Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope Review in 2021

Simmons 3-9X32mm 22 MAG Rifle Scope Review

Do you need a complete Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope Review?In this article we will  guide about this scope with pros and cons.

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With its .22 Mag 3-9X32 rifle scope, Simmons incorporates exceptionally big-game optics into several well-known rimfire scopes. 

How could a Mag.22 scope hit skyrocket, though? Let me demonstrate how to accomplish it.

The Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope Review claimed that it is no longer a shoddy, low-cost item. It is normally built with a single-piece body to provide extreme durability and strength in real field operation.

With this scope, you’ll be able to conduct millions of precision plinking and varmint management, but you’ll also be able to mount it and blast everything up to 100 yards.

It features fully coated lenses, as one would expect from a respectable scope, but the great benefit is the HydroShield lens coating, which allows for practical usage in any conditions.

With an eyepiece with 3.75 inches of eye relief for rapid and rapid sight images, you also get the best and quickest Target Acquisition.

Scope incorporates SureGrip settings that you may use even with gloves to make things even more pleasant in the field.

The knurly turrets, on the other hand, provide positive clicks that let you know you’re hitting an item with each shot.

It comes with mounting rings, which adds to the already outstanding specification for a rifle scope under $200, so you can start shooting right away.

General consensus is that this rifle scope is more valuable and easier to get. There have been difficulties with the reticle and adjustment that necessitated a scope replacement.

Even so, most customers claim it maintains zero, and despite the adequate eye relief, it’s well-built for a 22 rifle.


The Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope Review, on the other hand, is around 13.2 ounces and 12 inches long.

This scope is a typical rimfire riflescope of ordinary size, and it fits well inside the rifle case on my .22 rifle.


The Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope has a zoom range of 3X to 9X, allowing you to obtain a close look at your target from a great distance.

Despite the poor clarity and resolution, it is simple enough to fire with good accuracy out to 200 yards or somewhat farther.


For scratch resistance, glare reduction, and reflection reduction, the optics in the Simmons 22 Mag scope Review are normally fully coated.

You won’t have to worry about fogging since the barrel is nitrogen-filled, and the lenses are O-ring sealed to keep water out.

Unfortunately, none of this was possible with this sight since the TruPlex reticle started to spin after just 500 rounds down range.

Finally, the reticle separated, with just three points coming together to create a crosshair and the rest of the lines drifting off to the scope’s corner.

We realized that we would have to pay for freight to have the scope fixed or replaced after calling Simmons customer service; to us, it is just not worth purchasing or spending $12 on a $40 scope for delivery.

Field of View

This rifle scope’s field of view at 100 yards is about 31.4 feet with 3X magnification and 10.5 feet with 9X magnification.

However, this is a good-sized field of view, with enough territory to scope out your subject before zooming in for the image.

It also has a 3.75′′ eye relief, which is ideal for rimfire shooting. 

Lightweight rifles, on the other hand, have a higher propensity to bounce back than you may believe, but the 3.75′′ of eye relief helps you avoid the pop back from driving the sight into your eye socket.

How Easy is the Scope to Mount?

The sight usually comes with a set of rimfire rings, and if your pistol has a 3/8′′ rail, installing it should be straightforward.

You’ll need a set of 1′′ rings for this rifle sight since the rimfire rings will not fit your fence, even if you have a Weaver or Picatinny rail.

In terms of the rings, they are often inexpensive. The rings will endure a long time if you are careful with them. It will work, but if you aren’t careful, the screws may easily slide out.


This sight is advertised as shockproof by Simmons  .22 Mag, but you don’t have to believe it for a second.

After a few hundred to tens of thousands of rounds (for us, it was a few hundred), the reticle begins to separate, and this is not an unusual incidence.

We spoke with a number of other people who bought this scope, and they all had the same problems after a while.

The scope is good for a few hundred rounds until something inside pulls free and the reticle separates.

  • Reasonable in Price
  • One-piece body
  • QTA eyepiece
  • SureGrip adjustments
  • HydroShield coating
  • Reticle issues
  • Adjustment issues

Technical Specification:

Magnification 3-9X
Power VariabilityVariable
Objective Diameter 32 mm

WeightTube Diameter

12 in/10 oz/1 in
Field of View31.4 ft/100 yards
Eye Relief  3.75
Exit Pupil 3.75 in/10.7-3.6 mm
Adjustment Info 1/4 MOA/Click
Optics Coatings Fully coated
FinishBlack Matte/Silver

Final Verdict – Simmons 22 Mag Scope Review:

To sum up, we have a Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope Review in this post.

Simmons .22 Mag 3-9X32 rifle scope meets the target in terms of price, performance, and quality, according to the bull’s-eye.

The exceptional performance of the .22 mag scope has been praised by hundreds of customers. 

A faulty equipment, on the other hand, might make your planned plinking afternoon a waste of time.

If you need to go a bit farther in terms of performance and game, the Simmons-Point 3-9X40 rifle scope is a great option that won’t break the bank.

It is, nevertheless, lightweight, small, and equipped with a quick-focus eyepiece. It still has Simmons’ TrueZero system, which allows for quick and precise finger placement.

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