Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review – A best budget Rifle Scope?

Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 Review

As a hunter, you understand that your ability to hit an object is limited by the rifle and optics you use and you can see this is in the Cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review

Several shooters swear on high-end brand scopes for their rifles, feeling that low-cost scopes cannot possibly be good.

Quality is usually used in a low-cost optic.

However, it’s obvious that a scope that costs less than $100 won’t be made of the same high-quality materials and designs as a scope that costs more than $500 or $700. That is a self-evident reality.

However, how beneficial or awful can a low-cost scope be?Is a sight like the CVLIFE 6-2450 Hunting rifle scope a gimmick that should be left at home or thrown away?

Let’s have a look at this hunting rifle sight in detail. When you look at the technical specifications.

You’ll be surprised to hear that a low-cost scope with a 6-24 magnification range and a 50 mm objective lens is available. Regardless, you do, and it’s really rather nice.

Features of Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 

  • 6-24x magnification
  • 50 mm lens diameter
  • Sturdy turrets and dials
  • Solid construction coated lens
  •  Red and Green illuminated crosshairs


The cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review created the shooting techniques and tips. 

The magnification ranges from 6 to 24x, and the 50 mm objective lens allows ample light to pass through the scope for precision aim.

The scope tube is made of aluminium with a black coating. It’s fog, water, and shockproof, albeit not to the same degree as some of its more expensive rivals.

A red and green lighted reticle is included with the hunting scope. Depending on your preferences and surroundings, you may change the colour from red to green.

The brightness of the lighted Mil-Dot reticle may be adjusted in five different ways. On the second focus plane, the reticle is located.

Enough Eye Relief for Most Rifles:

It is claimed in cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review that this rifle scope has a 3.52 inch eye relief. This is typical for standard eye relief, and the sight may be mounted securely on rifles with low to medium recoil.


However, the coated glass will allow the most amount of light to get through while also preventing fogging in rainy circumstances. 

The glass is transparent, but not of the same high quality as that seen in more costly scopes. 

Even so, you will be able to acquire the greatest photograph of your item in normal daylight.

Mil-Dot Reticle with Red or Green Illumination:

Traditional crosshairs with rangefinder markers lit in either green or red make up the Mil-Dot reticle of this scope. 

In the overall five settings, the lighting may be turned off or progressively increased in brightness.

At 100 yards, the field of vision is 28 feet. The objective diameter is 50 mm, guaranteeing that even at the maximum magnification settings, there is ample light.

Turrets and Adjustments:

The turrets are capped in cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review. The turrets are sturdy, and they’re simple to alter. Even after a number of bullets, they keep their zero.

The adjustment range is considerable and as required, despite the fact that windage and elevation changes are made in 1/8 inch increments every 100 yards. It is not possible to change the parallax.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cvlife Rifle Scope:

This red and green lighted scope has a lot of functions and is of good quality for the price. For long-range shooting and hunting, you get a good 6-24x scope.

It is, however, made to last and gives all you might want in a scope. The glass quality isn’t quite as good as you’ll find in more costly scopes, but it’s definitely better than you anticipated!

The scope is easy to adjust, and after you’ve sighted it in, you’ll be able to hit the target consistently. The building is sturdy, and the scale is impressive.

The turrets are capable and simple to modify.

The main drawback is that the scope’s included mounts aren’t the greatest and won’t suit all guns.

Unfortunately, the handbook that you get is likewise not very impressive. To find everything out, you’ll have to experiment with the scope.

Technical Specifications:

Magnification 6-24x
Objective Diameter50mm
Field Of View28 ft @ 100 yards
Click Value1/8 inch @ 100 yards
Illuminated Type of the rifle scopeRed and Green
Objective Diameter50mm
Eye Relief3.52 Inches
Exit Pupil5.1-16.9mm
Illuminated Level5 Intensity (Red) 
Tube diameter1″ (25.4mm)
Net Weight630gram(approx)
BatteryCR 2032 x 1 (Included)

Is This Riflescope Worth Buying?

A hunting rifle or an air gun may be used with the Cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50. This air rifle hunting scope is without a doubt one of the finest and most cheap optics on the market. Try it for $31.99 if you need a dependable and budget-conscious scope.

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Final Verdict – Cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review:

It is defined in Cvlife hunting rifle scope 6-24×50 review that the CVLIFE 6-24x50mm Hunting Rifle Scope is the greatest long-range hunting and shooting scope on the market. It’s sturdy and hard. 

Adjustments are simple to do, and after you’ve zeroed your rifle’s scope, you’ll have no trouble taking a shot at your target.

You may look for 6-24x50mm scopes with decent lenses, but they will cost more. Quite a little more, in most cases. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t need the greatest optics for low-light situations, this scope will suffice.

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