Enjoy Great Sight Even at Night With the ATN X Sight II 5-20x

When you’re ready for a technologically advanced rifle scope with night vision and all the other bells and whistles, you can’t beat the ATN X Sight II 5-20x.

The ATN X Sight II is a full-featured rifle scope that goes above and beyond by offering night vision capabilities. It’s far more than just a simple digital scope, as can be seen through the inclusion of an Obsidian Core II and Smart HD Optics. For those who want high-definition scope quality that can let you see in the dark of night, this ATN X Sight II 15-20x review will share all the information you need so you can decide if it’s right for you.

You can think about the X Sight II as a smartphone oz tablet, in terms of having a ton of features right in your hand. Those who are tech-savvy will enjoy the ability to manage the night vision scope using the Profile Manager, which saves ballistic data for every weapon on which you ever mount the sight. Before we get into all of that, let’s look at what sets this scope apart from the others on the market.


Top Features of the ATN X Sight II 5-20x

The ATN X Sight II HD 5-20x has a lot going for it, whether you use it in daylight or when the world is full of darkness. One of the ways we can offer insight into how well this rifle scope works is by looking at the information the manufacturer provides. While we want to delve into all the best features of this product, first, we want to look at the specifications of this model to give you an idea of its capabilities.

  • Magnification: 5-20x
  • Field of View at 1,000 Yards: 240 feet
  • Objective Lens: 85 mm
  • System Resolution: 160 lp/mm
  • Eye Relief: 65 mm
  • IP Rating: Weather resistant
  • Video Recording Resolution: 1,080 at 30 FPS
  • Wi-Fi: iOS and Android
  • Battery Life: 8-12 hours
  • Reticles: Many patterns and color choices
  • Dimensions: 11.36 x 3.5 x 3.45 inches
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years

Taking a Closer Look at the X Sight II

Taking a Closer Look at the X Sight II

It bears repeating that this is a digital rifle scope rather than a traditional one. If you aren’t sure what that means, you won’t be looking out through typical glass pieces using this model. Instead, the ATN uses a form of digital imaging that captures the field of view of the scope and then projects that image onto a high-quality LCD found inside.

Some people might be shaking their heads right now, thinking that this all sounds pretty impossible, but it’s not. Think about the image quality you can get on a smartphone in recent years. LCDs and digital imaging have both come an exceptionally long way in the last decade or so.

It also doesn’t hurt that ATN is a massive name in both the low light and night vision optics fields for many years. The company supplies an enormous number of accessories and optics to law enforcement and military organizations.

While the X Sight might seem too inexpensive to be as quality as it promises to be, it offers a whole lot of great features you can use while hunting or shooting. It also comes from a company that is well-known for providing rugged, durable, and high-quality products that meet customer’s needs.

Keep in mind that this unit runs using four AA batteries placed in a screw-on cap. The manufacturer recommends using lithium batteries, but rechargeable batteries can also do just fine. You will want to keep in mind that using the rangefinder, camera, and other features will cause them to drain more quickly, but the lifespan is reasonable for most.

What to Expect When Using the ATN X Sight II

Once you have this scope in your hand and powered up, you can push the power button to reach the home screen. This will allow you to take a shot or browse all the menus for the scope’s many features. There are many things that this scope can offer you, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Compass
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Look Angle Display
  • Night Vision
  • Rangefinder
  • Video Camera
  • Wi-Fi

When you start looking at all the things offered and noted in this ATN X Sight II 5-20x review, you’ll realize it could even save you money. The idea of buying each of the items above separately would add up quickly, and when you have this scope in your hand, you don’t need to. It also means you have less gear to lug around, which is always a plus.

The Process of Centering Up With the ATN Scope

If you’ve used other scopes in the past, you’ll find that this scope does things differently. To zero in the scope, you will need to fire a shot and then place the reticle where it hit before pressing the enter button. However, if your shot is way off, you’ll want to start again while closer and then start moving back a few feet at a time.

Another thing that is unique with the X Sight II is that it doesn’t have the typical windage and elevation knobs. What it can do is save preset zeros, which is much quicker and easier than dialing up. Not only can you save zeros for various distances, but you can also do the same for several guns. This is an excellent option for those who like to switch between rifles regularly.

This scope has seven pre-programmed reticle styles, including BDC and Mil-Dot. The Mil-Dot seems to be accurate with every windage subtension at two mils and each elevation at one mil. Those who are MOA fans will find that the subtension is 1 MOA on the elevation axis and two on the windage line when you’re at exactly 12x zoom.

