options, both priced the same
  • Simple and clear directions for sighting
  • Added bubble level
  • Some users have reported that the adjustment dials take some breaking in to loosen up

Prohunter AR 19 Series GWS 

The fourth sight that we wanted to share on our list for you is made by Prohunter. Prohunter is a company that specializes in making archery sights so you know that they’ve poured some research and development into their products. The AR 19 Series GWS comes in two available options—the standard 0.19” optic or a larger .029” optic. If you struggle to see the light in your sight this is a perfect option for you. 

Like the TRUGLO Range-Rover we shared above, the AR 19 Series GWS completely covers their fiber optic in metal to make it as protected as possible. Interestingly, the metal they use is still aluminum but Prohunter uses a higher quality aircraft grade aluminum to fit the most strength into their sight as possible. Picture

Some other good news is that, if you are a lefty, Prohunter makes this sight in a left-handed model. You will want to contact them when you make your purchase to let them know you want that modification made but it shouldn’t cost you anything extra. When you make your purchase, you can expect to spend a paltry $52.95, and, with that price, you get all of the mounting screws, quiver stand-offs, and yardage tape. 


  • Higher-quality aluminum housing than your average sight
  • Tool-less windage adjustments
  • Fiber optic does not mushroom at its end


  • Yardage tape is not pre-marked
  • Some users reported that the yardage tape is also difficult to mark

HHA Optimizer Sight 5519 Single Pin 

The last two options on our list are by far the best products on the market today and we just had to share them with you. They’re so good that they have won Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice Award for fourteen years straight. If that doesn’t sell these sights to you, I don’t know what will. First up is the HHA Optimizer 5519 single pin sight. This is a pretty standard .019” optic but it features a mechanical rheostat so you can control how bright your optic is. If you have trouble seeing your sights but you don’t want to sacrifice on your field of view, this is perfect.

With the Optimizer, you’ll be shooting anywhere from 10 to 80yds thanks to their 5yd incremented markings. Also, the elevation arms go with just about all of the most accurate yardage tapes. However, if you go with the yardage tapes that come with the sights, you’ll be using a premium water-resistant tape perfect for taking out hunting even on a rainy morning. 

Like with some of the other sights on this list, you can attach a quiver to the bracket using hardware provided with your purchase and you also get a high-quality aluminum frame built to be lightweight but tough. Available at only $125.85, you’re getting the number one product on the market!

  • Highest rated single pin bow sight you can buy
  • Easily available lefty options on checkout
  • Clear instructions make for a simple install
  • Does not fit Mission bows

HHA Optimizer Ultra-Lite Sight 5019

The last sight on our list is really more of a modification to the previous sight than a standalone. The Optimizer Ultra-Lite is the same Optimizer that’s been rated #1 for fourteen years and going but HHA Sports has added an additional gear driven wheel that’s revolutionized single pin sights. Using the dial, you can adjust your sight to whatever yardage you want quicker than with any other sight, even those using tool-less adjustments. 

It features the same mechanical rheostat to control the brightness of your optic, aluminum housing, water-resistant yardage tape, 20 to 80yd range, and quiver attachable bracket. But, for a higher price of $181.41, you get the most advanced technology for single pin sights on the highest rated sight out there.

  • All the benefits of an HHA Sports Optimizer PLUS the quick gear dial adjuster
  • No left-hand options


If you’re heading out into the woods to do some bow hunting, you know you want the best kit you can carry. A single pin bow sight will give you the accuracy you’ve been wanting without adding the burden of more weight. These sights are durably-built pieces of optical equipment and, should you pick one of the options on this list, you won’t go wrong.

Remember to familiarize yourself with any modification you make to your bow and take the time to read the user manual. For a sight to work well, you need to take the time to zero it in properly before you take it out for real-world use. Hopefully, this list has you on the right track and happy hunting!

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