Hunting amazon reviews

Hunting amazon reviews

5 Great Products for Extra Safety While Hunting

Hunting is a sport in which being in the wild outdoors is the main point. However, while being in complete control is not necessarily the point, you do want control over your safety while hunting. Still, according to current hunting accident statistics, there are people dying or getting hurt while hunting from a variety of avoidable causes. The good news is, these statistics have been declining over the past few years because of the advances in safety laws and new technology implemented in safety gear. Below are five products that provide an extra layer of protection to hunters and a priceless sense of peace of mind.

Just How Common Are Hunting Accidents?

Hunting accidents do happen, and maybe more than you think. Yearly, around 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters, and around 75 of those incidents are fatal. This contributes to between 12% and 15% of all national firearm yearly fatalities. Some recent statistics show that while hunting, about 6,000 accidents are from falling from trees. In some states, that adds up to about 55% of all hunting-related accidents. These hunting accident statistics can be decreased and harm to hunters can be avoided by having proper safety equipment such as high visibility clothing and tools for tree safety. 

How Do Orange Safety Vests Help?

How does high visibility clothing help? Also known as Hi-Viz clothing, the color contrasts extremely to the surrounding colors (mostly greens, blacks, and browns in a hunting setting). Often, states have a required amount of highly visible clothing you must wear to prevent an accidental shooting and for a way to locate people easier if they are lost or need assistance. Every state varies in its laws regarding this, some only require it for certain times of the year, while hunting certain game, etc. There is proof that Hi-Viz clothing helps. For example, cyclist collisions have been reduced by 47% with high-visibility safety gear.

How to Have Tree Standing Safety

  • Only climb large trees that are alive, as dead trees are much more likely to break.
  • Don’t climb a tree stand while holding a bow or any gear so that both hands are free for use in climbing.
  • Use a hoist to bring the gear up from the ground to your stand.
  • Use a lineman’s belt for stability.
  • Always maintain three points of contact with the tree – two feet and one hand, two hands and one foot, etc.
  • Never hunt when there are strong winds (more than 25 miles per hour), or if there is ice on the tree.

Allen Company Blaze Orange Safety Vest

Allen Company Adult Men/Women - Youth - XL Adult Big Man - Blaze Orange Hunting/Safety Vest, Fits Chest Size (26-36 / 38-48 / Up to 60 Inch Chest Size) Small, Medium, Extra Large

The Allen Company originated as a gun company focused on designing quality cases in 1970. Since then, they have been able to expand their collection to fishing, hunting and range safety products

This blaze orange safety hunting vest helps hunters meet visibility safety guidelines for an unbeatable price. It is available in three different sizes to fit youths and adults with chests measuring anywhere from 26” to 36” and has hooks and loop closures for adjustment over the clothing. It is held together by a Velcro strap in the front which makes it simple and easy to put on and quick to take off. It can be folded very small for packing in order to ensure it takes up minimal room.

While this is a high visibility vest, the acrylic material allows for quiet movement, unlike plastic safety vests. It is perfect for any weather, as the lightweight, thin material does not trap heat during warmer seasons and can be worn over many layers during colder seasons. 

The vibrant blaze orange allows for easy visibility while hunting to avoid any hunting accidents as well as make it easier to spot for DNR officers and search crews. It can also function as an inexpensive vest for trail runners.

  • Adjustable
  • Quiet movement
  • Lightweight
  • Small packing 
  • Great for wearing over layers
  • Inexpensive
  • Some users have noted that the Velcro strap can be flimsy
  • Some users have noted that it can be hard to keep in place while crawling
  • Some users have noted that stitching may need to be reinforced
  • There are no pockets

Meet state guidelines and prevent hunting accidents with this blaze orange vest.

Boaton Hunting Safety Harness

This blaze orange safety belt is designed to allow the user to have both hands free while working with straps to set up stands or steps while also adding a layer of safety and protection. Statistically, there are around 6,000 hunting accidents that involve falling off trees and 144 of those falls are fatal. A fall of just five feet can kill someone. By just having more safety equipment and precautionary measures, you could save your life. This Boaton’s hunting safety harness is a must-have piece of equipment when climbing trees, installing steps or ladders, and putting up a deer stand. It must be used together with a tree strap, climbing belt, or safety harness. 

This safety strap is constructed to be very durable and sturdy, as its breaking tension strength is at 1984 lbs. and the breaking tension force is 8820N. 

The length is adjustable and can be changed quickly while working with just one hand. It can be adjusted to a length between 4.1 to 8.2 feet, short enough to keep you stable and secure while also log enough to fit around trees with a large diameter. The belt itself is 1.8 inches wide and comes with two 4x2inch carabiners. The carabiners and adjustment buttons are made from alloy steel, which is rust-proof.

