Celestron Landscout 10 30×50 Spotting Scope: Will It Be Good Enough?

If you think you need a new spotting scope, or perhaps your first, you should check out this in-depth review of the Celestron Landscout 10 30×50 Spotting Scope to see if it is what you are looking for.

Spotting scopes like the Celestron Landscout 10 30×50 Spotting Scope have a variety of applications. The most common of them are hunting and birdwatching. If you enjoy birdwatching, you probably already know that binoculars can only do so much. While some birds may have no fear of coming up to your feeder outside of your kitchen window, a lot of them keep their distance from the bustle of a home. You have to seek them out, and even then, it can be difficult to get close. A spotting scope can get you up close and personal (thanks to zoom and stability) without the risk of spooking them.

If you are a hunter, sometimes you will need to survey the surrounding area more thoroughly than you would be able to with a monocular or your binoculars to see your target approaching from far off. The earlier you spot your target, the more time you will have to set up your shot and prepare for the kill.

Whether birdwatching or hunting, a spotting scope can help to close the gap between you and the animal that you seek out, without requiring that you get any closer than you have to. In this thorough review, we will be going over the Celestron Landscout 10 30×50 Spotting Scope. We will look at the features of the scope, some pros and cons, what people think about the Celestron Landscout, and some frequently asked questions. Let’s start with the features:


Features of the Celestron Landscout 10 30x50 Spotting Scope

Pros and Cons of the Celestron Landscout 10 30x50 Spotting Scope

  • Ample magnification with a range of 10x to 30x
  • Fully coated optical lenses
  • 50mm objective lens
  • 14mm to 18mm eye relief
  • 89ft to 168ft field of range at 1000yds
  • Water-resistant
  • Case and tripod included
  • Fine-tuning focus dial with rubber grip
  • Inexpensive
  • Tripod is not of high quality
  • Focus is finicky

What do Customers Think of the Celestron Landscout?

People agree that the price is nearly unbeatable. For the money, you couldn’t expect anything more. It is also a commonly held opinion, though, that the low-cost is not reflected in the quality. People tend to feel as though the optics are of great quality and that the scope works well in any lighting situation. Another aspect of the Celestron Landscout that people appreciate is the lightweight construction and packability. It is, after all, important that you can carry your new gear the distance required to use it. The rotating tripod mount is a crowd-pleaser as well. What makes the tripod mount a noteworthy feature, however, is the angled eyepiece. The angled body of the scope makes for comfortable viewing as well as ease of use. This coupled with the rotating mount makes this scope very convenient. The rubber-ringed adjustment ‘wheel’ is also appreciated by customers. Commonly, people use their gloves while hunting, and the focus is easy to turn with or without the use of gloves. It is the entire magnification and zooming setup that people like about this scope. Though some have said that the focus is finicky, the overall user-friendliness is great, and the image is fairly easy to ‘dial-in’ to create a crisp and clear picture. Since you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a spotting scope, this really is a great little scope for the price. Even at a low price, customers tend to agree that it is an investment worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotting Scopes


This little spotting scope is super for the price. It would only be better if it were fully waterproof and fog proof. If, however, the proper care is taken to keep it dry, this little guy can last a long time. The 50mm objective lens is nice because it lets in an ample amount of light, thus keeping the image quality bright and clear. The rotating tripod mount is a sweet feature as well. Being able to stabilize it while also using the angled body style is very nice. If you are looking for an inexpensive spotting scope that will provide quality images without breaking the bank, the Celestron Landscout is a great choice.

What sets this scope apart from other spotting scopes is the quality of the optics considering the price. Spotting scopes with fully coated lenses are typically in a much higher price range. Again, coated optics greatly reduce the amount of light that is reflected off of the surface of the glass. The better the coating, the more efficient the lenses are at absorbing and using the available light. For the cost of this scope, you could not ask for a brighter or clearer image. Hopefully, this in-depth review has given you a good look at the Celestron Landscout and has helped you to determine whether it should be your next spotting scope.

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