Nikon P-308 Review in 2021 – Built for .308 WIN / 7.62 NATO ?

Nikon P 308 Review

In this article, we do Nikon P-308 review. It is one of the best scopes for you, and we will tell you about Nikon in detail. Nikon p 308 scope is the most popular rifle scope with the complete multi-coated optical system.

Nikon’s Rifle Scopes, which included the Nikon P-308 4-12x40mm objective sight, were equipped especially for current AR-platform weapons. This scope often has several valuable functions. It has a 3x Zoom Range ratio field of vision, which allows for more precise goal locking.

The spring-loaded windage and elevation knobs on this Nikon P-308 rifle scope aid shooters reset turrets back to zero after quick sighting while making field changes.

Waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof are all characteristics of this scope. This rifle scope has an O-ring that prevents moisture from penetrating the scope. The nitrogen is purged to ensure complete thermal shock resistance.

Pros & Cons of Nikon P-308

Let me review the pros and cons. Similarly, the Nikon p-308 rifle scope also has a minor drawback with its advantages.

  • It has a crisp and clear image
  • Very easy to adjust turrets
  • It is Reliable
  • The BDC 800 crosshair works perfectly
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Nikon Spot On app support
  • No parallax adjustment.
  • Doesn’t work well with low light.
  • Not great for the 600 plus range.

Features of Nikon P-308 Rifle Scope

When we do Nikon P-308 review, every professional hunter or shooter recommends the Nikon p 308 best rifle scope. Due to this common factor, this Scope becomes the best in all aspects. Let me amaze you with its splendid features. Following is the list of standard features of Nikon p 308:

    •     Durability
    •     Lens and coating
    •     Magnification
    •     Turrets adjustment
    •     Mounting
    •     Mass and dimension
    •     Reticle orientation
    •     Focal point.
    •     Warranty


The important thing is to know about every Scope is whether it is durable or not. Whether it is the best Scope or you waste your money. After Nikon P-308 review, it is known that it is aluminum-made tubes, and they are proven trustworthy.

This Scope would last longer for more than ten years. Nikon p-308 also gives a warranty. The company will provide repair and replacement for their scopes. This is a good deal given in this price range.

Lens and Coating

The other important feature of Nikon p 308 4-12x40mm is the lens and its multi-coated objective. This Scope has a multicoated 40mm objective lens that is indeed rock solid. The lens makes sure a bright and clear view.


Nikon P-308 comprises a 40mm diameter objective having an Eye Relief of 3.7 inches.

The Exit Pupil of Nikon p 308 Diameter provides a field of view of approximately 23.6 feet and almost 4x magnification. For shooters, this magnification offers a crisp and transparent shot.

The reticle crosshairs don’t typically obscure your vision, and they’re usually simple to see under regular lighting.

After Nikon P-308 review, the clarity of Nikon p 308 is quite good under standard lighting, and in low light, this Scope does not work well. The large pupil is required to make the image view more bright.

Turrets Adjustment

Another feature of Nikon p 308 is turret adjustment. It has adjustable finger turrets. You can adjust with a positive click. So, zeroing on it 100 yards is relatively very easy. However, Nikon P-308 4-12x40mm does not have any turret lock.

As a consequence, merely bringing the cap up would reset it to empty. However, there is no way to change the parallax. The diopter adjustment on this scope is located near the ocular lens.


Any platform can be used to install the Nikon p 308 camera. The Nikon p 308 can be installed on almost any appropriate base type with a ring diameter of nearly 1″. This Nikon scope can be used with two screws to guarantee that it remains in the same position.

A mount and a wind speed meter are customarily provided with this Nikon. The Nikon 308 has a significant edge in terms of mounting flexibility.

Mass & Dimension

The Nikon Tactical P-308 scope length is approximately 13.5 inches, and its weight is 17.5 oz. The Nikon riflescope is very well for mounting into your nikon.308 rifles. This Scope is lightweight and is very easy to use and mount.

The Nikon is somewhat heavier than the Leupold VX-2 3-940, but it is still a manageable weight for a weapon accessory. This scope just wouldn’t interfere with your shooting or hunting.

Reticle Orientation

The Nikon p 308 Reticle is glass, and it is not illuminated. If you’re a long-distance dialer, this scope has dependable erectile. To allow each increase and decrease, the Nikon reticles are paired with directional indicators.

Some other dedicated models match the reticle to any of the shooters. All reticles offer the same elevation adjustment and also the same aiming point for a long engagement.

Focal point

The Nikon focal point or SFP reticle has the same size as the power setting. Generally, the reticle on the SFP scopes may be subtended, cover, and probably set the distance, and cover less of the object at high range.

Other than the great focal point, the Nikon p 308 has an excellent fast-focus eyepiece. The Nikon has a smooth turn aluminum ring and also a rubberized eye guard spring-loaded in zero-reset turrets.


A lifetime warranty is offered by Nikon p 308, so it can provide competition to Leupold and many other brands. Nikon owes all warranty policies to facilitate users. 

