Maven spotting scope

Maven spotting scope

Straight to the Point—the Maven S.1.S Straight Spotting Scope Excels

Meta: The versatile, high-quality Maven S.1.S Straight Spotting Scope not only has a well-earned reputation for excellence but earned the 2016 Field and Stream “Best of the Best” award.

Those independent folks, especially outdoorsmen and hunters, in the great northwest have a reputation for keeping to themselves, especially staying quiet about exciting ideas and new developments. Periodically, however, some of the best innovations that make news out west come to be common knowledge across the country and even across international borders.

That’s what happened with the Maven S.1.S spotting scope. Developed by the Mavenbuilt folks headquartered in Lander, Wyoming, the S.1. S spotting scope quickly created such a buzz that Field and Stream Magazine bestowed upon it the cherished “Best of the Best” award in 2016.

In this article, we’ll review the specifications of the S.1.S and take a look at what makes people think it’s so special. We’ll discuss the virtues of this particular scoop design and hear what reviewers are saying as well.