Reflective vs. Non-Reflective Targets

Reflective vs. Non-Reflective Targets

Pros, Cons, and Using Rangefinders

In the battle of reflective vs. non-reflective targets, which is better? Read on to learn which type of target might be right for your shooting needs.

If you are a hunter, or you simply like shooting at targets, the only way to improve is to practice your shooting skills. Of course, there are many different types of targets on the market today, and you might be weighing your choices of reflective vs. non-reflective targets and wondering which of the options is best for your needs.

Because there are many different options available, we thought we’d look at some potential choices that you might like below. We will also provide you with more information about reflective vs. non-reflective targets, as well as how and when to use them. Some, for example, are great when you are using a rangefinder and you want to measure distance, while others might not work as well for that purpose.

You will also find some great examples of different types of targets that you might want to get and use to help improve your accuracy.