6 Rangefinders for Target Shooters Wanting the Best

6 Rangefinders for Target Shooters Wanting the Best

Using a rangefinder can greatly improve your accuracy. With so many options, though, finding a top of the line option can be hard. We have compiled a list of 6 of the best rangefinders on the market today.

You are out at the shooting range lining up your shot. You feel pretty certain of the distance between you and the target, so you dial in your scope and pull the trigger. But, when you check the target, you find that you were about two inches too low. If you are at a competition, you just lost to the guy set up two booths down. I imagine that if you’ve found yourself in this situation, you know how frustrating it can be. But why try eyeballing the distance when the best laser rangefinders for target shooting can do it accurately and quickly, so all you have to do is take the shot. 

A rangefinder can be useful in many situations, whether you want to take it hunting, to the golf course, or even to a sports game. If you are going to get into target shooting, though, you really ought to make the most of your rifle and scope by investing in one of these advanced pieces of equipment. You’re probably thinking, where do I even start when there is so much to learn about rangefinders? There are acronyms like HCD and LOS, a variety of angles and slopes that bring back nightmares of math class, and let’s not even mention the sheer volume of rangefinders on the market these days. Don’t you worry, we have it all covered. Here, we have compiled a list of 6 of the top rangefinders for target shooting to get you started on making the most accurate shots possible.

PetitWINGBACK Rangefinder

The first option on our list of 6 is an excellent entry-level rangefinder with all of the features you will likely need as a target shooter, plus a few that you might not. This rangefinder can be considered the prototypical example with pretty standard options. But don’t let that lead you to think that this isn’t a great piece of equipment.

The PetitWINGBACK rangefinder features an advanced TDC-GP2 time processing chip that makes this an incredibly accurate rangefinder that will let you range out to 656 yards. This will have you shooting bullseyes all day long without ever slipping. PetitWINGBACK also built their rangefinder using innovative PinSensor technology that lets the beam accurately focus through potential barriers such as branches, foliage, or mesh. 

This rangefinder uses a continuous scan so the user can simply hold the top button and get an uninterrupted read on the target. As well, the PetitWINGBACK 656-yard rangefinder uses advanced slope compensation technology that factors in the downward or upward distance of a target. This is shown as a degree of angle in the lens of the rangefinder and is perfect for anyone who enjoys the challenge of shooting at raised targets or from an uphill range.

All in all, this is a durable rangefinder with everything you could need to get started as a target shooter. With your purchase, PetitWINGBACK includes a stylish carrying pouch and wrist strap, a microfiber lens cloth, and the necessary CR2 battery all at the low price of $59.99. You really cannot find a rangefinder this good for this price. And, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, PetitWINGBACK offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

GoGoGo Sport Hunting Rangefinder

Next, we have an enormously powerful rangefinder from GoGoGo Sport. This rangefinder would be an excellent choice for shooters hoping to hit targets over 1,000yds away thanks to its long-distance 1,200yd ranging capacity. To help with the distance of this range, it features a 6x magnification and 7-degree field angle. And, with a Class 1, 905-nanometer laser, the operational range of this device is accurate within plus-or-minus one yard. 

The GoGoGo Sport 1,200yd Hunting Rangefinder features the same PinSensor technology as the PetitWINGBACK option, allowing shooters to get a read even through brush, foliage, branches, or mesh. This is optimal for shooters who enjoy recreating a hunting experience with camouflage or added impediments. But this rangefinder has a few more bells and whistles than the previous option. For instance, GoGoGo Sport has included three different modes on this rangefinder—a continuous distance measure, a golf mode for measuring the angle and slope of a shot, and a speed mode for quickly reading the distance of moving targets. 

Unlike all other options on our list, the GoGoGo Sport 1200yd hunting rangefinder uses a rechargeable battery housed within the unit. This way, shooters do not have to worry about tracking down uncommon replacement batteries. Instead, just hook it up to the charger and you are good to go. With this purchase, you also get a carrying pouch and wrist strap, a microfiber lens cloth, and a USB cable for easy charging. This rangefinder will set you back $90.00 but, should your rangefinder prove to be defective, GoGoGo Sport includes a full one-year warranty.

Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder

Vortex Optics is a well-known optics company producing American-made hunting, sporting, and outdoor equipment such as binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, and rangefinders. With the Vortex name, you know you are getting quality. And that’s what this rangefinder is—quality. 

