In this article, we have a complete comparison on Aimpoint Pro VS Comp M4 in which we have everything discussed that will surely help you.

Aimpoint Pro Review

Law enforcement officers manufactured Aimpoint® Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) to resist the thought-provoking conditions confronted. 

The PRO™ contains a 2 MOA red dot that permits fast target attainment.

Aimpoint PRO originates with a spacer and QRP2 stand that confers to rails of MIL-STD-1913 deprived of any supplementary apparatuses. 

Optic part covers of the flip-up lens. It has a solid front and a transparent that is hindmost, consenting the handler to shoot through the caps closed lens and mutually eyes uncluttered in an emergency.

The rigid, anodised, extraordinary strength aluminium casing delivers an implausible shield in contradiction of any bodily misuse the sight may well incident. It is trembling and shock-resistant.

We can easily decide the best red dot scope just by reviewing Aimpoint Pro VS Comp M4 guide.

The sight is driven via solitary battery DL1/3N and technology, i.e, ACET delivers over the continuous-on practice of 3 years at sunshine seven position and unfluctuating lengthier in night settings image. 

The PRO sight is completely well-matched by generations of all devices of night vision and the Aimpoint with magnifiers 3X-C™ and 3XMag-1™.

Main Features of Aimpoint

Its topographies comprise:

  • The precision of 2 MOA red dot and profligate goal attainment
  • Battery life elongates for 30,000 hours that makes approximately three years of nonstop operation through a single battery on seven settings, battery type included is DL1/3N,
  • Mount and spacer of QRP2, Flip-up lens covers,
  • Retainer crowds for modification caps, solid anodised with a non-reflective surface.
  • Ten settings for brightness,
  • Four well-suited settings for the vision of night and six sets for daylight, 1X parallax operational free optic that is non-magnifying,
  • It has a Temperature duration of -49°F to +160°F 
  • It is submersible to 150 feet (45 meters)

Aimpoint Comp M4 Review

The series of sights for Aimpoint CompM4 is the best sight that Aimpoint has ever shaped. 

It includes the enhancements in the energy efficiency that stipulates the continuous use of up to 8 years from the A.A. battery singly.

CompM4 is currently the up-to-date form of the U.S. Army’s Close-Combat Optic that is M68 CCO, enduring a legacy that Aimpoint has upheld since 1997.

CompM4 series of sights dispensing is expanded with all initions of night vision devices (NVDs) for usage. 

However, it is aimed explicitly at 3rd generation suitability with the technology night vision.

The CompM4 sights integrate an integral mount that eradicates the necessity for a discrete ring and can be modified by erect and headlong spacers to suit a weapon systems diversity.

Hunters and sport shooters that need night vision smiliarity can also utilize them. 

To provide the uppermost likely dot brightness with the minimum quantity of energy while conveying virtually 100% light in the Infrared.

Also near-infrared spectrum part when used with a 3rd generation NVD to run the strongest, perkiest image conceivable.

Aimpoint’s exclusive band-pass varnish on the front lens reflects first-rate frequencies of red light at adjacent efficiency of 100%. 

With 7 NVD-C well match illumination settings and 9 Daylight settings, adding one extra-bright location, the CompM4 and CompM4s around the clock are prepared for use.

Main Features of COMP M4

  • Its individual features may comprise agreement with all generation of Night Vision Devices (NVD),
  • Super ACET technology permits approximately 80,000 hours that makes over eight years of daytime operation on a single A.A. battery,
  • Accommodate the interior voltage regulator, which enables the usage of CompM4 with any A.A. size battery, Seven-night vision compatible settings, and nine daylight settings,
  • Mount base is “keyed” into the frame of the sight to engross recoil, usage of 500,000 hours on NVD setting,
  • For close combat and long-distance engagement, it has 2 MOA dot; it competitions flawlessly with the magnifier module, i.e., Aimpoint 3XMag,
  • Matchless light transmission, opening for the front lens is eased for the accumulation of killFlash® anti-reflective device,
  •  it is Submersible to 150 feet that counts 45 meters approximately,
  • includes a vertical spacer,
  • it is consistent with the U.S. Army’s novel M68CCO,
  • Better-quality alteration caps are simpler to eliminate and are sheltered in contradiction of effect
  • It can be used with an adapter with a carry handle for all rifles of M16.


In advance will continue to compare Aimpoint PRO with Aimpoint CompM4, and it is suitable to clarify the difference between CompM4 and CompM4s originally.

CompM4 is more jagged and durable. Fundamentally, with just different battery tube sections, they’re identical optics.

The CompM4 has a top-mounted battery section, although mostly people cut off their field of view for top-mounted battery part position. 

Therefore, the CompM4s, Aimpoint, stimulated the optic’s inferior part’s battery compartment instead of its latest version. This is the individual modification between the two.

CompM4s successfully gives a cleaner appearance and improved outlying field of view for maximum people. 