Technical Specifications Of Nikon P 308 Riflescope

Length13.5 inch
Weight17.5 oz
Tube materialAircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Matte Finishyes
Objective Diameter40mm
Exit Pupil Diameter3.3-10mm
Field of View@100 yards, 12x magnification = 7.9 feet

@100 yards, 4x magnification = 23.6 feet


Glass Etched

not illuminated reticle

Reticle Focal Plane LocationSecond
Tube Diameter1 inch
Eyepiece Outside Diameter40 mm
Adjustment Click Value1/4 MOA
Maximum Windage Adjustment60 MOA
Maximum Elevation Adjustment60 MOA
Parallax SettingThey fixed almost at100 yards.
Lens CoatingFully Multicoated

Nikon p 308 Manufactured.

Nikon p 308 is manufactured in the Philippines.

Can Zero Be Held By Nikon p 308?

As per the details provided by Nikon’s manufacturer, while you are using Nikon, it does not exceed 50 calibers. Furthermore, the option to use Scope on any rifle is available.

Is Nikon p 308 Worth your Money?

For AR-10 rifles with improved firing versatility. If you wanted a perfect scope, it would be helpful. However, you must obtain the lens from a reputable scope specialist. Riflescopes from Nikon give you a better view of the goal. It is possible simply because of their illustrious status to support them.

We’ll expose the secret features of the Nikon P-308 scope in this in-depth analysis. We’ll also explain what this model has to bring in terms of a more adaptable hunting experience. At this price point, I think this rifle scope is worthwhile, in my opinion.

Material Review Of Nikon P-308

The Nikon p-308 Riflescope has exceptionally consistent components. It has an entirely multi-coated optical device with anti-reflective compound layers that deliver brilliant, vivid images and optimum light propagation in all-time constraints and circumstances. It’s a 17.5 oz matte coating.

The weight offers the gunman ample warmth and relaxation. The P-308 is designed in an exceptionally rugged, one-piece aluminum alloy tube. The riflescope is nitrogen-filled, and the O-ring is sealed, guaranteeing waterproof efficiency, fog-proof and shock-proof.

Composition Of Rifle Scope

The following are the various components of a riflescope:

  •  Eyepiece

A metal assembly typically connects the Ocular lens mounted to the eye-bell.

  • A Lens For The Eye

That is the lens that is nearest to the eyes in the set of lenses.

  • Eye Relieve

Eye relief should be included on each rifle scale. Face relaxation is the distance between the eye and the ocular lens.

  •  Bell’s Eye

The eye vell is the housing to which the eyepiece and tubing are connected.

  • Strength of the Ring

The spinning ring of the Scope can be used to adjust the magnification. It’s known as a control ring.

  • Adjusting The Windage

To sight in, move the targeting end of the Scope horizontally to adjust the target position.

  •  Elevation Modification

Changes the targeting point of the Lens vertically to sight with each scope height change

  •  A Tube

The inner tube keeps the lenses in place to refract light, while the outer tube covers the inner tube.

  •  Object Lenses

These lenses are used to accomplish a specific objective. The Scope’s lenses collect the light that passes into it.

  •  Bell’s Objective

The objective lenses describe Bell’s aim lenses.

Nikon P-308 Rifle Scope – Buying Guide

Various rifle scope items are eligible for purchase on the market. The most critical thing to note is that finding the correct one for your weapons is a challenging job. Riflescopes are usually matched to the shooting style, model of firearms, and other personal preferences such as color, reticle type of brands, and so on.

When selecting the best Scope for your rifle, there are many things to consider. The Scope’s Requirements and technical details should be carefully checked and revised before you make an order. You must consider whether the scope applies to your mentality or not.

Suppose your preferences and technological requirements are met. Then that would be the most appropriate Scope for you. Mist examines Scope’s escape pupil. Scope’s Exit pupil is the length of the light beam. In the eyepiece, it is estimated in millimeters.

To render the picture sharper and clearer in low-light settings, a big exit pupil, is needed. The Scope’s exit pupil scale must be equivalent to the eye pupil’s dilation. If the exit and eye pupils are the same height, the picture would not be vivid and transparent if the exit pupil is wider than the pupil’s diameter.

In this article, we guide you and tell you the best and worst side of the Scope. While you will purchase, you must consider all these features, pros, and cons of the Scope in your mind. The professional hunter or shooters will know the best and perfect Scope after their shooting experience.

Refer to the video for more details and information:

My Verdict on The Nikon P-308 review

After reading our complete Nikon P-308 review I m sure It might be a decent choice for anyone looking for a robust all-around scope at a fair price. The Nikon P-308 4-12×40 is an excellent starting sight for long-range shooting for both shooters and hunters. We would suggest the Nikon P-308 as a competent expert shooter.

It’s a $200 scope that’s worth seeing. The price can adjust based on the period and promotion, and it should be accurate up to 600 yards. However, if you want to fire at distances greater than 600 yards or in low light daily, you’ll need a higher-end lens.

As a consequence, the Nikon P-308 is renowned for riflescopes with superior optics and excellent efficiency. As a result, Nikon has the highest overall scope.

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