  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Not stiff, no discomfort
  • Adjustable
  • Anti-rust
  • Easy to use
  • Some users have noted that the belt is not silent while you move around
  • Some users have noted it may be too long for very narrow trees
  • resistant, solid, and safe
  • Add an extra measure of protection and security when hunting and climbing trees with Boaton’s safety strap

Gorilla Gear G-TAC Safety Harness Infinity Vest

Gorilla Gear’s G-TAC safety harness infinity vest wants you to “stay safe and improve your hunting success”. Gorilla Gear is known for its award-winning safety harness systems and equipment for tree stands. This vest is designed to keep you hidden while also protecting from any accidents while on a tree.

This flocked camo design will blend in while in forest and woodland areas. It is made of breathable mesh panels so it can be comfortably worn in any season, including warmer climates because it will not hold in heat. 

The vest is equipped with a revolutionary integrated suspension relief system for safely climbing back up to your stand. It also has quick-release mating buckles on the chest and leg straps for extra convivence. With 360-degree mobility and a 30” safety tether, this vest does not restrict your movement in any way, which is imperative while hunting and tree standing.

For extra convenience, the vest has two deep pockets in the front for easy storage for small belongings like a knife or cell phone. The vest can fit its users between 120 to 300 lbs., and your purchase comes with a tree strap, safety vest, lineman’s belt, and instructional DVD.

  • So comfortable, you forget it is there
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with additional equipment
  • Some users have noted that the pockets are shallow and cover pant and jacket pockets

Stay hidden but safe with this amazing infinity vest.

Hunter Safety System Retractable Bow and Gear Hoist

The company Hunter Safety System Inc. was created due to a near-death experience. The founders were deer hunting when a tree stand collapsed. Without a harness on, one fell toward the ground until he luckily managed to grab a tree limb and stop his fall. Their first product was a harness but they have expanded their product list to include much more, like retractable hoists for bows and hunting gear.

Do not waste any more time untangling pesky knotted ropes. The retractable pull system does not tangle, eliminating inefficiency, and the device can be attached to almost anything. Once you attach what you wish to lift, be it bow or other hunting gear, clip the gear hoist to the harness, or simply place the system in your pocket. The line will automatically unwind as you climb the tree. It is best to pull up the line with your hands once you have gotten up and then use the crank handle to wind up the ribbon.

Because of its small, sleek, and lightweight size, it can be stored anywhere and not take up too much room, including your pocket.

  • Does not tangle
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Safer to pull equipment up than to carry it up
  • Attachable to almost anything to pull up
  • Easily stored
  • ers have noted that it is noisy while winding 
  • Some users have noted issues with the belt clip
  • Exact weight able to pull up is not specified 

Save time untangling ropes and avoid the danger of manually hauling gear up a tree with this retractable system.

Browning’s Orange Dog Protection Vest

Just as you need protective gear while hunting to avoid any hunting accidents, your hunting dog will need some too!

For 142 years, Browning has strived to be the best there is in firearms and outdoor products, and this dog safety vest is no exception. 

The resistant fabric is made to last with durable construction, and water and tear-resistant fabric. It also has a protective measure in the chest plate to give your dog protection from sticks and rocks while still being lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and not restricting any movement. Additionally, this vest works to keep the dog’s underside clean from the elements.

  • The small size fits dogs between 25-45 lbs., with 12”-17” neck measurements, 16”-21” waist measurements, and 19” – 26” chest measurements. 
  • The medium size fits dogs between 35-65 lbs., with 14”-18” neck measurements, 19”-26” waist measurements, and 22” – 30” chest measurements.
  • The medium size fits dogs between 55-85 lbs., with 17”-22” neck measurements, 21”-28” waist measurements, and 25” – 33” chest measurements.

The bright, blaze orange color of the fabric and reflective accents provides your canine extra visibility while hunting in low-light conditions. The fabric is also is rustle-free.

The vest can be adjusted for a precise fit. The neoprene area at the front legs can be trimmed to fit and there are hook and loop closures for more security and safety.

  • Protects underbelly from getting hurt or dirty from the elements
  • Blaze orange and reflective accents for high visibility
  • Comes in three sizes and is adjustable
  • There is no hook to attach to a leash 
  • Some users have noted that some dog breeds have rub marks from the vest

Protect your four-legged companion from the elements and any accidents with this quality, effective, nonrestrictive blaze orange vest.


This list of great amazon products shows several ways to add additional safety to your hunt, from meeting visibility regulations to safety while being climbing trees and setting up steps on a tree to protecting your dog. Simple additions to your toolkit and wardrobe can be lifesaving and more convenient. Some hunting accident statistics can prove to be shockingly high but could be much lower after precautionary measures are taken. While these products are mostly marketed for hunters, they can prove useful in many outdoor activities like hiking! Before your next hunt or outdoor activity, be sure to evaluate how you could be more safety conscientious and purchase quality products that will protect you, like the products listed above.