Top 4 Best AR 15 Scopes for Coyote Hunting

best scope for ar 15 coyote hunting

Why spend hours searching the web for a quality AR-15 scope when you could be out hunting coyotes? Don’t waste another frustrating minute when you can read about 4 of the top coyote scopes on the market here.

If you are a varmint hunter, you are probably aware that Wile E. Coyote did not get his name from the animator’s second uncle on his mother’s side. Despite his never-ending struggle to capture the roadrunner, only to be crushed under an ACME two-ton anvil, Wile E. Coyote was a wily master of cunning and surprise. After all, he is a coyote. These are predatory animals biologically fitted with eyes, ears, and a nose designed for the night. Any varmint hunter knows that to hunt these pests, you will need the best AR-15 scope for coyote hunting.

There was a time when coyotes were not as afraid of humans as they are today. Once upon a time, you could spot a coyote within 50 yards. Unfortunately, those days are mostly gone. But fret not. Even out past 50yds, a coyote is hardly a match for an AR-15 shooting a .223 Remington or a 5.56 NATO. That being said, if you are like me, your eyes might not make it out that far. But, once again, worry not. In these modern times, the combined powers of man and machine have crafted some of the finest optics you can fit onto a firearm.

But where exactly does one start with an AR-15 scope when you are looking to hunt coyote? To be fair, they are primarily nocturnal animals and can smell a human from a pretty distance, so, you will need more than the average scope, especially if you are shooting off .223 Remingtons or 5.56 NATO rounds. Not every scope can handle that level of recoil. That can be a lot to research, but don’t let it scare you off. We have gone ahead and done the footwork for you. Compiled here is a list of 4 amazing, high-quality, top of the line AR-15 scopes, perfect for hunting coyote.


Nikon P-Tactical BDC600

The first coyote hunting scope on our list comes from Nikon, a company famous for its high-quality lenses. Just the name Nikon alone carries with it the air of precision. After all, there is a reason why Nikon consistently ranks at the top of the list for film equipment, photography, and optics. The Nikon P-Tactical BDC600 is a unique scope built specifically for rifles firing .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO rounds. The reticle of this scope is an open-circle cross design with hash points marked from 100 to 600 yards. This design meant to track the trajectory of .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO rounds, making it perfect for AR-15 rifles.

The Nikon P-Tactical BDC600 has a magnification range of 4-12x and features a 40mm lens. As for the optics themselves, the lens of this scope is fully multi-coated with an anti-reflective coating to reduce the amount of light lost to reflection off the lens. This makes the image you see through the tube more bright, clear, and high contrast by capturing more light in the optic. The tube is constructed of strong aircraft-grade aluminum, making it a tough option on our list. For added durability, it is also water, fog, and dustproof thanks to sealed O-rings purged with nitrogen.

The elevation and windage turrets on the Nikon P-Tactical BD are elevated for easy access and marked for accurate adjustments. Another interesting perk is that the turrets are spring-loaded for instant zero resets should you want to make quick and easy adjustments.

Available now for only $189.99, this scope is guaranteed to optimize your shooting. Because of its sturdy design, you won’t have to worry about the adjustments slipping when you fire off a few .223 rounds. You have the backing of Nikon.

  • Waterproof construction
  • Built to take the recoil of a .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO
  • Does not require additional equipment
  • Incompatible with night vision
  • Lacks high-tech capabilities that some shooters may want

ATN X-Sight II

ATN X-Sight II

Next on our list is quite a jump in technology from the previous Nikon scope. Don’t get me wrong—the Nikon scope is a fabulous bit of optics and you would be hard-pressed to find a better option in that style. But, let’s face it, if you are hunting coyotes, you are most likely going to be out at night. You will need a scope with night vision capabilities. With an ATN X-Sight II, you get night vision capability along with a whole host of other bells and whistles. This is the smartphone of rifle scopes, if you will.

With the ATN X-Sight II, you get a scope with daytime and nighttime abilities. This is not your average optics, though. Rather than a simple tube with a glass lens, the ATN X-Sight II includes a ballistic calculator, an e-compass and GPS, a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, and an integrated rangefinder. All you have to do is link the scope to an IOS or Android app and the scope will calculate every aspect of your shot.

All of that goes without even mentioning the quality of the night vision. Thanks to a long-range infrared illuminator, the ATN X-Sight II illuminates three times better than stock infrared illuminators. You can accurately sight out to 200yds without having to do a thing. Simply pull the trigger. This scope also has a video option, allowing you to record your shots in HD 1080p quality. You can get the perfect shot and then go back and relive it as many times as you want.

