Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Review & Buying Guide in 2021

Leupold VX1 3-9X40mm Review

In this article, we do a Leupold VX-1 3-9X40mm review which is the Best Scope for all-purpose like a big game, hunting scope that will perform outstanding well for various hunters. It doesn’t matter that the Leupold scope is on the lower price end for Leupold; you are getting good value for your buck.

This Scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and recoil-proof, and there are some other standard features of Leupold’s Quantum Optical System.

Turn toward the models, and Out of the four models in the VX-1 series, we had to go with the most versatile and practical Leupold vx-1 3-9×40 Scope for this article.

This dimension is the most commonly used between the hunters, that and the fact that the price is excellent -suited for most hunters budgets, and this quality made this Scope an obvious pick.

Leupold is one of the VX series and is at the bottom end of their line, and it is yet better quality and a better buy than other brands’ high-end scopes.

Quantum optical system in a rifle scope:

This Leupold Vx rifle scope, and all of the VX (Variable Power) series scopes, have Leupold’s Quantum Optical System that is the components of sophisticated mechanisms, engineering and science expertise, and industry-leading optical designs to develop a whole new experience with a variable power rifle scope.

This Scope is made with lead-free, environmentally friendly glass components that have undergone a thorough and scrutinous refining procedure to ensure the glass produces as much razor-sharp image quality as possible.

The Leupold brand

Leupold Vx is a well-known brand of the American manufacturer of optics since 1907. Five generations of optics have almost run Leupold Vx.  On the Other hand, it has high quality and user-friendly, probably it was the most popular thing is its full lifetime warranty, the “Leupold golden ring guarantee.”

However, talk about their lenses that are made in Japan. And their Coating and machining are all done in the USA. Thus, Purchase a Leupold brand, and you will get American high quality.

Mounting the Scope

The Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm scope tube is a maximum of 1″ diameter. Ensure you will get 1″ rings of maximum height and also matching base type.

The critical thing to be noticed is that Investing in decent rings and mounts will save your time and money as well. This Scope will last longer, and you will waste less time zeroing them year after passing a few years.

The other thing is the ring height. Choose the smallest size that doesn’t obstruct other components of your rifle for maximum accuracy.

If you are not sure which mount to be used, you try Leupold’s, Talley’s, or Aero Precision ultralight scope mount.

We mounted the Scope on our Remington 700 SPS with “Leupold Standard 1″ Rings,” which have a medium height, and that permits us to hold the rear sight mounted. It was a straightforward way to install and fit nicely.

Features of Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Scope:

According to the quality and usage of the Scope, various scope features make them perfect for use.

Here is the list of the main features of Leupold VX Scope.

  • Weight & Looks
  • Image
  • Field of view
  • Reptile
  • Turrets
  • Price
  • Durability & Warranty.

Weight & Looks of Leupold scope

The Leupold scope vx-1 3-9x40mm is one of the lightest ranges with  3-9x40mm. This Scope’s Weight is only 11.2 ounces, and this Scope is much more delicate than a Vortex or a Nikon.

Therefore this makes it suitable for long-lasting hiking and odd-angle shooting and can also serve as a perfect scope for your kids.

Its Matte black finish helps you camouflage during our hunting.

The Design of this Scope is also good. It makes the eyes happy, and it looks very similar to the VX-2, a higher-end scope.


The other thing is its image when we talk about the idea then turn toward its glass.

The glass is clear, and the Coloring is good. Chromatic aberrations are well corrected.

The Scope performs well in low light, and You will see better than your naked eye, but not as good as the VX-2 or the Vortex Diamondback. With the higher-end scopes, you will get extra 10-20 minutes during low light than the VX-1.

Field of view 

The field of view is generally smaller than the Vortex Diamondback. But the VX-1 supplies much better eye relief and eye box than others. It means you can use higher caliber with safety and don’t have to be as precise placing your eyes and head to look through the Scope.

The Zoom ring is firm and very easy to use. Thus Image quality is good in all focus levels.

The other VX-1 features a lockable focus ring other than the fast focus. It is lower technical, but most people prefer it due to its higher durability range.

When we talk about the reticle. There are three reticles to choose from :

  1. Duplex
  2. Wide Duplex
  3. LR Duplex

If you like to customize, then visit Leupold’s Custom Shop for more reticles.

However, we recommend the no-frills Duplex Reticle. With 3-9x, there is not much point in going long range. The other benefit is it’s the cheapest and works excellent and very well for others.


The windage and elevation turrets are fingered adjustable by 52 MOAs. These are generally covered by aluminum caps that are usually to prevent unintentional adjustments.

The knobs, although are a little mushy, and sometimes they don’t stop precisely among clicks.

It looks that the Scope is not intended for the long-range purpose, where you have to adjust the turrets frequently. It is imagined to zero in and stay there.


Probably not the best Scope in the market. But for the budget or price you pay, this Scope is considered one of the best value scopes.  Rather If you have a low account and you do not want to purchase junk scopes. Then Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm could be the perfect Scope for you.

Durability & Warranty

Leupold Vx scopes are generally known for their reliability.

The VX-1 is the case. 2-piece aircraft aluminum grade, Nitrogen purged, Waterproof, Shockproof, Fogproof, and Designed for heavy recoil.

These are Coupled with Leupold’s Vx-1 Full lifetime guarantee: Generally, there are no questions that are asked, transferable and no receipt needed. This quality makes VX-1 a very safe investment.

Technical Specification of  Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm :

    1. Length:12.6 inch
    2. Weight: 11.2 oz
    3. Tube Diameter:1 inch
    4. Tube material:
    5. 061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
    6. Eyepiece Diameter: 1.6 inch
    7. Objective Diameter: 1.8 inch
    8.  Reticle:
      • Duplex
      • Wide duplex
      • LR Duple
    9. Parallax:
      • Fixed at 150 yards
    10. Lens Coating:
      • Fully Multi-Coated
    11. Warranty:
      • Full Lifetime

How to Choose The Best Leupold VX Scope :

The Leupold VX-1 has seen most of the upgrades and revisions after acquiring Redfield. It is much better than its predecessor (VX-I).

Leupold VX is also a very well-known American manufacturer of optics. The Other thing is that it is high quality and user-friendly.

The Leupold has been one of the best and reliable at this price. If you are looking for a reasonable scope that fits your budget and has high quality, you must consider the Leupold VX-1-3 9x40mm riflescope.

This article will guide you on how to choose the best Scope or which Scope has the best features. There are some features that you must keep in your mind when you select the Scope.

    • Durability
    • Operation system
    • Lens or glass
    • Design and size
    • Mounting
    • Warranty and price.

Pros and Cons of Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope:

  • It is lightweight
  • It is low in price.
  • It has good image quality
  • It is durable and reliable
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • This scope has just 1 furnishing.
  • It is not good for long-range.
  • It is better in just low light.

My Verdict on Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Review:

The Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm is the best scope at this price. We think that this scope is durable, lightweight, and also valuable. If you are willing to hunt within 50-200 yards, don’t care much about low light, and don’t want to spend more money on a scope. This is the perfect scope for you.