Nikon P 223 3×32 Review in 2021

Nikon p 223 3x32 Review

Do you want to know about the Nikon p 223? So here we will give you a Nikon p 223 3×32 review in detail. It’s fairly uncommon to buy a Nikon p 223 pricey scope that doesn’t meet your needs and standards.

Nikon p 223 3×32 scope fails to capture very clear vision beyond a specific level of magnification yet if you try and put your eye at an optimal position for any time. 

When it comes to most AR 15 rifles, almost every shooter seems to be searching for uncompromised optics.

By having a complete Nikon p 223 3×32 review, we get to know that Close-to-mid-range shooting, or CQB as it is called in military and law enforcement circles, necessitates the use of a scope with a red or reflex type sight.

But what about the varmint hunter with a long-range? Varmint hunters often need a scope with a range of more than 300 yards, a long-range scope that is likely perfect for their shooting needs.

When coyotes and prairie dogs are aware that hunters are nearby, they avoid such ranges under normal circumstances. This is where the Nikon P-223 3×32 levels come in to rescue the day.

Nikon P-223 3x32mm is most likely just what you’re looking for. 

Overall, its versatile variable zoom rifle sight may be used in a variety of situations, ranging from range shooting to tree stand hunting.

This scope’s precision, on the other hand, is matched by an expanded eye relief that can withstand high recoil. 

Finally, if you’re a dedicated long-range hunter, it’s probably only beneficial.

Features of Nikon P-223 3×32 Scope:

Let’s dive straight into features discussed in the Nikon p 223 3×32 review:

    • Mount Type and Eye Relief
    • Magnification
    • BDC Reticle
    • Turrets and Customizability
    • Light Transmission
    • Aiming Range
    • Usability

Mount Type and Eye Relief:

Nikon P-223 3×32 scope mounts are ideal for the Nikon P-223. An M-mount will probably work, but it will not provide the same level of freedom as the P-mounts.

Nikon has created a mount for this sight that allows it to connect directly to a flat top Picatinny rail found on the upper receiver of most AR-15 rifles.

These mounts provide enough clearance for the large diameter target without requiring a guess at the mounting height.

Furthermore, since the mount is carefully machined according to the requirements of this scope, you will not need to lap the rings of any additional fittings while mounting the scope.

On the downside, it presumably misses the adaptability that comes with two separate rings, but how much flexibility would one want with the amount of rail space available on current flat top AR-15s?

The Nikon p 223 3×32 scope offers optimal comfort while using the scope and is well-suited to severe shooting angles and high-powered recoil scenarios, even in lightweight rifles.

You may also return the windage and elevation dials to zero. The finest knobs for windage and elevation are the tactical Objects-style knobs. 

Because they twist and click effortlessly, there’s no need to fiddle with turret caps or use a dime to shift the crosshairs.

Return to zero’ letters are a godsend; all you have to do is grab the caps and rotate them to zero. After that, after you’ve drugged your weapon, you may make minor adjustments to suit your needs.


In Nikon p 223 3×32 review, the sight of the Nikon p 223 3×32 scope may be dialed in at 100 yards and balanced out to 800 yards. Let’s put this into context. You can, however, consistently strike an 8-inch gong positioned 800 yards away with this scope.

While increasing magnification causes fuzziness, glass lenses are very crisp and brilliant, requiring relatively moderate seeing. The Nikon p-223 scope has a variable zoom range of 3X to 9X.

Such magnification settings are adequate to provide a good image of the item at distances where an AR-15 can reliably fire a .223 Remington round.

On the other hand, for items that are really downrange, the maximum range, i.e. 9X zoom, may not be cut off. 

If you haven’t perfected your aiming abilities, you’ll have a hard time taking down long-range targets at the greatest magnification level.

BDC Reticle:

Nikon p 223 3×32 scope also comes with a Variable Zoom Scope that has a proprietary BDC 600 reticle. 

