Nikon M-308 Review in 2021 – A Good Rifle Scope for .308?

Nikon M-308 Scope Review

Looking for a .308 rifle scope? Check Nikon m-308 review for more details

The Nikon m308 Rifle Scope is specially designed for use with modern AR rifles. This BDC 800 model is meant to zero at 100 yards, with holdover points out to 800 yards. Generally, The Nikon M-308 scope utilizes a side-focused parallax and has an adjustment knob that is easily used to correct parallax at various ranges.

The Nikon M308 has a 4-time zoom range. Nikon M-308 riflescope gives their users fantastic versatility for shooting where contents are continually changing. Nikon’s Ultra ClearCoat Optical System also produces sharp and high-contrast views of the object. 

Over the entire field of view at all magnification settings. The system of Nikon M308 is also enhanced brightness in low-light conditions.

The Nikon M-308 scope is constructed of an unusually rugged. There is a one-piece aircraft-grade aluminium alloy tube. The Windage and elevation adjustments can also be adjusted by hand, and the Nikon m308 rifle scope has spring-loaded and zero-reset turrets.

There are a quick focus eyepiece and liberal eye relief that permits precise focus and also protects the shooter’s eyebrow from recoil.

Additionally, The Nikon M-308 Rifle Scope is filled with Nitrogen and O-ring sealed to ensure waterproof and fog-proof performance when shooting adverse weather conditions. It is a full manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Nikon m-308 Scope Review:

Nikon M-Tactical .308 4-16X42SF Matte BDC800
  • Engineered for the .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO round with 168-grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Match Bullet At 2680 FPS
  • 30mm main body tube
  • Spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets with coarse knurling
  • Elevated windage & elevation turrets: exposed turrets engraved for maximum readability while offering smooth, repeatable adjustments
  • Generous Eye relief

Human eyes can differentiate between objects about 1/60 of a degree. It means that the object is at 100 yards, and the target must be at least 1/10 foot high for you to know what it is. The Nikon m308 can travel to 4,655 yards; it is not an effective range.

The one thing that is important and that is there is a different discrepancy between what you can see and what you can shoot. Nikon m308 Rifle scopes can help you viaduct this gap, and you can make a better long-range shooter.

Probably you are looking for the best quality long-range scope that helps you shoot almost 800 yards and tripod upon the Nikon M-308. In this Nikon m-308 review, we will be turnover into the details and explain all the pros and cons of this scope. 

So, you can get the most resistance for your bangs.

Pros & Cons of Nikon M308 Rifle Scope

Each product has its pros and cons; similarly, the Nikon m-308 rifle scope also has a minor drawback with its advantages.

  • Crisp and clear image
  • Nikon Spot On App
  • Good for long-range
  • Nikon’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Precise turrets and holds zero very well
  • Not a budget scope
  • Small sweet spot at higher magnification
  • Nikon’s warranty not as strong as Leupold or Vortex
  • The need to pick between BDC Reticle or Rapid Action Turrets

The Nikon brand

Nikon brand was invented in 1917, and it is a leading optical Japanese manufacturer. They are numerous and well known for their Nikon cameras. The lens of scope also produces quality sport optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes.

Talking about quality and affordability, Nikon is viewed by some shooters as one of the best scope producers in the low to mid-price range.

The work of Nikon m308, including the Nikon M-308 Series, is outsourced to the Philippines. Nikon’s top products are made in Japan. Outsourcing makes sure affordability and quality at the same time.

Features of Nikon M308 Scope

There are some main features of the Nikon m308 scope.

Here is a list of features.

    • Weight & Looks
    • Image
    • Magnification
    • Reticle
    • Eye Relief
    • Parallax
    • Turrets
    • Durability & Warranty

Weight & Looks:

The Nikon M-308 4-16×42 weights 19 oz, which is a little heavy but understandable for this size scopes. Turn toward the look, and the Matte Black finish looks good on it. Also, a “Nikon M-308” sticker on the eyepiece can be easily removed.


