Enjoy Great Sight Even at Night With the ATN X Sight II 5-20x

When you’re ready for a technologically advanced rifle scope with night vision and all the other bells and whistles, you can’t beat the ATN X Sight II 5-20x.

The ATN X Sight II is a full-featured rifle scope that goes above and beyond by offering night vision capabilities. It’s far more than just a simple digital scope, as can be seen through the inclusion of an Obsidian Core II and Smart HD Optics. For those who want high-definition scope quality that can let you see in the dark of night, this ATN X Sight II 15-20x review will share all the information you need so you can decide if it’s right for you.

You can think about the X Sight II as a smartphone oz tablet, in terms of having a ton of features right in your hand. Those who are tech-savvy will enjoy the ability to manage the night vision scope using the Profile Manager, which saves ballistic data for every weapon on which you ever mount the sight. Before we get into all of that, let’s look at what sets this scope apart from the others on the market.

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