Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF 5 20-60×82 Review

Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF 5 20-60×82

If you’re in the market for a quality spotting scope but have limited equipment, the Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF 5 20-60×82 Straight Body Spotting Scope Bundle has everything that you need and more.  

Spotting scopes are a useful tool for hunting, birding, and other outdoor hobbies. Several people could benefit from a spotting scope, which is designed to help increase and magnify the field of vision so that you can spot targets from a distance. Being able to spot from further can increase shot accuracy when hunting or even just make it easier to enjoy your nature watching hobby from any distance.  

The spotting scope comes in multiple configurations and styles. This device looks and functions similarly to a small telescope featuring a refractor and an optical design that ensures premium views and sharp, clear images. The typical range for these scopes is between 15x and 60x magnification with a 50-80mm objective lens, but there are also more powerful models on the market for the ultimate long-distance spotting tool.  

Bird watchers, bow hunters, rifle hunters, and all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the uses of a spotting scope. Of course, there are different models designed for handheld use, as well as those that can be mounted to rifles, crossbows, and other hunting weapons or tools. Some, like the PROSTAFF from Nikon, even include the capability to attach to a tripod so that you can enjoy hands-free spotting with stable, clear images and a wide field of vision.  

Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF 5 20-60×82 Spotting Scope Bundle

The Nikon PROSTAFF spotting scope is full of great features and comes from a leader in high-end optics, giving you a tool that can be useful in many applications. It features an ergonomic design and multicoated lenses for optimal sharpness and clarity in your field of vision, among other helpful elements. When you are in the market for a quality spotting scope, it’s helpful to review products like this spotting scope from Nikon to learn about what they offer and get help deciding what will be ideal for your needs. Read on for the in-depth review of the Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF spotting scope.  

Highlighted Features 

  • 20X-60X Zoom  

This spotting scope starts at a high zoom of 20X, allowing for scanning and zooming up to 60X to ensure that you capture all of the fine details and intricacies of the object or target. When you’re out in the open fields and need something that zooms further than the average rangefinder or short-distance scope, this model delivers.  

  • Fully Multicoated Lenses for Premium Clarity and Accuracy 

Multicoated lenses ensure that there are minimal reflection and distortion in all views, giving you the best image quality and field of view, no matter where you are spotting. The fully multicoated design ensures that all air-to-glass lenses are covered with multiple layers of protective material. This reduces light loss and glare, as well as reducing eye strain for users.  

  • Waterproof to 3.3 Feet 

This spotting scope is waterproof up to 3.3 feet, not just water-resistant, making it a more desirable option than many on the market that cannot be submerged. It will be safe for up to 10 minutes in the water, according to the manufacturer, without experiencing any operational issues or damage. Plus, the entire unit is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled to ensure a tight seal.  

  • Built-in Sunshade 

For sighting in bright daylight conditions, the Nikon PROSTAFF has a sunshade built in to offer protection from the glare and brightness of the sun. Anyone who has tried spotting on a sunny day knows how hard it can be to compensate for the glare and reflection of sunlight, so having this feature ensures that you can enjoy spotting in any weather.  

  • Extra-Large 82mm Objective Lens 

Offering an expansive field of view, this spotting scope includes an 82mm objective lens that will allow you to gather more light on overcast days, or at dusk and dawn, making it an ideal choice for hunters and nature lovers who enjoy being out during these times to catch the animals that are out during this time.  

Other Features 

The Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF has a host of other features, including the fact that the straight eyepiece design offers easier following and faster acquisition of targets. This premium scope is made for all kinds of outdoor conditions and designed with a rugged, rubberized exterior that can stand up to a lot of use, which is what you would expect from a product like this. The eyepiece can be removed or changed to change the optics on your spotting scope, but most users find that the one included does more than enough for all their needs.  

Pros and Cons 


  • Fog-proof and waterproof with nitrogen-filled, O-ring sealed lenses 
  • Compact, ergonomic, lightweight design 
  • Built-in shade to protect objective from dust, water, and glare 


  • Bundle packaging may include items people don’t need 

This spotting scope has more perks than not, and most users struggle to find things that they dislike about this specific scope. This model features plenty of great applications, thanks to its feature-rich design that focuses on providing high-performance spotting solutions for many hobbies and needs. This model is easy to use, includes everything to get started, and is among the best that you will find for the money today.  

Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF 5 20-60×82: Specs Overview 

The Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF includes some pretty impressive specifications, as seen below: 

  • Magnification: 20X to 60X 
  • Objective Lens: 82mm 
  • Field of View: 104.8 feet @ 1000 yards 
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 20 feet 
  • Eye Relief: 16.5mm 
  • Exit Pupil: 4.1mm @ 20X, 1.4mm @ 60X 

This high-end spotting scope offers consistent, high-quality imaging and spotting, with crisp details, bright colors, and strong lines of sight from many distances.

