Meopta MeoPro 80 HD Review: A Top-Quality Angled Spotting Scope

Meopta MeoPro 80 HD Review_ A Top-Quality Angled Spotting Scope

Considering buying the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD? Before purchasing, read on to learn more about the angled spotting scope to see if it’s the right one for you.

When you are in the market for a spotting scope for hunting, you want more than just adequate. You want the best that you can afford, so you have something that will be able to help with the hunt. However, with the number of spotting scopes on the market today, it can often be difficult to understand exactly which ones are worth your time and money. The Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD review that follows will help you to learn more about one of the best spotting scopes on the market today, so you can make an informed buying decision.

We will look deeper into what the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD can offer, so you can see its features and power, and we will explore both the good and the bad surrounding the scope. Also, we will include some information on what you should look for when you are choosing an angled spotting scope.


Pros and Cons of the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD

Before heading into the bulk of the article or looking at the specs, let’s take a minute to go over some of the biggest pros and cons associated with the spotting scope. Knowing the good and the bad will make it easier for you to see if it’s worth it for you.

  • Excellent glass quality
  • Outstanding light transmission through the 80 mm objective lens
  • Vivid colors with little to no distortion at the edges
  • Easy to use controls even when wearing gloves
  • 20x to 60x zoom to get close to targets
  • Durable
  • Heavier than many other spotting scopes
  • May be out of the price range of some buyers
  • Mirages can appear at higher magnification ranges when it is hot and windy

Specs of the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD

Now, let’s look at a list of the specs of the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD angled spotting scope, so you can get a quick view of what you can expect from the scope.

  • Magnification – 20x to 60x
  • Objective lens diameter – 80 mm
  • Type – Roof prism spotting scope
  • Eye relief – 18.5 mm
  • Focusing range – 19.7’ to infinity
  • Field of view – 105’ at 1,000 yards using 20x magnification and 63’ at 1,000 yards using 60x magnification
  • Dimensions – 14.75” long x 3.88” wide
  • Weight – 68 oz.
  • Build – Magnesium and aluminum body featuring rubber armor

Features of the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD Angled Spotting Scope

Why Use a Tripod with the Scope?

Earlier, we mentioned how well this angled spotting scope works with tripods, and if this is your first spotting scope, you might be wondering why a tripod would be important. When it comes to optics that can provide these high levels of magnification, you will find that having a tripod will make your viewing experience much better.

When you hold a spotting scope, particularly one that weighs more than four pounds, to your eye to look through it, your hands are going to shake. This even happens with far lighter scopes. It’s impossible to keep the hands perfectly still. This means that the image you see through the scope will be shaking.

Using a tripod will make it much easier to get a good, clear, and stable view when you are looking through the scope. Keep in mind that to get the best use from your Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD spotting scope, you will want to have a good tripod. Choose an option that has adjustable legs that you can use on even or uneven surfaces. Make sure it has a smooth pan and tilt feature, as well. This allows you to easily follow game as they start to move.

What to Look for When Buying a Spotting Scope

Regardless of the spotting scope that you ultimately buy, there are several things that you should always consider when you are making your purchase. Consult the list below and compare your needs to the features of the spotting scope you are considering before you make your choice.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Magnification level
  • Field of view
  • Size and weight of the scope
  • Quality of the optics
  • Price
  • Straight or angled?
  • Durability
  • The reputation of the scope manufacturer
  • Reviews of the scope

Keep these factors and your specific needs in mind, so you can make a good choice when you buy your next spotting scope.

Conclusion: Is the Meoptra MeoPro 80 HD Angled Spotting Scope a Good Option?

Now that you have had a closer look at the features and benefits that the scope can provide, you can easily see that it presents a good option for hunters looking for great optics and a durable scope. It’s easy to use, it provides a clear view, and it can improve your hunt substantially. There aren’t many cons associated with the scope other than the weight and the fact that it is costlier than some of the other spotting scopes out there.

Those who have the means and who want a fantastic spotting scope that can serve them well for many years without worry may want to consider the scope. It’s better than so many of the other scopes that are available today.

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