Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

For accurate long-range shooting, a powerful and high-quality rifle scope is an absolute must. In this article, we will review 6 of the top long-range rifle scopes in today’s market.

If you are a hunter, marksman, or hobbyist rifleman, you know that if you want to land those 1,000+ yard shots, you’re going to need a powerful rifle, quality ammunition, and a high-performance piece of optics. Without these three things, you’re just not going to make those long-range shots. Even the best shooter cannot accomplish this level of precision without a powerful, high-quality scope. 

Before you go out and buy a new scope, though, there are a few things to consider. What magnification do you need to hit a target sitting 1,000 yards out? How much light does your scope need to take in? Will you be shooting at dawn and dusk? What style reticle suits your needs best? How about your minute of angle (MOA) adjustment?

With so much to consider, it can be difficult to find the right scope. In a market saturated with products promising the best of the best, you can easily spend a small fortune trying to find the perfect scope, only to be left disappointed with your shooting. To help the consumer find a true quality product, we have compiled a list of 6 of the best long-range rifle scopes currently available today. We hope you can use this list to narrow down your search and gain some insight into what makes a scope an excellent product.

Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope

The first scope on our list comes from Bushnell, an American company specializing in sporting goods and optics. The Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk & Dawn is an excellent entry-level scope for anyone looking to get into long-range shooting. It features a 40mm lens with 4-12x magnification, perfect for 500 to 1000yd shots. The variable magnification of this scope lets the shooter adjust their field of view, allowing the viewable terrain to increase as the shooter decreases their magnification. 

This scope is fully capable of low-light performance as the lens is multicoated to prevent light reflection and glare. As its name suggests, it is optimal for shooting at both dusk and dawn. As well, the Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk & Dawn is argon purged and O-ring sealed, making it one-hundred-percent fog and waterproof, regardless of the temperature and time of day. 

The Bushnell 614123 Banner Dusk and Dawn has a Multi-X reticle with a 1/4 MOA (minute of angle) adjustment. This means that for every click of the turret, the accuracy of the scope adjusts ¼ in per 100 yards. This scope offers rich, high-contrast, bright images at a low price. Though some shooters may wish for a stronger magnification, if you are looking for a high-quality scope to get you started in the world of long-range shooting, you cannot get much better than Bushnell.

Ade Advanced Optics 6-25×56 35mm Long-Range Rifle Scope Mil-dot Bar Side Focus

Our next scope comes from Ade Advanced Optics, based out of Oregon, who offer affordable yet quality sights. Their 6-25x56mm long-range rifle scope is a single 35mm tube made of heavy-duty metal and weighing only 2.3 lbs. Compared to the previous scope, this is a more advanced option, offering up to 25x magnification, making it ideal for 1,000 to 1,500yd shots. Its heavy-duty design makes it capable of repeated and accurate shots even if you are firing high caliber .50BMG or .338 Lapua rounds. 

The Ade Advanced Optics 6-25x56mm long-range scope features a glass-etched, multi-colored Mil-DotBar reticle with a 140 MOA adjustment and turrets labeled for simple and easy corrections. The Mil-DotBar reticle proves well-suited for any wind adjustment and holds true for hundreds of shots, guaranteed. The glass of the lens is clear and magnifies ambient light well to give a clear and high-contrast image, even at 25x magnification.

With their 6-25x56mm scope, Ade Advanced Optics also includes a set of large and exceptionally sturdy mounting rings, meaning that you can get your scope set up as soon as it arrives and you unpackage it. 

This particular scope comes listed at a slightly higher price for its slightly better features. If you are looking for a monstrous piece of optics with long-range capabilities and a heavy, durable design, the Ade Advanced Optics 6-25×56 35mm long-range rifle scope is the scope for you. While some may say it is a bit of overkill, if you’re aiming for those 1,000+ yard shots, there’s no so thing as too much scope. This is the scope that will get the job done!

Monstrum G3 6-24×50 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated MOA Reticle and Adjustable Objective

The Monstrum G3 6-24x50mm FFP rifle scope is a slightly smaller option than the Ade Advanced Optics 6-25x56mm scope and it offers a slightly shorter magnification range. Nonetheless, this is a high-performance, long-range scope capable of shooting 1,000 yards. It also features a few more bells and whistles than the spartan appeal of the Ade Advanced Optics’ entry. 

The Monstrum G3 6-24x50mm features a first focal plane MOA reticle. This means that the reticle is placed closer to the front of the scope so that it grows or shrinks as the shooter magnifies the image. As well, this scope has an adjustable objective lens that helps sharpen the image and eliminate parallax, the change in position perceived by the shooter when he or she aims down the sight. 

This scope comes with flip-up lens covers, a honeycomb filter sunshade, and also a CR203 battery. The ranging information within the lens of the scope is easily read and remains constant, regardless of the magnification. Available in with a matte black or a dessert khaki color, called “Flat Dark Earth”, the Monstrum G3 6-24x50mm long-range rifle scope prices in at $249.95 but, with so much to offer in quality and trimmings, this is a wonderful price for a wonderful product. 

