Bushnell Elite Rangefinder 1 Mile Product Review

Bushnell Elite Rangefinder 1 Mile Product

If you are looking for long-range monocular with wireless capabilities that can provide an accurate visual from up to a mile away, look no further than the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. 

This Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX review will help to determine whether this model is the right monocular for you, whatever your hobby. The Bushnell Elite Rangefinder is the first product in the Rangefinder line that is capable of interfacing with your smartphone. This capability provides an array of extra features not found in other monoculars. This combined with an incredible 5 to 1,760-yard range and precise laser technology, this product packs a ton of value into a small package. This monocular also provides 1 to 10-yard display precision and 7x magnification for accurate visualization at distance. 

Capable of interfacing with approved Kestrel windmeters, this monocular can also collect advanced environmental data used to generate accurate ballistic data. That data can be accessed directly on your smartphone for easy setup and use. Also, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder 1 Mile has three distinct modes; bullseye, brush, and scan, for diversity in your laser interface. 

By the end of this review you should be able to tell if the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder is the right rangefinder to fit your needs, whatever your hobby. We will go over the major features, the technical specifications, comparable products, and commonly asked questions to give you an informed buying experience. 

Smartphone Interface 

No Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX review would be complete without mentioning the Bluetooth interface. The Bushnell Elite Rangefinder is the first Rangefinder monocular capable of interfacing with your smartphone. Using the affiliate CONX app, which is supported by both iOS and Android, you can use your smartphone to set up to three different custom ballistic curves. This is the easiest way to calculate ballistic data available today, with a simple to use interface and intuitive setup. 

The Bushnell CONX app allows you to set up and receive readout information from your CONX laser rangefinder directly on your phone. It also includes 10 pre-programmed ballistic curves that were generated based on popular calibers. Also, you can change rifle modes, sight-in distance, holdover readout. Readouts are available in MOA, MILs, and inches. The app is also capable of creating, storing, and sending custom bullet drop tables to the rangefinder for accurate holdover info. This information can be displayed right on the viewfinder of the rangefinder interface. Finally, the app can also display the distance, angle, and holdover information from the last ranged target. 

Some users have complained of outdated applications and difficulties in setting up the Bluetooth. This seems to be a rather common issue, but despite that, many customers have been incredibly satisfied with their purchase, nonetheless. This is the only device in its class to offer such connectivity options, and it gives it a heads up in ballistic data calculation over its competitors. If smartphone compatibility is essential to you in your search for the right monocular, then this is the product you have been looking for.

  • One of the few monoscopes with smartphone compatibility
  • Capable of calculating a variety of metadata
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Many users complain about the app being outdated
  • Some users report a variety of bugs with Android 10
  • Some users report difficulty in using the Bluetooth connection feature

Kestral Windmeter Compatibility

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This rangefinder is also compatible with approved Kestral Windmeters. The combination can be used to collect advanced environmental data, which can then be incorporated into holdover values for superior ballistic data. It is important to keep in mind that only Bluetooth-capable windfinders will be able to connect with this device. This includes the 5700 models equipped with the Bluetooth link function. 

When using a scope to fire at long range targets, many hunters find it very useful to know how the wind will affect their shot. The farther the target is, the more important wind calculations become. With this scope offering a 1760 yard range, the wind calculations can be essential. In addition to the wind, a variety of other environmental factors can surely affect the trajectory of your shot at long range. This product is uniquely situated to tackle those issues. Using a Kestral windfinder in conjunction with your Bushnell Elite Rangefinder will surely make your shots much more accurate. 

Technical Specifications

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Some of the most important specs to look for when choosing a monocular are magnification, display precision, accuracy, and range. The main advantage of this scope comes from its range. With a 5 to 1760 yard range, it is truly top of the line in terms of visible distance for the price. Many users report the ability to see and hit targets up to a mile away using this monocular. 

With 7×26 magnification, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder is roughly in the middle of the pack, if not slightly on the lower side. While offering higher magnification than cheaper alternatives such as the LaserWorks Long Distance 1200 Yards Hunting Rangefinder (with 6x magnification), it falls short of some of the other competitors such as the Vortex Optics Solo Monocular with 10x magnification and the Gosky 12×55 High-Definition Monocular Telescope that sports an impressive 12x magnification. 

The display precision, listed at 1 to 10 yards seems to be about the standard for monoculars at this price point, while the accuracy is boasted to be an impressive 1 to 2 yards. Many customers reported improved accuracy over their previous monoscopes at a long-range. 

  • Confirmed range of up to 1760 yards
  • Customers consistently rate the accuracy as an improvement over other devices
  • Below average magnification

Durability and Design

In this Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX review we will briefly take a look at some key design features that stand out in this product. Fully waterproof, with a unique horizontal design, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder can stand up to the wear of any activity. Despite its Bluetooth connectivity and virtual display, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder protects your scope with its completely waterproof covering. 