The other important thing is an image. Looking through the glass, the image quality is evident and crisp on all magnifications in daylight. The other thing is Coloring & contrast are also very good. It will be tough to find a comparable scope in the same price range. The Nikon m308 scope is perfect in its qualities.

It is not encouraged to use more than 10x power during dim light as the brightness is not so good. So, Adjust it down to 12x or lower to get good low light capabilities. 

The important thing that should be noticed is that this is a common occurrence in any scope, that higher magnification would suffer from smaller exit pupil, consequently the lower light.

The Nikon M-308 review also contain features that it can quickly focus on. Due to this, this scope makes focusing the reticle a breeze. There are other benefits, especially for people who have eyesight problems. At the end of the quick focus rings, a rubber pad will help to soften recoil to your eye, and it is not battered to use it, though.


The Magnification ring is a little hard to turn, but there is a bit of an increase in it, making it easier to adjust. Generally, it is not a painful thing, but if there is a smoother magnification ring, that will be preferred.

The lens, which has 4-16x magnification, is more than enough for 95 percent of the users. Through which you can make shots up to 800 completely great yards. Another benefit is that there is a Spot-On Nikon m-308 App or Rapid Action Turrets used to support all of your long-range desires.


In the Nikon M308 rifle scope, there are two reticles to choose from:

    • BDC 800 Reticle, MOA Turrets
    • NikoPlex Reticle, Rapid Action Turrets

Both types of reticle or turrets are apparent and very easy to see. These will allow you to shoot over 800 yards.

BDC 800 Reticle, MOA Turrets – 

This reticle feature has significantly faster shooting than the turrets because there is no adjustment to make once you have zeroed your scope, and the range does not matter. 

The drawback is that your reticle will be a little cluttered, and the BDC is accurate only to maximum magnification due to being the Second Focal Plane of the Reticle. Of course, calibrate is another magnification yourself, and jot it down in your smartphone or notepad for further use.

NikoPlex Reticle, Rapid Action Turrets – 

Its features are a cleaner reticle that is similar to a duplex, and it is able to use all magnification and power without calibrating with yourself. But for the diverse range of objects used, the rate of fire will be slower as you desire to adjust your turrets for these ranges.

For the various types of rounds, you can use the Nikon Spot On App with the BDC reticle. According to my Nikon m-308, rifle scope has been great, as they are very accurate and support different types of rounds.

The one most crucial thing Nikon M-308 won’t permit you to have the best of both worlds. It is unless the “BDC 800 Reticle” or the “Rapid Action Turrets.”

Eye Relief:

Through the Nikon M-308 scope, you will get almost 3.7 out of 4 eyes relief.

But at maximum magnification, the spot or the eye box to ultimately see the image is relatively tiny, as described earlier. 

So, if you don’t need to practice placing your eyes and head on comparatively the same place that uses lower magnification, or maybe skip this Nikon m-308 reticle.

There are very few people who have complained about eye relief at 16x. 

But according to my opinion, 3.7″ should be enough. You must try adding pads, muzzle breaks, cheek pads, or a smaller cartridge if it is not. That is more beneficial and provides the best eye relief.


The Nikon m-308 scope manual has parallax or Nikon m-308 adjustment as the side focus through the knob. A suitable and more important thing for long-range scopes.

The parallax is almost adjustable from 50 yards to infinity, and the other important feature of this scope is a locking feature by pressing the knob in.


Whenever we talk about the Nikon. There are two turrets to choose from:

    1. BDC 800 Reticle, MOA Turrets
    2. NikoPlex Reticle, Rapid Action Turrets

Both kinds of turrets are more accurate, tactile, crisp, also finger adjustable and it. It is straightforward to use. These scopes are also repeatable and come back to zero after many uses. Moreover, they are zero and also resettable by pulling the knobs out. 