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Mil-Dot Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope, 6-24X 40mm

This is a more advanced option to the Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk & Dawn featured earlier on our list. But, with a more powerful magnification range and with higher-quality elements, this is not the same entry-level scope as the 614124. Instead, this scope offers up to 24x magnification for centerfire rifles up to 1000yds, all while maintaining clarity and brightness. 

The Bushell 6-24x40mm rifle scope is charged with dry nitrogen to make it water-resistant, dustproof, and fog proof. This scope has a Mil-Dot reticle with an adjustable objective lens. At 100yds / 6x magnification, the shooter has a field of view of roughly 17ft, and, when magnified to 24x magnification, the shooter still has a field of view of 5ft. Like the Bushnell 614124, this scope has a ¼ MOA adjustment but its elevation and windage turrets are copped. 

Because of this scope’s slim design, it can easily be mounted low and, thanks to its length, it can be mounted forward or rearward without much trouble. Like the previous Bushnell model, the 6-24x40mm scope is optimal for using at dawn or dusk thanks to its multicoated lens, ensuring that no light is lost to reflection nor glare. The parallax adjustment of this scope becomes smooth after only a few uses and the glass of the lens is crystal clear. 

This is a slightly more expensive scope compared to the Bushnell 614124 but, with a stronger magnification and improved brightness and clarity, the price difference is definitely worth it. If you scope your gun with one of these, you’ll have trouble finding a replacement at this price.

FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope With Front AO Adjustment

The FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm is a sturdily built scope made for practical uses like hunting. This is not a target shooter’s scope. In fact, the durability of this scope rivals all other scopes on this list. Its shock-resistant build with ball bearing windage and elevation adjustments make this scope able to withstand drops and falls without a worry that the lens might shatter. 

To accomplish this, the FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm is first cast in a 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum body then fire tested up to .50 caliber rounds. Unlike many cheaper options, the glass of this scope is crystal clear, lacking any yellowish tinge. And, like the Bushnell scopes, FSI Sniper multi-coats their lenses to prevent light reflection or glare. This allows more light to enter the optic, making it a prime option for early morning or evening hunts. 

 With adjustable optics, the shooter can change the focus of the lens to decrease parallax and improve image clarity. Also, unlike the other options on this list, you have the choice of three colors for your reticle—red, green, and blue. The reticle itself is a Mil-Dot reticle with an accurate shot placement ideal for hunting large game. 

Add to all this a substantial set of accessories, including a 3in extendable sunshade to reduce lens glare on a sunny day, scope caps, and mounting rings, and the low price might seem too good to be true. With so much durability and fittings, this is a scope guaranteed to last and shoot true for a substantial period.  

Monstrum Alpha Series 6-24×50 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle Scope with MOA Reticle

The final scope we want to share with you is another fine product from Monstrum. The Monstrum Alpha Series 6-24x50mm FFP rifle scope is another practically made scope, built for quality while maintaining a reasonable price. This is the model scope for anyone looking for quality, without having to fork out more than a couple hundred dollars. 

The Monstrum Alpha Series 6-24x50mm features a first focal plane (FFP) MOA reticle, glass etched into a multi-coated lens capable of accurate aiming up to 1000yds away. The adjustments on this scope are smooth, allowing for easy magnification, while maintaining enough resistance to keep it from slipping or being knocked out of place. Also, by designing the turrets of the Monstrum Alpha Series 6-24x50mm to be smooth, this keeps them practical while also cutting costs to the buyer. 

Like any quality scope, the Monstrum Alpha Series 6-24x50mm is nitrogen charged, making it weather-resistant and dustproof. And, similar to the FSI Sniper, Monstrum constructed this scope from aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure durability. Being that it is an FFP scope, the size of the reticle changes as the shooter increases magnification. However, the information for range and distance remains constant no matter what the magnification. 

This final scope comes priced at the lower end of the budget. However, like the Monstrum G3, this scope also comes with a honeycomb filter sunshade and flip-up lens covers. It is also available in matte black or a dessert khaki “Flat Dark Earth” shade. With so many additional accessories, this scope is an excellent mid-priced option with top-quality features. 


Whether you are looking to take up range shooting or just want the added challenge of taking down a buck from 1,000 yards, to achieve a long-range shot, you are going to need a quality, premium long-range rifle scope. We hope that this list has given you some useful information on the wide variety of options available. Before you make your purchase, be sure to consider magnification, durability, light intake, and the adjustments of your scope. 

Long-range shooting is a fun and challenging hobby that can be made even more fun when taken to the outdoors. And, while the perfect scope might seem like the best place to start, keep in mind that a scope will not make up for a lack of fundamental shooting skills. A scope is not a crutch for poor shooting. But, no matter how good of a shot you are, without a quality optical scope built to meet a high standard, you’ll be dropping rounds into the dirt. No matter what you end up purchasing, we guarantee that if you choose one of these featured long-range scopes, you will not end up disappointed.