Hit Your Target Accurately with a Rangefinder

Hit Your Target Accurately with a Rangefinder

While there are many ways to estimate the distance to the target you want to strike, the best route is a rangefinder. The latest generation of rangefinders is certain to improve your shooting.


Lasers are all the rage. Chances are, the last time you had your temperature taken, you didn’t have to stick a glass full of mercury under your tongue. Instead, someone focused a laser on your forehead. Lasers are used for thousands of medical, industrial, commercial, and tech uses. For this article, though, we’ll discuss how lasers are used in rangefinders to determine how far a shooter is standing from the intended target.

Laser rangefinders have become an essential tool for today’s target shooter and hunter. A dependable rangefinder can save lots of cartridges at the range when the shooter doesn’t have to guess the distance of the target. Of course in the field, the hunter has only one opportunity to get the proper range and usually has to accomplish it quickly. This article will review three popular laser rangefinders, discuss the pros and cons of each, and compare their ratings.


Gogogo Sport Hunting Rangefinder -1200 Yards Laser Range Finder

Made by Gogogo Sport, the 1200 Yard Laser Range Finder is one of the more budget-friendly devices on the market. Like all laser rangefinders, the Gogogo Rangefinder works by a user looking through a lens and pressing a button that emits a laser pulse. Almost instantly—in less than a second with Gogogo Rangefinder—the laser bounces back to the device. The rangefinder can determine the distance to the target, the speed of the target—if it’s moving—and the degree of slope up or down to the target. Because there are many variables involved in constructing a rangefinder, there is also quite a variance in their ability to perform accurately, swiftly, and dependably. There is also a real difference in the cost of different units. The Gogogo can boast of being an economical unit that is quick, reliable, and accurate.

A class-1 hunting rangefinder using a 905nm laser, the Gogogo use 6X magnification with a 7-degree field angle to give an accurate distance reading up to 1200 yards within one meter of perfect distance. The rangefinder operates in three separate modes: distance measure and normal scan mode; golf mode and speed mode. As a hunting range finder, the Gogogo is specifically designed to measure the distance and speed of a target. Additionally, it has a scan mode. It has a 16-millimeter eyepiece lens with an exit pupil diameter of 3.9 millimeters. The objective lens is 25 millimeters. Both lenses are fully multi-coated. The response time of the Gogogo Rangefinder is 0.5 to 1.0 seconds.

To say the least, the Gogogo Rangefinder is small and lightweight. It measures 4.2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 2.8 inches high and weighs less than half a pound. The rangefinder comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Gogogo Sport includes several accessories with the rangefinder. In addition to a carrying pouch, it has a USB for recharging, a user manual, carrying strap and lens cleaning cloth. Gogogo Sport notes that the unit is water-resistant, but functions better when not subjected to water. Included in the instructions for the proper care of the device, the user is advised to protect the lenses from the human touch. Should cleaning of the lenses be necessary, the included lens cloth should be used. Extreme heat and corrosion may also damage the unit, so Gogogo Sport recommends storing it in a “dry, cool, and well-ventilated place” where there is no exposure to heat extremes, dust, or direct sunlight. The device comes with a one-year warranty.

The Gogogo Rangefinder has a high sales rating and highly rated customer reviews as well. This device ranks #7 in Laser Rangefinders. It has a 4.5 out of 5-star customer rating and was given five stars by 72% of purchasers. Reviewers said, while there was a slight learning curve, by in large the unit is easy to use, accurate and enjoyable. Some remarked that it compared favorably to units that cost twice as much. The rechargeable battery was a plus for many users as well as an extremely compact design.

  • Super simple to use.
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Crystal clear image.
  • Measurements are sometimes inconsistent.
  • Arc may not be exact.

ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

Those seeking a laser rangefinder with more capability should make sure to check out the ATN Laser Ballistics 1000. The Ballistics 1000 has a range of 5 meters to 1000 meters, 1093 yards, within one meter of accuracy. The Ballistics 1000 has a 6X magnification and a view angle of 7.2 degrees.

The Ballistics 1000 greatest strength is its ability to pair with other devices, beginning with the shooter’s smartphone using either Apple or Android apps. Once connected via Bluetooth with the rangefinder, your smartphone can make a full range of precision ballistic calculations in a matter of seconds. The Ballistics 1000 is capable of rendering ballistic calculations in either MIL or MOA format.

While the Ballisti s 1000 can function perfectly well with a paired smartphone, it was designed specifically to work with an ATN Smart Scope or any other ATN optic device powered by their Obsidian II core processor. The Smart Scope and Ballistics 1000 used together are capable of locking in distance and trajectory of a bullet in just 2 clicks.

The Ballistics 1000 is an incredibly compact device, especially considering its capabilities. It measures 4.17” long by 1.38” wide by 2.87 inches tall and weighs 5.4 ounces. It’s powered by 1 CR123A battery that is rated for 50,000 laser measurements. A two-year warranty comes standard with the Ballistics 1000. Though significantly more expensive than the other two laser rangefinders reviewed, the Ballistics 1000 qualifies as mid-price.

