BARSKA 20-60×60 Spotting Scope Review in 2021

BARSKA 20-60x60 Spotting Scope Review

Are you ready for the amazing review of Barska? So in this article, we do a Barska 20-60×60 spotting Scope review in detail. There can be no doubting the requirement for spottings or scopes today. 

In terms of hunting or scientific research, they are mostly getting closer to a subject to observe their behavior patterns that identify the species and take in the surroundings; scopes are a more valuable piece of kit.

Although, what has been found is that the closer you zoom in on your object, the less clear an image becomes unless you are willing to spend the best dollar for a professional quality pair. Although, there is the Barska 20-60×60 spotting scope for those on a target.

Although, there is the Barska spotting scope for those on a budget. The evidence for the foremost use of this scope is in the name. Barska Have accuracy designed a product for spotting objects in the wilderness, be it from a hunting and shooting prospect, or for marine mammal detection from a ship deck.

There are numerous purposes why this product is quite suited to satisfy these roles. Essentially, the 60mm objective lens creates an incredibly wide field of view for providing an overview of an area to enable you to spot your object.

One time the target has been getting, the variable zoom can assist you to hone in to each take a shot or know the species. Resolution is well maintained throughout the completion of the zoom spectrum, and focus is easily changed to keep your object in crystal clear view.

Features of Barska 20-60×60 Spotting Scope Review

let’s review the Barska spotting scope features. Here is the list of some interesting features:

      • Magnification
      • Image quality
      • Eye relief


BARSKA has equipped their Colorado line with a variable zoom scope, capable of magnifying an image everywhere between 20x and 60x over a 60mm objective lens.

However, the magnification and objective lens usually combine to develop a wide field of vision, which makes this scope very well suited for objecting, hunting, and general observations.

Image Quality:

The image quality of this Barska spotting scope far exceeds its cost. With fully coated optics and BK-7 prisms, usually combined with a 60mm objective lens and variable zoom scope, these have plenty to provide any spotting or scope enthusiast from beginner to advanced. What makes this scope so outstanding in terms of image quality is the resolution at which they deliver.

It usually raises popularity that spottings with a changeable zoom focus on that as their foremost selling point, and forget that image quality degenerates with raising zoom

This has been recognized by BARSKA, though, and they manage to maintain resolution throughout the magnification scale, permitting you to zoom to the full extent and still have crisp, sharp, and clear imagery with minimal color aberrations.

Eye Relief:

The spotting scope provides 14.5mm of eye relief at 20x magnification through 11.2mm at 60x magnification. However, this should be sufficient for the glasses user to see an entire image; user reports recommend that unless you are pressing a naked eye directly to the lens, the image is obscured. As a result of this, this scope probably is not best suited for the visually impaired.


  • This spotting scope sets itself apart from the crowd whenever it comes to image quality.
  • Quite better in some particular resolution and focusing ability.
  • Common in variable zoom spottings to have the same resolution at the low end of the scale as the high end. 
  • You can zoom in, the image becomes blurred, and you lose detail.
  • Barska spotting scope has very easy access.


  • Some issues have been increased by users of this scope about its eye relief and build quality. 
  • Barska scope is constructed in China, which means that quality control is not as rigorous as a manufactured product in the USA.
  • Many complaints center around the focusing knob, which is saying that when it turns, so does the whole fixing, meaning the focusing never occurs.
  • Moreover, users with glasses have said that they have to press their naked eye to the lens to be able to see the full image

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What to Look for spottings Barska 20-60×60 Spotting scope?

spottings are, importantly, two telescopes attached with plastic or metal. There are some major features that you should consider when you are going to purchase sightings.


The first thing is magnification. Magnification is one of the first considerations. Lower magnification means you will not get as close to your object or target, but higher magnification will be difficult to keep stable.

Field of View:

The field of view for spottings is the area you can see at a certain distance. For instance, you probably find a pair of spottings with a 300 ft field of view at 1000 yards. This implies you can see 300 ft of the area; however, searching at an object 1000 yards away.


When light hits a lens, a portion of that light is reflected off the surface and fails. So, manufacturers add a thin layer on the lens surface to help eliminate the loss and improve the overall transmission of light.


When the description says ‘coated,’ it refers to a thin coating usually of the anti-reflective magnesium fluorite on one or more further lenses and surfaces.

Eye Relief:

However, If you wear glasses, then eye relief will be an essential factor for you because if the eye relief is too small and you wear glasses, you probably only see the center of the image in the spottings.

Final Verdict – Barska 20 60×60 spotting scope review

Very honestly, if you are looking for a solid spotting scope, these are likely to be the best choice for you. You will be hard-pressed to search for a better pair that maintains the same level of image quality with a variable zoom scope. Although, it is very important to keep in mind that Barska 20 60×60 scope is not without fault.

Whenever we review different scopes the Barska 20 60×60 is one of them. In this article, we have done the barska 20 60×60 spotting scope review.

However, They are subject to some questionable quality control practices that probably make purchasing a little bit of a gamble. Their limited lifetime warranty and simple returns process alleviate some of the risks.

All in all, Baraska is the best quality scope that will do its job with minimal fuss and at a reasonable cost, which would make a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

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