NightForce TS 80

NightForce TS 80

The NightForce TS 80 Spotting Scope Sets a New High Standard

There are those important moments when only the best spotting scope will serve. This article reveals how the NightForce TS 80 Hi-Def Spotting Scope raises the standard for spotting scopes.

There are those occasions when only the best is satisfactory. It can be surprising how many of those important moments call for the ability to see with great clarity and precision when looking upon a very distant object. A surprising number of pursuits require this sort of acuity at long ranges.

Those who most obviously need the absolute best spotting scope are target shooters and their spotters. Whether helping an individual shooter sight a long-distance rifle or recording target impacts in a competition, the spotter must have a vision instrument that provides the greatest clarity at variable distances.

Birders and conservationists also have a great need for the best spotting equipment. Often working in low light conditions, those observing specific animals across vast distances require a scope that is dependable and highly refined.

The highest quality scopes are required as well by individuals involved in a number pursuits, such as hunters, those who work in security and surveillance, eco-tourists, and nature photographers. Truly the requirement for topflight spotting scopes spans many pursuits, but is there one scope that can address each of these concerns? What scope has the flexibility to handle the diverse needs of hobbyists and professionals in so many fields?