Nikon EDG VR 20 60×85 Review

Nikon EDG VR 20 60×85 Review

The tech benefits of a properly angled VR scope can change the way you enjoy your outdoor hobbies for the better, as with the Nikon EDG VR 20 60×85 Angled Body Zoom Fieldscope.

An angled-body field scope is going to make it easier to sight things that are above you or in a weird position that requires angling the scope more than what is comfortable to do manually. Straight scopes are typically more common, but they only offer so much use. Those who are interested in birding and other aerial spotting will benefit from this type of scope more than a straight model.

These scopes are also preferred for tripod use, group use, and other situations where you need more comfortable options for viewing difficult angles. Those who enjoy field sports or observation will find plenty of ways to put these scopes to use. It’s important to choose a scope with the correct angle, of course, as well as the other features that will give you the best clarity in imaging.

Those who choose an angled scope will be able to see more creatures and targets, all while investing less effort in the spotting process overall. With so many different hobbies out there that could benefit from a scope like this, it’s important to take the time to learn how they work and what each one has to offer.

This scope has a different lens system than a straight scope and it will be important to ensure that you choose one with a solid prism system that will reflect the images as clearly and perfectly as possible. Keep reading to learn more about choosing an angled scope, and why the Nikon EDG VR 20 might be just the tool that you need for your spotting hobby.