Everything You Need to Know About Weaver Optics

Everything You Need to Know About Weaver Optics

Weaver Optics has a long history of offering some of the best riflescopes in the entire world. Learn more about its history and products available today!

Weaver Optics is a well-known and highly-respected company that has been around, in one fashion or another, since 1930. William Ralph Weaver founded it as a tiny shop located in Newport, Kentucky. The first scope Weaver ever built was nothing more than a simple tube model with 3x magnification, but with the distinction of being much more affordable than imported German scopes of the time. This model would sell exceptionally well and begin the legacy of a company that is still considered one of the best today.

Nowadays, Weaver Optics is a distinguished name in the world of hunting scopes, and millions of rifle owners trust its products. With so many decades in the business, the company has had plenty of time to perfect what they do and offer precisely what the average customer needs. If you’re considering the purchase of a Weaver scope, this article will explain what they’re all about and even delve into a few models available right now.


The Long and Illustrious History of Weaver Optics

The Long and Illustrious History of Weaver Optics

As of 2020, Weaver Optics has been around for 90 years and has come an exceptionally long way from its humble beginnings. We mentioned the first scope that Weaver ever made, but what you might not know is that it was made entirely by hand. This handcrafted scope was lighter and smaller than the competing options on the market, which, along with the price, made the company one to watch right from the beginning.

Bill Weaver decided to move to a larger facility three years later, in 1933, with nothing more than a couple of workers and a truck filled to the brim with supplies. At this point, the company owner decided that his goal was to create exceptional riflescopes that were made entirely in the United States of America. By 1940, it was creating more riflescopes than any other producer in the world.

Some of the innovations introduced by the company in the 40s and 50s included a one-inch tube body, a Split Ring Tip-Off mount, and always centered reticles. The company, known as W.R. Weaver, would continue to expand, and in the 1960s, it had a total of about 600 employees. It’s believed that around half the scopes built in the US in the late 60s had the W.R. Weaver logo emblazoned on them.

Following World War II, the company started to have problems related to international competition and labor issues. This led to Weaver selling the company in 1968; he went on to die a few years later in 1975. Since then, the company has been sold and purchased several times. The most recent move was to join ATK Sporting Group’s list of brands, which would later become Vista Outdoor in 2014.

The Selection of Products Offered by Weaver Optics

Weaver Optics is best known for offering high-quality, affordable riflescopes, but that isn’t all they have provided over their long history. However, it was the first product to come from the company. The riflescope wasn’t an altogether new invention and was seen as early as the 1900s through J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. as well as Winchester. However, these scopes and those by JW Fecker in later years were considered fragile, far from reliable, and too expensive for most people.

When Weaver came into the market, there weren’t many options for riflescopes. Those that were available cost from $50 to $70, which was a lot when the average annual income was less than $1,400. The first scope from Weaver was the 3-30 scope and came with a mount for a price of $19, which completely changed the industry. A few years later, Weaver was selling mounts for under $5, and anyone who wanted one could buy on. All of these came with mounts to make them an even better deal for those with a strict budget.

So, as you see, in addition to scopes, Weaver was also creating incredible mounting systems. The first was called the V-mount and was a bit strange looking, but it was rapidly replaced with the M- and S-series mounts, which would stay in place until the 1980s. Other mounts like the B and U mounts came around in the late 40s. B Mounts were positioned to be incredibly low on the rifle, while U mounts had side and top mounting options.

In the 50s, the most well-known of Weaver’s mounts were introduced, the Split-Ring Tip-Off mount. It revolutionized the way mounting a scope worked and made the process much more intuitive and less time-intensive. The Weaver Pivot Mount was another mount that came out later, which became popular, especially among deer hunters.

What to Expect from the Modern Weaver Riflescopes


Weaver Optics has been around for 90 years and has made offering top riflescopes at an affordable price their primary mission. Starting with a simple handmade scope, the company has grown through incredible heights to become a household name for anyone who picks up a rifle to hunt or protect their property. Looking at the scope options shows precisely why the brand has subsisted for so long and continues to obliterate the competition.

If you’ve been considering a Weaver Optics scope, mounting system, or both, the options above or others on the market could be a great choice to get you going. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an initial scope or an expert who wants to have the best scope possible, there are options to meet your needs. When you pick up a Weaver scope or mounting system, you’re picking up a piece of history. It just happens to be a piece of history that can make your hunting accuracy skyrocket at the same time.

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