Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX Review

Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX

A revolutionary laser rangefinder that will land you perfect shots at long distances. Check out why the Sig Sauer Kilo 2200BDX is the smartest tool you need in your pack.

There are so many instances where you might scratch your head and think – just how far out is that object? For hunters, long-distance shooters, and folks with expansive properties, this question is more than just a curiosity. Hunters and shooters need absolute precision to adjust their gear and land their shot. People surveying their land need to make sure that coyotes keep their distance or watch for suspicious activity in the distance. 

No matter the scenario, anyone needing accurate ranging will appreciate the revolutionary technology of the Sig Sauer Kilo2200 BDX. This laser rangefinder is downright intelligent, providing instant answers about your target. The information you’ll get from the Kilo2200 BDX can make the difference between bringing home the proverbial bacon or returning empty-handed. Take a look at this review of the Sig Sauer Kilo2200 BDX to learn about the smartest laser rangefinder with the coolest features on the market. 

How Do LRFs Work? 

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Sig Sauer Kilo2200 BDX, it’s principal to understand how most laser rangefinders work. Only a few decades ago, rangefinders were clunky and inaccurate, but today company’s work to crank out models that are more precise and lightweight than their previous versions. The science behind how rangefinders work is relatively simple, which is what makes the advancements on the Kilo2200 even more impressive.

At its core, a laser rangefinder is an optical tool that provides ranging information about your target by emitting invisible infrared light beams. The infrared light waves bounce off the object back towards the rangefinder. A sensor in the rangefinder takes in the information from the refracted infrared beam, and with the help of a computer chip, it displays your target’s distance.

This is the point in the process where some laser rangefinders stop, while some like the Kilo2200 BDX take it several steps further. The advancements on the Kilo2200 make shooting a breeze. Its technology eliminates guesswork and calculations that can now be done with the push of a button.

What To Look For In An LRF? 

As you look around for laser rangefinders, you’ll notice some of the same measurements and features that manufacturers frequently advertise. Some of the basics include ranging capability, magnification, and durability. You know you’re getting into higher-end territory when you see information about the optical system, horizontal distance, and ballistic information. Since this product belongs to an elite class, we’ll focus on the qualities that make for a top-notch rangefinder.


Just like any other optical tool, you want to check how your potential purchase was crafted and how its lenses are protected. Not all rangefinders put the same level of care and quality into their glass elements, even though this impacts the clarity of your view. As you compare products, look for rangefinders that come with fully multi-coated layers on their lenses and anti-reflective layers. These coatings help increase light transmission so that your rangefinder can take in ample sunlight for a brighter, clearer image. The anti-reflective properties on your objective lens will keep sunlight from reflecting off of the glass. With this added layer, you can feel confident that your lens is soaking in all the sunshine it needs.

Horizontal Distance 

While most hunters might practice their shooting at a flat gun range, those conditions are quite different from what they’ll experience on a hunt. You might be shooting whitetails from an elevated tree stand or Bighorn sheep in a deep valley. No matter if you’re uphill or downhill, the angle you shoot from in relation to your prey will impact the trajectory of the bullet due to gravity. Any advanced laser rangefinder will have an option to calculate yardage based on this incline or decline rather than just giving you the actual distance.

Ballistics Information 

In a race for the smartest device, more and more companies are rushing to create rangefinders that can provide information about bullet trajectories. It’s just plain smart to make this investment when shooters are aiming for more extreme distances. Thanks to advancements in this technology, hunters, and sharpshooters can continue to push the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible. If you have a bit of money to spend, it’s worth splurging to get your hands on a laser rangefinder that will take your shooting into the future.

Best In Class 

Of the high-tech rangefinders, the Kilo2200 BDX is leading the pack. Sig Sauer broke the mold when they created this model, which wowed the sporting optics industry. This product stands out thanks to several innovative features that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else on the market.

To start, Sig Sauer’s BDX technology is by far the most comprehensive and useful for improving target acquisition. You can pair your Kilo2200 rangefinder with any BDX enabled riflescope as well as your smartphone. From there, you can download their free app and connect your devices via Bluetooth. The app lets you create a ballistic profile with your bullet manufacturer, caliber, wind direction, and temperature. When you range your target, your BDX riflescope will even adjust its reticle based on these calculations. 

Don’t have the BDX riflescope? Don’t fret! This technology works just fine with just the Kilo2200 rangefinder. The OLED display screen will first show your range, and then the windage and elevation so that you can make the necessary adjustments on your riflescope. Once you’re all set with the app, you don’t need to keep out your phone. The rangefinder will continue using the data from your profile to make adjustments as needed.

The BDX technology works by using the Applied Ballistics Ultralight mode on your rangefinder, but there are still two more modes to explore. The Kilo 2200 also features an Angle Modified Range (AMR) mode to calculate the distance of sharp angles. This rangefinder has a built-in inclinometer so that it knows your exact angle. According to Sig Sauer, this technology then uses the incline of your angle and your line of sight range to figure out the range given your position. When in the AMR mode, the OLED screen will show the adjusted distance and windage/elevation so that you never miss a shot.