What’s Included

This spotting scope bundle from Nikon includes everything that you need to get started and enjoy great spotting for any hobby. In addition to the high-quality, durable scope, there is also a tabletop tripod included for steady imaging at any distance. You will also get a carrying case, cleaning brush and microfiber cloths, lens cleaning papers, and other tools as part of the included all-in-one cleaning kit that is included with the bundle.  

How to Choose the Best Spotting Scope 

A spotting scope has several different uses, and as such, there may be several features that people are looking for in their purchase. Below, we have rounded up the most important factors in your decision to help you get the most out of your spotting scope, no matter what your intended use might be. Take the time to compare the features on different scopes based on the factors below and you’ll ensure that you get a great scope every single time. Of course, if other elements are important to you, add those to the list as well.  

Straight Body vs. Angled Body Scopes 

Straight-body scopes are designed to provide a direct view of the target and can make distancing more accurate in a lot of instances. Angled-body scopes will have the eyepiece angled upward, in most cases, to allow for easier viewing on an inclined or uneven surface. Each has its benefits and uses that you should be aware of.  

Straight scopes are great for target practice, hunting, and for those who want a device that’s just easier to use and more effective at getting the quickest, most accurate views. They are the most common choice on the market, and for good reason.  

Angled scopes are ideal for hobbies like birding. This is because the angled eyepiece makes it easier to look at things on a higher level. While a straight scope is great for seeing straight ahead and below your level, it won’t be as effective as an angled spotting scope. For ergonomics, comfort, and a more accurate field of view, it’s critical to choose the best spotting scope for the job, whether it’s a straight scope like this model or an angled design.  

Fixed vs. Variable Power Magnification 

The majority of those using spotting scopes are never going to be in the same position twice. Therefore, it may be nearly impossible to appreciate the fixed magnification scope, which will be limited to a single magnification. While there is a market for these scopes, the larger market is found in variable magnification models.  

Like the Nikon PROSTAFF, spotting scopes with variable magnification options ensure that you have a range of options for spotting and sighting all of the targets or objects that you want. Many scopes also include interchangeable eyepieces or lenses so that you can increase or change your magnification and zoom options as needed, out in the field or anywhere else.  

Lens Coating 

Different types of coatings are designed to improve the view and image quality on a spotting scope. Single coated lenses are the most basic, with a coating only on one or two lenses. Fully-coated lenses refer to scopes with a single layer of protection on every glass surface that touches the air, giving additional clarity and quality.  

The best options are multicoated or fully-multicoated lenses, which include multiple layers on at least one lens, with the latter featuring multiple protective coatings on every air-to-glass lens surface for the best image quality, clarity, and view at all times.  

You’ll also want to consider the brand quality, available zoom, and the objective lens because you want to have a premium field of view. As long as you keep these things in mind, however, it should be easy to pinpoint the best spotting scope for your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotting Scopes 

Q: What is a prism system and how does it work? 

A: The prism system is the optical system that is used to turn images right-side-up in the viewfinder for spotting purposes. There are different types of prism systems that are available, giving you multiple options for bright, sharp images with clarity.  

Roof Prism systems allow for a streamlined, magnified shape that is in a straight line and doesn’t include any blurring or overlap. This is ideal for short-range viewing and when you don’t need a wide field of view. There is also a Porro Prism system, which has the objective lens offset from your eyepiece, to increase depth perception and provide you with a wider field of view.  

Q: Can I use a spotting scope with glasses? 

A: Yes. Spotting scopes include a measurement known as the eye relief, which offers space between the eyepieces for those who need a little more room for glasses or who just have a larger face and need more room. The longer the eye relief, the further the scope can be held from the eye while still preserving the full field of view.  

Q: Which brands make the best spotting scopes? 

A: Many brands on the market make spotting scopes, and each has its pros and cons to consider. However, the ones that consistently rank among the best on the market include: 

  • Nikon 
  • Vortex Optics 
  • Bushnell 
  • Vanguard 
  • Celestron 
  • Gosky 

The Final Verdict 

This spotting scope delivers the performance that you want with all of the features that you need. Plus, the waterproof and rugged construction ensure that it will hold up for years of use in all types of conditions, making it a great addition to any collection. Whether you’re a hunter, birder, or just looking for a spotting scope to enjoy other hobbies, you can guarantee that the Nikon 6974 PROSTAFF will give you the tool that you need for the job.  

Another benefit of choosing this spotting scope is that it comes complete with a cleaning kit and tripod to ensure that you have all the tools that you need to get out into the field and get to spotting. Now that you know a little more about spotting scopes, of course, it’s going to be up to you to take the time to find the best model for your needs.