The reticle includes bullet drop hash markers spanning from 100 to 600 yards, as well as respectable open-circle aiming points.

Buying this scope is suggested if you choose the greater magnification option since it does not alter at all in the zoom range.

Second thing, the Spot On technology, assists you to point out what each dot represents in yardage and zoom settings. 

Finally, since the BDC 600 reticle only works properly at maximum magnification, focus adjustments are critical to getting the most out of it.

Turrets and Customizability:

Customizability and crucial modifications are possible thanks to the elevation knobs and tactical-style windage. 

Thanks to Nikon’s Zero-Reset features, all you have to do is choose a range, line up your shot, and shoot the target.

Furthermore, the turrets are directly accessible. These common characteristics are difficult to search in scopes of this cost. The turret adjustments are pretty crisp.

After zeroing in the sight, you may adjust and raise the turret caps without resetting everything and releasing it back into the position you left it in. 

When the turrets are fixed, they make an audible sound, and each click is a quarter-inch at 100 yards. 

Light Transmission:

A 40mm objective lens and fully-coated lenses contribute to a 98 percent light transmission rate in the Nikon p 223 3×32 scope. This is most effective in low-light circumstances, such as during dawn and sunset.

Furthermore, the nitrogen firmly packed inside the scope’s O-ring increases vision while simultaneously fogging and waterproofing the scope.

Aiming Range:

Nikon p 223 3×32 scope has a 100-yard parallax setting which appears helpful for precise shooting at typically normal ranges. 

The side parallax adjustment, however, is missing, which explains why precision isn’t ideal.

A competent rifleman will most likely have a tiny margin of parallax error at long or near ranges.


This sturdy, and well-constructed scope may even be used by a handicapped person. Nikon’s design is difficult to beat. 

It’s virtually as good as a Mark 4 LR/T 4.5-14x50mm or a Schmidt Bender 3-1250 PM II/LP, both of which are nearly 10 times more expensive.

Furthermore, the scope has no caps, which is a fantastic feature since you won’t have to worry about removing and losing them.

Advantages :

  • Mount Type and Eye Relief– For the P-223, P-mounts are the best option. The eye-relief feature is fantastic.
  • Magnification Options– There are a variety of magnification settings to suit any shooter’s demands.
  • BDC 600 Reticle– This open, unobtrusive reticle gives the impression of being open while yet providing accuracy-improving range hash markings.
  • Zero-Reset Turrets– Windage and elevation may be precisely modified and then restored to their original settings.
  • Light Transmission– Even in low-light situations, the Nikon lenses’ strong light transmission allows for a high-quality shooting practice.
  • 100 Yard Parallax– At the most typical shooting ranges, this parallax setting conducts shots more precisely.
  • Usability and User Friendliness– It’s quite simple to use. Harsh, long-lasting, and well-made.


  • The Reticle Visibility- As previously noted, the reticle seems to be more visible when the scope’s magnification level is set to or above 6X. As a result, the lower magnification options are a little tricky.
  • There is no parallax adjustment—the 100-yard parallax setting is suitable for shooting at distances of less than 100 yards. This scope does not have a separate parallax adjustment option.
  • Not Fit for High Caliber Weapons– Because this sight is built for .223 rifles, it is obviously not suitable for bigger caliber rifles.

Final Verdict – Nikon P 223 3×32 review:

In this article we have explained to you the Nikon P 223 3×32 review in detail. Finally, the Nikon P 223 3×32  is unquestionably a product of a firm that places a premium on quality. 

It is, however, aimed at a target audience searching for a scope that is good for near to mid-range shooting.

Of course, the scope isn’t perfect. Each scope has advantages and disadvantages, therefore if you anticipate an indefectible scope, you will be disappointed.

Other than that, the P-223 easily outperforms different rival scopes that are more expensive.

Even if you consider the shortcomings of the P-223, the advantages it provides in terms of target shooting, competition, or hunting, considering its price range, we would say it is an exceptional riflescope.