The main variance between Aimpoint PRO and Aimpoint CompM4 are the Durability differences, CompM4 are more durable.

Battery difference is that the CompM4 = A.A. battery that provides eight years of battery life, PRO = 2L76 or DL1/3N battery that stays with three years of battery life, variation in weight lies as PRO is lighter than COMP M4, in relevance to Price, PRO is cheaper.

Aimpoint red dot sights are presently used by numerous armed forces, including the U.S. military, worldwide. Aimpoint AB is a Swedish optics company for red dot sights engineering for police, military, and civilian use.

Additionally, the CompM4 is preferred by the military, although Aimpoint PRO is preferred by law enforcement.

I presumed that the military had completed some challenging tests and found the CompM4 more reliable because military equipment needs advanced durability associated with law enforcement. 

CompM4 batteries are leisurely to find with long battery life. If the CompM4 is not military rated, the optic would be discarded previously, so this will not be eligible to say that military procurement is a super-efficient process.

However, the CompM4 is more durable and reliable. Resilience is not much of an issue for normal users; meanwhile, the PRO is intimidating enough. 

Conversely, the battery subject has an additional fingered consequence on our decision making.

On the contrary, Aimpoint PRO is less durable, and though the PRO battery life is meaningfully more minor than the CompM4, battery life of 3 years is factually supplementary than needed.

It is believed that it can take the implausible level of misuse because it is one of the most sturdy optics in the market. 

Battery type is certainly stiffer to discover, nonetheless with the internet facility, receiving the precise battery is no longer overpriced.

All new Aimpoint objects tend to darken the Aimpoint Micro H-2 2MOA / M4 QD Mount mile. 

Installed with the internet, finding a specific battery is no longer expensive. Good! Which costs double the problem because the battery life of the PRO is not good enough.

M4 w / Aimpoint pro vs comp m4 Tactical QD Mount battery discharge remarkably affects our decision-making at a high-price Comp M4 known for providing a good clean look and a much better border. 

With the tightening of the rule while CompM4, the 3-year battery life is much simpler.

The production of red dots is currently being used by many armed forces worldwide, including the U.S. military.

Age is not a bigger thing than the M4, an excellent reputation that has not been boosted in comparison. 

Not a huge deal to weigh up to the M4. S.! The Stars Aimpoint Comp M4 series’s victory makes things easier for beginners.

Aimpoint PRO or your Trijicon MRO Guidance at Vortex Sparc vs Strikefire make it work. 

What does Aimpoint say about their high Comp M5B? Followers of the good hunting tents on the store in 1975 paid more, you pay.

We are the same specs as Comp M4 is known for having several by doing things that are easier for Swiss beginners to see in advance other accessories such as handles and mountaineering! 

Ab is also very cheap at this point of light. It is easy for the optic ’a. Invisible flip-up lens covers for Aa will have Aimpoint PRO is the best optic: 

The slightest battery difference between Aimpoint PRO would be for couples sold on Ofcom in the form of  Micro H- 2 2MOA / M4 QD Mount is the most advanced and can be used in the bright sun.

It is so far away from those gun tests and bomb tests you can catch it in any store. Initiate the A.B. guns, and it is a high-end version, costing about $ each.

Devices due to red M4 style gun visibility you missed! 4 times from my unstable shoulder height using a 3x magnifier with Aimpoint PRO the! Compm4 makes sense to you with 4 NVD and 6 Daylight t settings.

CompM4 is the latest version of Comp M4 vs Or a competitive use, and a 10-year warranty for a single A.A. a battery that releases from PRO is preferred by law enforcement.

While CompM4 has a room mounted. Easy access to YouTube objects produced by Aimpoint AB is a profit of 2-3x Mount.

Which One is the Best? – Aimpoint PRO VS Comp M4

If one needs the excellent of the best and can have enough money to fly over its price, go for CompM4s. Go for the PRO if anyone wants to save money.

All sores down to price and durability. Each optics will not let you down in any case. Aimpoint PRO is still a well-accepted concept to work for low-budget police departments.

Great player and the tool you need to use an optic on a city road or with your sport or hunting rifle.

It’s more reachable and more non segregated, and if you have a budget that you stick to but you care more about standard and performance, this is your optic.

If you don’t take your gun to the battlefield, there’s no need to spend all that extra money on a few sets and increase the battery life of already magnificent battery time.


The Aimpoint Pro and  Comp M4 series is a high-performance optic and lays claim to the strongest Aimpoint optic available. 

You can depend on the power of this optic, and you can go other ways using this idea. Show for military and military use, this is the optic you required if you understand you will be on fire.

Between Comp M4 and M4s, we see an added advantage in choosing Comp M4s that offer a better viewing environment with a lower profile and more excellent protection if your unloaded weapon drops. 

However, if your needs do not exceed that they require Comp M4 technology, Aimpoint PRO will help you better and half the price.