Top 5 Best ATN Rifle Scopes Reviews in 2021 – Day/Night Scopes

best ATN Rifle Scopes Reviews

If you are out hunting, it is a little difficult to say “abort mission” when the sun goes down. Many hunters want to be independent of this “go back before it is dark” thing as it spoils the fun of their adventures. However, If you are one of those hunters, these best ATN Rifle Scopes reviews are absolutely for your prayers.

ATN is one of the best and leading American Optic companies that usually produce high-end devices since 1995. However, you will search every glassing device at ATN Corp with its guaranteed exceptional quality standards, from standard binoculars to limited-edition thermal scopes.   

It does not mean if you choose a thermal scope or a night vision device from ATN; the optical performance will be under your mind for sure.  Let’s go through some of ATN’s gadgets, and you will see why this name is highly regarded among all glassers.

Quick List – Best ATN Rifle Scopes

    1. ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 rifle scope.
    2. ATN X-Sight 4K Rifle Scope
    3. ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14  Rifle Scope
    4. ATN ThOR HD Thermal Riflescope
    5. ATN ThOR-HD 19 mm Thermal Rifle Scope: 1-10x

1-ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20x Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

X-SIGHT II HD 5-20× smart scope is one of the best scopes that you will find on the marketplace. However, Elite manufacturing standards and exclusive technical features make this scope a good choice for everyone.

However you are a hunter who requires a reliable device for surveillance, then the X-SIGHT II scope is a good solution.

X-sight HD optical performance beats almost every competitor in the way and gives you the long-awaited shooting precision without causing any distress.

However, this scope has some innovative characteristics, and you will have to familiarize yourself with it at the start. But one time, you know the advantage and disadvantage of this day and night scope. 

The optical class will leave you awestruck for sure. However, the light mode and spot the object without any trouble. This sleek scope is specifically designed to let you experience some of the endless hunting thrills without exposing you to any danger.

From huge predators to beasts and birds, you can shoot all targets with unwavering accuracy.

So, the detachable IR illuminator assists with objects till 200 yards so that you can see in the dark. Suppose there is medium-light such as. Stars, moonlight, etc., this X-SIGHT scope will turn it up and assist you in identifying the subject regardless of its size. 

X-sight scope usually begins with a programmable video recorder, which continues the fun of shooting the process no other device can. You can record your experiences with it in 1080p class and save them to watch later.

But, this Wi-Fi-enabled scope can be synced with ATN’s app, and you can quickly upload the recorded stuff to your smartphone alternatively of leaving it on the  SD card. So, It is the best ATN Rifle Scope.

This X-SIGHT II scope is proof of elite and cutting-edge optical technology that you won’t get outside. If you require an affordable but efficient day/night rifle scope, go for this ATN Gen II scope without sparing a second.

  • Detachable IR Illuminator
  • Smart video and photo recorder
  • X-sight has HD optical clarity
  • This rifle scope is easy to use and easy menu
  • Wi-Fi and GPS enabled
  • Included rangefinder
  • Fast battery consumption.

Technical Specifications:

Objective diameter85mm
Tube diameter30mm
eye relief65mm
Exit pupil diameter4.25-17mm
FOV240ft at 1000 yards

2-ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO SMART scope is another best Android scope. You get to spot the tiny objects in your path and clarify them without wasting a second, 

However, ATN Corp promises value with performance in its every device, and this one is no exception. You will see Ultra High Definition optical quality, nevertheless of the time.

No matter what size objects you are aiming for, the optical performance and some of the bullet’s points of impact will always be the same.

X-SIGHT 4K PRO SMART scope usually amplifies ambient light and assists you see in the dark mode. This scope is a good choice for hunting, security, and surveillance and for purposes as everyone can learn to operate it with the included manual.

The exclusive objective four dual-core processors give unmatchable optical performance and resolution in every situation. The strong internal battery won’t ditch you midway and help you accomplish every mission irrespective of the terrain.

ATN Corp has made this scope a go-to choice for every glasser so that no one has to struggle while learning its features.

The built-in ballistic calculator adjusts the bullet’s specifications so that you never miss a shot. Moreover, the smart rangefinder will estimate the target’s exact location and make your endeavor easier.

  • Almost 18hrs battery time
  • Wi-Fi and GPS, enables
  • Ultra HD optical clarity dual-stream and video recording
  • Excellent ballistic calculator
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rubber buttons that aren’t recoil-ready

Technical specifications:

Objective diameter70mm
Tube diameter: 30mm
Eye relief:90mm
Exit pupil diameter:240ft at 1000 yards

3-ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14x Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Another good ATN rifle scope is sight 11 HD. The built-in 3D Gyroscope will guarantee that you always see blur-free and stabilized views, regardless of the object’s speed and condition of the terrain.

Also, the E-compass, however, comes in handy when you have to track your path without taking stress. This compass is helpful in rugged environments where you don’t have any specific landmarks to remember the way.

