Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 Review: Is This Your Next Spotting Scope?

Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 Review_ Is This Your Next Spotting Scope_

If you are looking for a new spotting scope, check out this in-depth review about the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 spotting scope to see if it is the right spotting scope for you.

Sure, you can hunt with merely a gun and some patience, but with a spotting scope like the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60, you can quickly and accurately identify your target, making for a more efficient and effective hunt.

Have you ever been in the tree stand first thing in the morning, squinting your eyes, wondering what it is that keeps crunching leaves just out of sight? Or maybe you have spent hours of your precious time guessing when your target is going to come out of the rub and into the clearing? It is these situations that a spotting scope is made for. With a spotting scope, you can minimize your guesswork and react to factual information. It is also handy to be able to skip the repeated process of getting out your rifle and scope to ‘have a look around’. Spotting scopes are meant to be lightweight and compact so that you can easily carry them on the hunt and so that they are easy to retrieve. One of the main ideas is that you can enhance your sight to see things that are normally unseen or hard to distinguish in a matter of seconds. In this review, we will be taking a look at the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 spotting scope. You will find features of the spotting scope, some pros and cons, what other people think about it, and some answers to a few frequently asked questions about spotting scopes. We will start with the features of the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 spotting scope


Features of the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45x60 Spotting Scope:

Pros and Cons of the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45x60 Spotting Scope

  • Folded Light Path Construction make it compact
  • Coated, ED Glass lenses for optimal clarity and brightness
  • Additional RainGuard HD coating for clarity and waterproofing
  • Ultra Wide-Band coatings to correct dispersion on a wide range of light bandwidths
  • Multi-hash reticle for accurate measurement and easy viewing
  • Picatinny rail-mounts
  • Battery included
  • Sometimes focusing proves difficult
  • If warranty is used, a replacement can take considerable time

What do Customers Think of the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 40x60 Spotting Scope?

The first thing that customers notice when they receive the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 spotting scope is that it is durable and compact. The materials used are purported to be dense and aesthetically pleasing. The rubber-like plastic exterior is easy to hold and provides an adequate grip. The quality of the glass seems to be a ‘hot topic’ as well. People agree that the lenses are of extremely high quality and that the image produced is crisp, clear, and bright. It should also be noted that the Mil-hash reticle is located on the first focal plane. This means that no matter the zoom, the reticle will remain in-focus and clearly visible. Customers who bought this like the first focal plane as the reticle location. The versatility and mounting ability are also attributes that are appreciated by the customers. Overall, the customer sentiment is that this is an awesome little spotting scope. The only thing that has been mentioned on more than one occasion is that the focus can be a bit finicky and takes some getting used to. The Bushnell Legend T Series 15 40×60 is a great investment and will last a long time. This scope is believed to be of high quality and a great investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotting Scopes


When it comes to spotting scopes, this little guy is a real beast. For one thing, the Picatinny rail mounts really do set it apart. The lenses are of a quality that is nearly second to none, and the size and compact design make it extremely handy. The lenses provide ample glassing time, while the unit as a whole is extremely user friendly. Some similar tools out there have reticles but are not equipped with the reticle on the first focal plane. The reticles remain in focus no matter the zoom or magnification. This spotting scope is also fully waterproof and fog proof. Being nearly impervious to the weather conditions, no matter how bad, this little tool will endure the test of time. Since this can be used with a tripod, the stability and focusing capabilities can be lifted to the next level. Hopefully, this in-depth review has helped you to determine whether or not the Bushnell Legend T Series 15 45×60 should be your next spotting scope, or maybe even your first!

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