With all of these extra trimmings, it comes at a premium compared to the Nikon scope. This is an amazing piece of equipment that will cost $597.99 but, at that price, you are paying for the ability to sit back and do very little besides enjoy the hunt. This is an advanced optic that our fathers could only have dreamed of.

  • High-tech additions calculate your shot to perfection
  • HD 1080p video recording
  • Day and nighttime capable
  • Some users have reported that the battery quickly dies and advise purchasing an additional rechargeable battery pack.
  • This scope does not come with the required micro SIM card for recording video

BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

If you are not prepared to invest a bank-breaking sum of $600 for a night vision scope, we have you covered. There are still plenty of other options available for hunters looking to coyote hunt at night. For example, BESTSIGHT’s DIY Digital Night Vision Scope. Now, when I say scope, this probably is not the image you have in mind. It is more an attachment to your scope that provides a digital display in both daylight and night vision modes. The display measures about 5in and can be adjusted a full 360-degrees.

The lens on this camera is an extremely high quality 3MP 16mm lens that makes use of an 850nm infrared illuminator to get a better night vision at 100 yards than most professional devices. Daylight and nighttime options can easily be toggled with the flick of a switch located on the back of the scope. The imaging of this piece of equipment is well above anything a standard glass lens scope can offer, although the effect of watching a screen may be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Despite the technology that goes into this scope, it is surprisingly the least expensive item on our list, coming in at only $139.99. You might expect that with this much equipment it would be a long process to get it set up on your AR-15 but, thanks to a great design, you can easily hook up the BESTSIGHT DIY digital night vision scope in just a few minutes.

  • Night vision capability without a bank-breaking price
  • Photography grade clarity of image thanks to a 3MP 16mm camera
  • Unique high-tech option
  • Does not come with a battery
  • For better night vision past 100yds, an additional infrared illuminator may be required
  • Some users have reported the manual to be uninformative and complicated

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

The last scope on our list is an option somewhere between the Nikon and ATN options. While this scope is not as inexpensive as the Nikon P-Tactical BDC600, it still comes in about $100 less than the ATN X-Sight II but with roughly the same quality and technology. Sightmark’s Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is another high-tech option for coyote hunters looking to set up in both daytime or nighttime. Unlike the ATN option, though, the Wraith offers more of the construction of an optical lens than a digital scope. It features an 8x digital zoom but with a 4x optical zoom system, the magnification power is upped to an impressive 32x.

The night vision capability of the Sightmark Wraith HD uses a 1920×1080 HD sensor with a 1080p video recording system similar to that of the ATN X-Sight II. This offers the added benefit of capturing your every shot to be played back whenever you want. As well, the night vision mode comes in two color options—a standard black and white or the classic military green. But that’s not the end of the potential customizations you can make. With this scope, you can choose between 10 different reticles and 9 colors.

The Wraith HD also includes a powerful 850nm infrared flashlight to illuminate the field of view up to 200yds, making it the strongest IR illuminator on our list. Should you wish to add any additional accessories to this scope, it also has a weaver rail allowing you to do so. And last, but certainly not least, we wanted to highlight the removable eye cup at the back of this scope built to reduce the amount of light dispersed by the scope at night.

Not every hunter is looking for a scope that can dial in atmospheric pressure, calculate range, and set the perfect shot for you. Not every hunter is looking for a camera display set up on their AR-15. That doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the idea of coyote hunting at night, though. With the Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope, you get the benefits of high-tech night vision without sacrificing on the human element of lining up a shot.

How to Make Coyote Hunting Memorable?

Coyote hunting has always been a favorite hunting experience for professional hunters. It’s a tricky job to hunt coyotes in forests. It teaches so many things to hunters in terms of attacking animals for hunting. Some do it for fun, while some consider it as a hobby. No doubt, coyote hunting is a popular type of hunting that is not complete without a AR 15 scope. A hunter always needs the best scope for ar 15 coyote hunting. The use of AR 15 scope is a must, as these animals are a little dangerous for humans when it comes to attacking. The element of risk is involved when it comes to coyote hunting. Therefore, a hunter has to be prepared for shooting. Does it require any training?

For beginners, there is a need for training. But experienced hunters can manage it with ease.The camouflage element works great for coyote hunting. Indeed, coyotes are adaptable and sensible to many things, as they live in various places. To some extent, they can enter the urban regions by approaching their footsteps. In North America, you’ll come across so many coyotes and they are adaptable creates that make a good difference when it comes to hunting. The selection of a rifle plays a vital role in hunting such adaptable creatures.

What makes Coyote Hunting Special?