You can also align it to zero(BDC) or 100 yards(Rapid) and put the knobs back in. Generally, it makes your turret adjustment much less complicated. Then the Zero becomes an enjoyable task.

BDC 800 Reticle, MOA Turrets – 

The Nikon m-308 has MOA markings for turrets. This is beneficial, and through this, you can adjust the Nikon m-308 reticle accurately.

NikoPlex Reticle, Rapid Action Turrets – 

This turret has yardage markings that are calibrated to the trajectory of the Nikon M-308.

Each turret click is almost 1/4 inch at 100 yards for the calibrated ammo. And also, for another $100, you can order a specific turret for your round’s ballistic from Nikon.

Durability & Warranty:

When we talk about warranty and durability, the Well built one-piece tube with Nitrogen purged and O-Ring sealed. The Nikon M-308 scope is rugged, waterproof, fog-proof, and also shockproof. 

Nikon’s M-308 manual scope can withstand water to a maximum depth of 2 meters for up to 10 minutes. And from our time being with it, assuredly not very long, the scope keeps zero very well.

There are complaints about the windage knob because that is not working after a few months. This case is very defective and not expected. But this case should be covered by Nikon’s warranty.

Nikon’s Lifetime Warranty protects the Nikon M-308 scope. Nikon’s range is one downside that  Nikon’s warranty is not as good as Leupold or Vortex. In addition, you should always keep saving your receipt, and you must register your warranty on Nikon’s website.


However, the price changes with the passage of time and promotions, so we suggest that you check the website’s exact price. If you can get the scope for in the 500$ range then, we think it’s a quality scope that is well worthwhile in the money.

Nikon M-308 Mounting:

Nikon M-308  mount has a 1″ tube diameter. However, ensure you get 1″ rings of maximum height and applicable base kind. For the Nikon M-308, medium height rings are recommended.

The various significant things are to invest in decent rings, and the Nikon M-308 mount will save you time and money. Because Scopes will last longer, and you will waste less time zeroing them year after a few years, as an experienced person. 

If you are not sure which Nikon M-308 mount to use, you try Talley’s 1″ medium height rings for a solid setup. It is effortless to mount, and the scope fits perfectly.


There Are different specifications of this Nikon M-308 review.



LengthMagnificationMaximum AdjustmentLengthType
Weight optical systemField Of ViewAdjustment GradationWeightFull contract period
ManufactureExit Pupil DiameterReticle  
Enclosure colorReticleParallax Setting  

BDC 800 reticle matching your Goal

The Nikon m-308 reticle or Nikon m-308 turret is designed specifically for the trajectory of the Nikon m-308. 

If you plan to use other ammunition, there are some solutions for that. However BDC reticle scope you can use the Nikon m-308 Spot On App to fix this which one is free. Generally, For the Rapid Action Turret, every calibrates it yourself or orders a custom made turret from Nikon with an additional cost of its scope.

How To Buy Best Nikon M-308 Manual:

Before we go to purchase Nikon m-308, there are some questions that are kept in your mind. The important thing is, Are you getting yourself prepared for purchasing a Nikon m 308 manual for yourself? 

Is this buying process making your head fall around? If the response is yes then, we know exactly how you are feeling. After some time, We have experienced the whole process, and we have got a list of top-rated Nikon M-308 manuals that are common in the marketplace nowadays. 

You must keep all information about the Nikon M-308 scope in your mind before purchasing. This guide will get all types of information, advantages, features, pros, and cons, specifications about the Nikon m-308 manual.

For more detail and information you can watch the video.

CONCLUSION – Nikon M-308 Review

Nikon M-308 Rifle is an inexpensive version of the M-308. It has lower glass but has good image quality and durability. According to its features, you can say,

Excellent image quality with high magnification power and also with effective long-range Nikon m-308 reticle/turrets. The Nikon M-308 Scope is the best scope in this price range. The other thing is it falls in the long-range quality scope category.

After reading our Nikon m-308 review I m sure you buy it for your Rifle. Go and get it from amazon

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