Swarovski 10X42 Binoculars, the Best and Still Improving

Swarovski binoculars have a storied reputation for innovation and for producing the best binoculars available. With the FieldPro Package, they’ve improved their complete offering.

A new descriptive title has arisen in many competitive fields that may sound derogatory but is, in fact, a great compliment: “GOAT.” Today when someone or something is referred to as “the GOAT,” the meaning is “greatest of all time.” This expression has been applied to athletes, artists, and automobiles. If we were to apply this description to field glasses, a strong case could be made for Swarovski binoculars and, in particular, their 10X42 glasses with the accompanying FieldPro Package.

It can frankly be said that the last two decades have seen a revolution in magnifying lenses for viewing and hunting scopes. Swarovski optics has been leading those revolutionary forces, setting standards, and achieving innovations that other manufacturers have scrambled to imitate. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Swarovski 10X42 binoculars and their field package, examine its specs and listen to the comments of those who have reviewed it.

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