Coyote hunting is a special job. It’s a technical and complex job to kill coyotes in the forests. A hunter has to complete his/her preparations for hunting this adaptable creature that can be risky for humans. For making coyote hunting special, the use of equipment is the most important thing to focus on. Without using the scope for AR 15, you can’t even think about hunting these deadly animals. The equipment along with the firearm makes sense for hunting. Use optics for camouflage and also scent cover to make hunting a professional job. Use proper clothes that make you look like a professional hunter. Wear masks as well to cover your face and skin. Never forget to use scent cover when hunting for coyotes.

If you are not good at hunting coyotes, then never try hunting without completing your training. Get proper training to become a certified hunter to kill coyotes. Develop calling skills to make this hunting an easier task. If you learn the art of calling skills during hunting, no one can stop you from becoming an expert hunter. If you are a beginner, join the company of experts to learn the art of coyote hunting. Work under a trained hunter to learn special hunting skills. All of the above-mentioned points make coyote hunting special.

Coyote Hunting Tips:

There are so many tips to hunt a coyote. The first and foremost is to choose a location for hunting. Your location can make your hunting successful so never choose a place that is unfamiliar to you. Don’t forget to bring the scope for ar 15-coyote-hunting with you when you are done with the location. If you find a good number of coyotes in your surroundings, find a spot to hide to attack this animal. Now after you have chosen a perfect location, your job is to call the coyotes that we already mentioned in the above paragraph.

Camouflage and the cover scent is also important to hunt coyotes. Besides this, don’t ignore your call sequence for picking these animals for hunting. Keep calling until the coyote appears to you. After improving the skill of call sequence your weapon plays the most important role in hunting. The gun you use for hunting makes your hunting memorable and special. If you are using a minigun for hunting, just forget about accuracy and perfection, as you can’t hunt down coyotes with these weapons. You always need the best weapon to put down a coyote. What about choosing the best scope for AR 15 coyotehunting? Make sure, the gun has good reach and range when it comes to hunting a coyote. Don’t use a gun, instead use a rifle for this special hunting.

Indeed, your weapon is the most important thing that you can’t ignore while choosing for hunting. You can also take your favorite gun with you, but the best is to get a perfect AR 15 scope for hunting a coyote. It will help you to attack coyotes with ease because of the magnification, range, and shoot of your scope. Hunting isn’t an easy job, it takes years to become a professional hunter. So use your hunting material wisely. You must have a rifle, scope, and binocular in your backpack for hunting coyotes. You might need any optical instrument for hunting coyotes. Don’t take it lightly!

After choosing your equipment and rifle, you need to be conscious of the location and time of hunting. Alongside location, time also plays a vital role in hunting jobs. The night time is the best for attacking coyotes, but not all night times need to be good for hunting. Sometimes, you have to choose a hunting experience in daylight because of the dangers of the location. So, time varies, but night time seems to be ideal for coyote hunting. Moreover, the view matters a lot for this special hunting program. The view should be clear at all. If you spot an animal from a distance, then credit goes to your rifle and scope.

Other than using the best rifle, the place you choose to hide should be clear. Make sure, you don’t hide under the long grass. It can block the view, so don’t do such a mistake. Improve your positioning when doing the hunting job. Last but not least is the usage of binocular. A binocular helps you to see the coyotes from a distance. So, use fine quality binoculars. All in all, the most important is to make effective use of the best scope for ar 15 coyote hunting. Indeed, it is above the binoculars.


  • High-quality night vision
  • The traditional design of an optical lens scope
  • Does not come with a micro SIM card for recording video
  • Some users reported that this scope burns through batteries quickly


If you are looking to start coyote hunting, you will need to outfit your AR-15 with a new scope. Because of their cunning nature, coyotes are not the easiest of animals to hunt but, with one of these options, you will be out in the woods armed to kill.

If you want a tough scope able to withstand the recoil of a .223 Rem 5.56 NATO, the Nikon P-Tactic BDC600 is an excellent option. However, if you want to take your hunting to the dark, you will need a bit more technology. The ATN X-Sight II is a powerful scope built with the most advanced technology available today. It will have you shooting flawless shots without any of the homework involved.

If you are after night vision without footing a monstrous bill, the BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope is exactly what you need. It may be an unorthodox option to the standard scope but what it lacks in tradition, it makes up for with a picture-perfect digital display in both night vision and daytime color.

If you want something in between with a camera display, the Sightmark Wraith HD is the perfect scope for you. It packs all the night vision technology of the ATN X-Sight without the additional bells and whistles.

Whichever sight you purchase, any one of these options will have you putting Wile E. Coyote out of commission for good. Just remember that no one product can make you a perfect marksman. Be sure to read the user manual for any product and familiarize yourself with the scope before you head out into the woods.

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