This offers yet another way to range in a target. Besides style, this scope lets you change color with options for both daytime and nighttime. There is also a blue option that works well for anyone who is a colorblind hunter.

Understanding the Various View Settings on the Scope

One of the most exciting aspects of the X Sight II is that it has three primary view settings, each of which is provided through digital imaging technology. The three options include:

  • Black and white night view
  • Green night view
  • Day view

The night vision is what sets this scope apart from the competition, and it’s incredible that a scope of this price would offer it. However, ATN did the work to make the scope affordable without sacrificing sharpness or contrast.

As a user of the ATN X Sight II, you can switch from black and white to green or even adjust the light sensitivity on the go. Unlike most of the day/night optics on the market, accidentally turning on night vision in daylight will not cause damage to the scope.

The night view features work well for eliminating pests and controlling raccoons, possums, and other animals. Also, this sight can attach to any CO2 or pneumatic air gun, but be sure to keep it away from spring-piston systems, which can cause damage to the optics.

Ability to Take Photos and Videos With the ATN X Sight II

You should also be aware of the X Sight’s media suite, which lets you take both still photos and full high-definition video. You probably already know that you can see all sorts of exciting things when hunting that you might want to capture for a later time. Having this sight mounted onto your rifle lets you take photos or videos as often as you would like.

This isn’t the first scope with these features, but the recoil activated video system is undoubtedly innovative. It has a buffer of about 10 seconds of video and starts recording automatically when it determines there is recoil. That means that while you’re hunting, there’s no need to flip buttons on a camera to get a great photo of what might be the shot of the day. Once you’ve taken down the game, you can see the moment before the shot, as well as what happened afterward.

This is a Wi-Fi capable scope that can transmit whatever you see to a smartphone or a table. This is a great option when training someone new to shooting or just having a good time with someone else at the range.

Who is the ATN X Sight II Best For?

Who is the ATN X Sight II Best For?

So now that you have a bit of information about this scope, you might be wondering whether it’s right for you. The truth is that our ATN X Sight II 5-20x review shows that it’s a solid choice for many people. This might be you if you want to dabble with night vision, or you want to enjoy some of the most technologically advanced scope features on the market today.

Sure, you can purchase a range finder at a low price to help with target distance, but that means lugging around extra tools. The exact same principle applies when it comes to cameras or other accessories.

This scope from ATN combines a wide variety of things that shooters and hunters often bring out into the field with them. That means you can leave all those things at home and simply bring along the ATN X Sight II, which is more convenient and straightforward anyway. Beyond that, this scope offers night vision abilities and immediate ballistics calculations.

If you often find yourself hunting in areas with low light or you want to take care of some game during the night hours, this scope is a brilliant choice for those who do not want to pay four figures for all the included features. That might mean this scope is also for you and would make a great addition to your kit.

Pros & Cons of the ATN X Sight II 5-20x

Pros & Cons of the ATN X Sight II 5-20x

Now that you know the basics about the ATN X Sight II, it’s time to look at the most significant positives and disadvantages of choosing this scope. While it is a great product that will fit many hunter’s styles and environments, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for every person. Think about the pros and cons listed above to get an idea of whether this scope meets your needs.

  • Features high-quality night vision technology at a low price point for a variety of budgets
  • Offers the option to set multiple zeros for different loads, distances, and firearms in the field
  • Includes a total of seven pre-programmed reticle styles so you can choose which you like
  • Allows the user to option to take high-definition videos and photos right through the scope
  • Doesn’t include typical elevation and windage knobs in favor of fully electronic controls
  • The battery life on this product is a bit short compared to similar options on the market
  • Has a slightly limited night vision range compared to other traditional night vision optics


As you can see from our ATN X Sight II 5-20x review, there’s a lot going for this scope. The digital capabilities may allow you to leave extra gear back home so you can have a more convenient trip into the field when you are hunting. With a camera, seven reticle options, ballistics calculations, and more, it’s impressive that this rifle scope isn’t selling for a whole lot more than it currently is.

Whether it’s right for you is something you’ll have to decide on your own, but we can say that you get a lot of tech for the money with this option. It can handle the traditional scope needs while taking care of several other things that would generally require accessories. Read over the review, consider the pros and cons, and then decide whether this is the perfect sight for your rifle or not.

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