This scope, however, comes with an E-zoom feature that holds your optical sight when you move around. This way, you will. Not lose the object and still be very capable of moving forward.

This HD optical clarity at any time is another cheer-up of this 3-14x scope. The wide field of view and body helps you look at a broad region without losing zeroing or zoom.

However, The detachable IR illuminator extends this scope’s working capacity so that you never see incoherent views.

ATN laser ballistics rangefinder raises your success ratio and does not let the environmental conditions that usually affect your bullet’s way.

The ballistic calculator auto-calibrates the scope’s windage, including elevation, which secures your time. You will not have to adjust the scope’s configuration after every shot due to its smart features that will do that for you. Although, the matte black finish makes this a hard scope that can bear all recoil and still accompany your missions.

  • 3D Gyroscope included
  • Brilliant day and night time performance
  • E-zoom feature for quick adjustments
  • 1080p video recording quality.
  • Perfect for long-range shooting
  • Power drainer

Technical Specifications:

Even Objective diameter: 50mm
Tube diameter30mm
Eye relief: 65mm
Exit pupil diameter: 3.5-16.6mm
Field Of View:240ft at 1000 yards

4- ATN THOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope

Whenever you have to hunt or shoot in complete darkness, there are no different scope options in the marketplace that you can tap. But luckily, ATN Corp has resolved that issue as properly.

With this ATN THOR 384 2-8x thermal scope, you can shoot in the different dark without missing any shot. This thermal scope’s heat-detection capability is exceptional in all aspects and doesn’t let you oversee the object.

However you chase tiny coyotes or hogs, this THOR scope detects their presence from afar and assists you to shoot them accurately.

The 384×284 sensor is good for heat detection and assists you in pinpointing the minutest movement in your optical path.  

However, if you are a rancher, this scope will ensure that no predator can surpass your ranch’s boundary, and your property is always secure.

However, hunting at night is a very thrilling adventure; ATN Corp has added an exciting video that is recording features in this scope so that you can save your victory moments and enjoy them later whenever you want.

In addition, The built-in rangefinder will work as a lifesaver when you are out in a dark field and sense some predator’s presence. This thermal scope is good for private property owners, like hogs, bobcats, and varmints frequently intrude on these spaces and harm livestock or crops.

  • HD image quality
  • Smooth zoom 388×284 sensor
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • 22hrs battery life
  • Not suitable for long-range focusing

Technical Specifications:

Objective diameter25mm
Tube diameter30mm
Eye relief3.5inch
Exit pupil diameter11.9-6mm
Field Of View114-28.5ft at 100 yards

5-ATN ThOR-HD 640, 19 Mm, Thermal Rifle Scope

Thermal rifle scopes are intended to cover a vast region in one glance, and they detect every item that presents in the viewer’s sight. This ATN THOR 640×480 scope is the top-tier thermal scope powered with every helpful feature you probably ask for.

However, its 1-10x magnification range is best for long-range detection so that your surveillance or hunting adventures run smoothly. The E-zoom characteristic provides your focus when you zoom in on an object.

Furthermore, the 625m human detection range makes this scope the best choice for security personnel. You can scan a vast territory in the complete absence of light and reduce multiple intimidations.

The 19mm objective lens offers high-resolution images and performs incredibly well when paired with the smart reticle.

This 1-10x scope begins with a video recording feature to be aware of the environment without taking stress. Let’s say you need to analyze the intrusions on your farm but can’t stand there with the scope all time.

When the recorder appears in the picture, this THOR scope will record the footage, and you can see it on your phone or tablet later.

Although the rangefinder, ballistic calculator, and GPS are amazing built-in features that you will enjoy with THOR 1-10x scope.

ATN THOR 640×480 scope is built for long-range and challenging missions where you cannot compromise on focus’s precision. So, If you are available to make a long-term investment in your hunting equipment, get this exceptionally well-built thermal scope and hold every distortion at bay. You can say it is the best ATN Rifle Scope.

  • Multiple color and pattern options
  • 625m human detection range
  • 3D Gyroscope
  • Three years warranty
  • High-resolution HD video recording
  • 18 hours battery life

Technical Specifications:

Magnification 1-10x
Objective diameter19mm
Tube diameter30mm
Eye relief 65mm
Exit pupil diameter 0.9-19mm

Final Verdict – ATN Rifle Scope Reviews

ATN Corp usually manufactures cutting-edge devices for all types of glassers of all fields. From hunters to shooters and wildlife lovers to security guards, these night vision rifle scopes will make everyone’s missions safer.

These best ATN rifle scopes reviews have proved that no other brand can compete with ATN when it comes to night vision devices. However, you choose a regular night scope or a thermal one, the image resolution and innovative characteristics will accompany you nevertheless.

Although you are tired of missing the objects when there is not a huge amount of light, choose any of the scopes mentioned above and experience high-end glassing in your missions. ATN Corp rifle scopes are innovative, brilliant, and very capable of the task, and don’t miss out.

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