Swarovski EL 8.5 x42 Binoculars: The Best Keeps Getting Better

Swarovski EL 8.5 x42 Binoculars_ The Best Keeps Getting Better

In the decade since their introduction, Swarovski’s 8.5×42 EL binoculars have routinely been viewed as the best. Swarovski, however, has continually sought to improve the binoculars.

It’s amazing just how many regular users of binoculars can tell you exactly when it was they first looked through a pair of Swarovski field glasses. This phenomenon has become even more prevalent ever since 1999 when the company first introduced its EL series of binoculars. Regardless of the particular magnification and objective lens size, each version of the EL binoculars was praised as being superior in its class.

For another manufacturer, having this sort of acclaim might have been sufficient. The binocular line might have continued in production for years. Swarovski, however, did not achieve its superiority by resting on its laurels. Accordingly, the EL series has been continually upgraded over the past 20 years. This review will take a look at the Swarovski 8.5X42 binoculars, with the FieldPro Package. We’ll check out what makes the EL line superior as well as reviewing 8.5X42 specs, field testing it, and hearing what reviewers have to say.