Though the device has been available for less than two years, it has been extensively reviewed on the Internet. Several amateur reviewers have tested the ATN rangefinder against other rangefinders and have effusively praised it for its accuracy as well as the additional features that ATN has made available. The glass ATN uses for its lenses have been named as among the best in the world. One of the amazing things many have discovered about using the ATN is the swiftness that the rangefinder adds to the hunting process. Combining laser accuracy with digital technology to determine bullet trajectory, it’s estimated that no more than tens seconds is required from the time the laser is activated until the bullet is fired. The device is particularly effective in determining BDA (bullet drop compensation).

The Ballistics 1000 ranks #67 in Laser Rangefinders. Purchasers have given it 4.3 out of 5 Stars with 70% of purchasers rating it at 5 Stars. Among the comments of those who rated the rangefinder, frequent reports complimented the device on ease of use. When it was first released, the Ballistic 1000 apparently would not pair with certain devices, but ATN recently upgraded the firmware so that pairing is now possible. It’s important to note that some of the critical comments from before the upgrade are still among the reviews for the device. Other reviewers have marveled at the different apps that can pair with the rangefinder and the pleasure they have experienced in using it. When pairing the device with smartphone apps, some have noted, the effective range and flexibility of the Ballistic 1000 seem to be enhanced. It has been successfully used with air guns and high powered rifles at a great variety of ranges.

  • Paired with the phone app, use is amazingly simple and quick.
  • Updates allow pairing with 4K scope.
  • Leather pouch and wrist strap are good accessories.
  • Depressing the range button requires practice.
  • Needs better eye relief.
  • Fog compensation function not sufficient.

WAKYME Rangefinder, Golf & Hunting Range Finder 1000 Yard

WAKYME Rangefinder, Golf & Hunting Range Finder 1000 Yard

On the economy side of LRFs (laser rangefinders) is the WAKYME 1000 Yard rangefinder. With 6X magnification and an effective range of five to 1,000 yards, the WAKYME 1000 boasts of accuracy to within one meter. The device provides a laser distance reading time of .05 to 1.0 seconds. With a diopter adjustment on top to assist with focus, this rangefinder does a good job of reducing reflected light and enhancing light transmission with its multi-coated lenses. The scan mode allows the user to shift from one objective to another. At the same time, there is a battery-saving function that turns off the laser after eight seconds of inactivity.

Though the least expensive of the rangefinders we’re reviewing, the WAKYME 1000 has received some excellent ratings. As with the other reviewed rangefinders, several Internet hobbyists and amateur reviewers have posted videos of their experiences with the WAKYME 1000. The typical response has been one of surprise that such an economical device could provide such accuracy and work well, just as promised. Another common report is that the WAKYME 1000 has an obvious feel of quality and workmanship from the first instance of use.

The WAKYME 1000 has three distinct operating modes. The distance mode, the continuous scan mode, and the speed. An also included feature is the slope switch technology that allows rapid compensation for how up or downsloping impacts the actual distance to a target.

Similar to other rangefinders, the WAKYME 1000 utilizes a 905 nm laser and 7-degree field of view. The objective lens is 25 millimeters and the eyepiece lens is 16 millimeters with an exit pupil diameter of 3.9 millimeters. Like the other range finders reviewed, the WAKYME 1000 is compact and lightweight. It measures just over 4” long by 1.5” wide by 2.8 inches high. It weighs in at less than half a pound. It’s powered by 1 CR2 battery, which is included. We should note that the battery has a plastic cover that must be removed before operating. The WAKYME 1000 comes packaged in a protective case.

Rated #34 in Laser Rangefinders, the WAKYME 1000 scores a 4.7 from its reviewers. Among its purchasers, 87% gave it five stars. Reviewers had a great many positive comments. The most expressed observations were that the WAKYME 1000 does exactly what is supposed to and is easy to use right from the box. Nearly as many reviewers commented that the device performed as well as much more expensive rangefinders. Users tend to be surprised that the unit is so compact and lightweight. At the same time it was noted that, though economical, there is nothing cheap about its construction. Finally, some individuals either received the WAKYME 1000 or gave it as a gift. In virtually every instance the rangefinder was well received and appreciated.

  • Measurements prove dead-on accurate.
  • Diopter helps read distances in low light.
  • Compares well against more highly-priced rangefinders.
  • Issues with the included battery.
  • The default measuring system is metric but can be switched to yards.


This review compared the Gogogo Sport Hunting Rangefinder, the ATN Laser Ballistics 1000, and the WAKYME Rangefinder. Each of these laser rangefinders was well-reviewed and highly ranked. Two of the units, the Gogogo Sport and the WAKYME, are at the lower end of the price range, and, indeed, the cost of the devices is within just a few dollars. The ATN Ballistic 1000 is a mid-price range device owing principally to its computerized features.

It should be noted that each of these rangefinders is capable of extreme accuracy, to within one meter at 1000 meters. They also boast an almost instantaneous response time when the laser is switched on: less than one second. These reports imply that the laser reflecting, distance measuring capabilities of each unit are of sufficient quality to be more than acceptable. Each rangefinder is extremely compact and capable of being held in one palm. Each weighs less than one-half pound. The most significant difference among them was the ATN’s ability to interface with other digital devices to enhance its ballistic targeting abilities.

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