All of your ranging happens in the blink of an eye with the Kilo2200. This rangefinder uses Sig Sauer’s HyperScan technology, which allows ranging information to refresh four times per second. You won’t find this speed on other products, and it is only made possible by their Digital Signal Processing engine. In addition to instant updates, the Kilo 2200’s engine operates with a Field Programmable Gate Array. This is a state-of-the-art addition that bolsters the signal processing algorithms so that you experience fewer false readings and better readings from targets without strong signals.

This rangefinder also comes with a few small surprises that make this product even more accessible and a breeze to use. The display screen is an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) with Lumatic technology so that your screen always adjusts to just the right brightness level for your shooting conditions. Sig Sauer’s products are also covered by their INFINITE guarantee, which speaks volumes about their confidence in the quality of their products.

Dive Into The Numbers 

The Kilo2200 laser rangefinder doesn’t just come with fancy technology but is also just a well-built optical tool. Let’s take a look at its specs to see why this is an all-around superior product.

Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Rangefinder
Ranging Distance Max = 3400 yardsDeer = 1300 yardsTree = 1600 yards +/- .5 yards out to 500 yards
Magnification 7x (fixed) 
Objective Lens 25 mm 
Reticle 3 patterns 
Eye Relief 15 mm
Weight 7.5 oz 
Battery CR2; up to 4,000 ranges 
Durability Waterproof IPX-4 

The Kilo2200 has incredible ranging distance, and unexpectedly, reviewers say that they find it performs best on overcast days or in shady conditions. One reviewer was able to range a bus at 3201 yards in these conditions. It’s especially great that this rangefinder can accurately range deer at 1300 yards. Most folks familiar with rangefinders know that non-reflective surfaces like animals and trees typically have a much lower range. For hunters, as you shop, it’s important to find the specs on ranging for non-reflective surfaces, since the majority of your targets will fall into this category.

This rangefinder also has a fixed magnification power of 7x and a 25 mm objective lens. The magnification will get you close-up images of your target, and a relatively large objective lens ensures plenty of light-gathering capacity. This will ensure that your views are crisp, color-rich, and full of detail. The Kilo2200 also includes a high-quality glass element. The objective lens features their exclusive SpectraCoat, broadband coating, and has anti-reflection properties. With these multiple coatings, you can be sure of optimal light transmission.

The Kilo2200 also comes with three reticle patterns so that shooters can choose based on their preferences. You can easily switch between a center circle, horizontal grid, or the horizontal and vertical grid. Some reviewers did complain that they wished the reticle had a wider variety of patterns or a more simple crosshair. Still, the provided reticles should help you with windover and elevation holdovers.

Since the Kilo2200 packs in so much technology, you might expect it to be on the fragile side. However, this laser rangefinder is built to last and can withstand whatever life throws your way. The body is crafted from lightweight, magnesium, making for a lightweight but durable product. This compact rangefinder weighs in at only 7.5 ounces so it can easily fit in your hiking pants or pack. Unfortunately, the Kilo2200 does have its limitations, likely because of its smart features. It is IPX4 tested, meaning this rangefinder can take some water splashes, but not much more. You should definitely avoid exposing the Kilo2200 to water and never submerge it. 

It’s also important to touch on the battery type and its lifespan. No hunter wants to find themselves during a perfect shot only to find their rangefinder’s battery has died. The Kilo2200 uses a CR2 lithium battery, which is great for keeping products lightweight. Lithium batteries also tend to have a longer lifespan than alkaline batteries. Although Sig Sauer doesn’t list how long batteries typically last in the Kilo2200, they do claim you can get 4,000 ranges out of fresh batteries. 

Users Call The Kilo2200 “Excellent” And “Amazing” 

Folks who use the Kilo2200 regularly comment on the benefits of the BDX app and ballistics library at their fingertips. One reviewer praised the BDX app, writing “Excellent rangefinder good bullet library when paired with your phone. Excellent clarity and magnification.” Another reviewer confirmed this sentiment, commenting, “Amazingly fast a[n]d accurate readings. The fact that they pair with Bluetooth to the ballistics app on my phone makes long-range shooting much easier.”

While blogs are full of reviewers raving about the Kilo2200, there are some buyer-beware tips. Some users claim that the product doesn’t work well in the extreme cold. Others, again, have asked for more variety and simplicity in the reticle patterns, so perhaps we’ll see these updates on future models. 

Get Smart Today

These days, there are smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, so why not a smart laser rangefinder? While this might seem like a break from tradition, making the move to a high-tech rangefinder will show incredible and instant results to your accuracy. If you want to increase your target acquisition and have the best range on any target, investing in smart optical gear is the way to go.

The Kilo2200 is the best in the market for combining superior technology with an elite optical system. While this rangefinder isn’t a budget buy, it’s well worth your money for the ballistics calculations, angle ranging, and lightning speed scans. Our advice to you is to get smart by saving up today for a rangefinder of the future.