Many customers have commented on the grippy texture that coats the outside of the scope and prevents damage from accidental drops. The device itself is lauded as durable and lasting, but many reviewers have commented that the affiliated application and the Bluetooth connection are less than reliable. Some have commented that it is difficult to set up in the first place, while others have noted that the software is not updated regularly, which can cause technical difficulties with the phone interface. 

However, the device itself was made with protection and durability in mind. It comes equipped with fully multi-coated optics, a rain guard HD, and a diopter adjustment that helps customize and protect your monoscope. 

  • Waterproof
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Rain Guard
  • Bluetooth connection sometimes difficult
  • App not always up to date

Comparable Products:

The Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder is similar in price, range, and popularity to the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. This monocular has a comparable range of 1800 yards, making it a similarly competent long-range scope. The magnification is slightly lower, coming in at 6×22 compared to the Bushnell’s 7×26. The accuracy is listed as plus or minus three yards, which is slightly less accurate than that listed for the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder, but reviewers for both compliment their products’ accuracy.

The two monoscopes weigh about the same, both coming in between 0.74 and 0.76 pounds. In terms of size, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder comes in at 5.75 x 3.80 x 2.25 inches while the Vortex Optics Ranger has the following dimensions: 5.00 x 4.10 x 2.70 inches. 

Both products have mostly positive reviews on Amazon, with the Vortex Optics Ranger gaining the edge in the number of reviews. The Vortex Optics Ranger, however, cannot hook up to a smartphone or other Bluetooth device. 

The Sig Sauer KILO1400BDX Rangefinder is a less expensive alternative though it lacks some of the key features of the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. The magnification on the Sig Sauer is 6×20, which comes well short of the 7×26 of the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. Also, it lacks all the Bluetooth compatibility features found in the Bushnell. The range is also not nearly as advanced as the Bushnell, coming in at only 800 yards compared to the Bushnell’s 1760 yards. This product may be less expensive than the Bushnell, but the lack of many key features makes it a purchase for someone who needs a budget monoscope and does not necessarily need to be aiming at long-range targets. 

The Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000 Laser Rangefinder is a bit more expensive option that has some impressive features. With nearly identical magnification, this model boasts a 7×25 that compares evenly with the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder’s 7×26. While it does not have the Bluetooth capabilities of the Bushnell, it sports a similar fully multi-coated lens and a comparable waterproof casing. What sets this model apart from the others is the incredible range. Compared to the 1760 yard range of the Bushnell, this monoscope can function out to a 4000-yard range. This is the option for those hunters who value long-range abilities while not being afraid of a heftier price tag. 

Common Questions:

What does 7×26 mean?

The 7×26 is indicative of the magnification capabilities of the monoscope. The 7x means that the device is capable of magnifying up to seven times what you could see with the naked eye. The 26 refers to the 26mm lens that is found inside of the device. 

Does it have a back display for use in low light?

Yes, it comes equipped with a red backing display that can be adjusted to fit the desired intensity. This allows the user to see the display even if the surrounding area is inadequately lit. This is essential for nighttime hunting and stargazing. 

Will this save my ballistic data? Or will it need to be reentered with every use?

Yes, this device can save ballistic data for three distinct ballistic data sets in addition to ten standard sets that come pre-programmed. Also, the app can display the distance, angle, and holdover information from the last ranged target.

Does this come with the Kestral Windfinder?

No, the windfinder must be purchased separately. Make sure it is a Bluetooth compatible model such as the 5700 model. However, other buying options include both the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder as well as the Kestral windfinder. This bundle can be purchased on Amazon, here

Does this come with the CONX app?

No, but the CONX app can be purchased through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on your iOS and Android devices. 


As the only model in its class with Bluetooth capabilities for pairing with smartphones and the Kestral windfinder, the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder is ideal for those people who value having a smartphone interface and ballistic calculator built right into their monoscope. The 7×26 magnification puts this model amid its competitors in terms of optical function. It also boasts one of the better accuracy measurements in its class. The only detractions from the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder are the reported issues with its smartphone application. All of the reviews of the product itself and its abilities are overwhelmingly positive, and its technical specifications stack up nicely with its competitors. 

Choosing the right long-range scope can be a difficult decision, but after reading this Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX review you should have all the information you need to decide if this is the right fit for you and your hobby. Bushnell has been in the industry for a long time and has gathered a lot of trust from its followers. This product continues the line and brings new technological renovations to the industry. 

If elite range, Bluetooth compatibility, industry-standard magnification, and a reasonable price are items on your rangefinder checklist, then this is the product you have been looking for. For extra-long range options, or budget options, it may be best to go with one of the other listed models.