How to Clean a Rifle Scope

How to Clean a Rifle Scope

Do you know how to clean a rifle scope? Read on to learn more about proper cleaning techniques that you will want to use to ensure your scope is in good shape.

Buying a scope is a big purchase for most hunters and target shooters. Therefore, you want your rifle scope to last for a long time once you find one that you like and have it mounted on your rifle. Taking care of your scope includes more than just remembering to put the lens caps on and making sure that you don’t bang it around and drop it. It also means you need to learn how to clean a rifle scope properly.

If you haven’t cleaned high-quality optics before, it might not be quite as straightforward as you would imagine. You need to learn how to clean your scopes the right way to ensure they are clean and that you don’t damage them. Below, you will find the information you need to start cleaning your scope like a professional, along with some information on products that can help.


Tips for Cleaning Your Rifle Scope Lenses

What to Avoid When Cleaning Scope Lenses

Just as you need to know more about how to clean the lenses properly, you also need to know some of the biggest and costliest mistakes that scope owners sometimes make. Knowing these mistakes helps to ensure that you don’t make them with your scope.

First, you never want to use any type of abrasive material when you are cleaning your lenses. This means you don’t want to use your shirttails or the sleeve of your coat. Even though they might seem soft, they are abrasive and can damage the lenses. Additionally, don’t clean the lenses with the same materials that you are using to clean the body of your rifle or the scope housing.

Only use quality microfiber cloths or special lens cloths/cleaning tools for your lenses. Make sure that you have cloths that are only for the lenses, as well. They can pick up particles if you are using them to clean other surfaces, which can then be transferred to the lens and cause scratches.

Second, you don’t want to use those abrasive types of cloth and materials to wipe condensation from your lenses. Again, it can cause damage to them.

Third, you should never use Windex or similar household cleaners on your scope, as it can cause damage. If you need to use a cleaner, make sure it is lens cleaner for high-quality optics. You can find options that will also provide extra anti-fogging protection. If you’ve had issues with condensation, these can be a good option to consider.

Next, don’t spray the cleaning solution directly onto the lenses. Even though they might be sealed, there is a chance that they could damage the seals the more often you do this. Spray the solution onto your microfiber cloth instead.

Cleaning the Rifle Scope Body

While you may not need to be quite as careful when you are cleaning the body of the scope, you still want to make sure you don’t damage it. Therefore, you should still dust the body first, using a different brush than you use for your lenses. You can also wipe down and clean the body with microfiber cloths.

You should pay extra attention to the turret system of your rifle scope. You do not want to brush dirt and grit into your turret system, as it can cause issues with their movement. If you get some debris in those threads, you should be able to remove it using a Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol. Lens pens can work well for the turret system, too. Just make sure that you have more than one lens pen.

Make sure that you are cleaning the body of your rifle scope when you are cleaning your lenses. You should do them at the same time to get into the habit. You could do them at the same time you clean your rifle after a hunt or after shooting at targets if the scope is dirty.

Helpful Products to Consider for Your Rifle Scope

Other Tips for Keeping Your Rifle Scope Safe

Conclusion: Take Great Care of Your Scope and It Will Take Care of You

Never forget just how important it is to keep your scope clean, so you can take the shots you need to have a successful hunt. If you want to take accurate shots that will put down an animal quickly and ethically, taking care of your rifle scope is essential.

Now that you know how to clean the rifle scope, it will be easy for you to ensure you are keeping the scope in great shape. The items mentioned above are helpful tools that could help to make the cleaning easier and help with preventative care in the case of the lens cover.

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