Vortex Optics offers two varieties of their Impact Laser rangefinder—one in an 850yd option and another 1,000yd option. Both options have fully multi-coated lenses that keep light from reflecting off the surface. This lets more light enter the lens to make a bright, high-contrast, sharp, and clear image. This is true so much to the extent that the Vortex Optics Impact laser rangefinder uses a non-illuminated display that you can still see through! 

These rangefinders come with two different modes, one displaying the horizontal component distance (HCD) and the other showing the line of sight (LOS). The horizontal component distance is perfect for shooting at ground level from any distance, up to the limits of these rangefinders. Vortex Optics intended this to be the primary mode used by a target shooter. The line of sight mode is intended to be used by shooters using ballistics apps on their cell phones or any other additional ballistics technology to track bullet drop. If you use this mode, the degree number shown below the yardage is your slope.

The Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder does offer so much bang for your buck. You get a shock and waterproof housing with angle compensation allowing you to accurately aim upwards or downwards. You also get the option of viewing distance in yards or meters and these rangefinders come with a carrying pouch, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and the required CR2 battery. At $177.99 for the shorter range, 850yd option, and $199.99 for the longer-range 1,000yd option, you really cannot pass up this value.

ATN Laser Ballistics Smart Rangefinder 

Our next laser rangefinder is a seriously advanced piece of technology. The ATN Laser Ballistics Smart Rangefinder is built for the target shooter looking to achieve high-tech, perfect shots, that are quick, easy, and flawless. Using Bluetooth technology, a shooter can connect the ATN Laser Ballistics Smart Rangefinder to their cell phone and, using the power of software, let a ballistics app calculate the distance and slope of a shot. All you have to do is make the adjustments on your scope. Or, if you’re willing to invest a little more, this rangefinder can be paired to an ATN Smart Scope and the rangefinder will give instant adjustments directly to the scope. With a rangefinder like this, all you have to do is pull the trigger. 

ATN offers this rangefinder in two options—a 1,000yd option and a 1,500yd option. That makes this farthest-reaching rangefinder on our list. With equipment like this, if you have the rifle and scope for it, you could accurately land shots over a kilometer away, which is pretty impressive. Regardless of whether you have an ATN Smart Scope, the Laser Ballistics Smart Rangefinder still works well with Mil and MOA scopes. 

The only kicker to this scope is the heftier $277.49 price tag. Compared to the other rangefinders on our this, this is by far the most expensive but, when you consider the sheer amount of technology that goes into it, that really isn’t that bad of a price. You would be paying for the ability to land perfect shots time after time. Not much can compete with that.

WAKYME 1,000yd Rangefinder

As impressive as the ATN rangefinder is, some people enjoy the experience of figuring out the calculations and making their own scope adjustments. There really is something to be said about having control over your own shots, even if they’re not calculated to perfection. If that’s the case, the WAKYME 1,000yd Rangefinder is perfect for you. It matches the 1,000yd ranging distance of the previous entry, allowing you to shoot just shy of a kilometer and it features fully multi-coated optics to let the most light into the lens as possible. This makes for a bright and clear image. 

The WAKYME rangefinder also has a few tricks of its own. For example, as a target shooter, you might not think that an added golf mode is all that useful but that’s where you ought to reconsider. The golf mode on this rangefinder has an added vibration that makes locking onto your targets that much easier. As you scan over a target and land where you want to shoot, the rangefinder will buzz to let you know to lock on. This addition is highly accurate, up to plus-or-minus one yard. 

In addition to the golf mode, this rangefinder has a standard horizontal component distance (HCD) mode and a speed mode that can be easily toggled at the press of a button. Priced at only $85.99, this rangefinder includes the best aspects of the other options on this list for a very reasonable price. With your purchase, you also get a full two-year warranty and 24-hour support. 

GoGoGo Sport Clear View 650/900 Yard Laser Rangefinder

Finally, on our list is another fine product from GoGoGo Sport. This is a slightly shorter-ranged option available at both 650 yards and 900 yards. Despite the shorter range of the Clear View rangefinder compared to the previous GoGoGo Sport entry, this is a slightly high-quality product with more perks. For example, this version of the rangefinder features an adjustable eyepiece that allows you to set the focus, making for a bright, clear, and sharp image. 

With this rangefinder, you also have the option of viewing distance in yards or meters and can toggle between the three units with a simple push of a button. You also have the choice of a standard continuous scan mode, a speed mode, or a golf mode similar to that of the WAKYME rangefinder. Using JOLT technology, this rangefinder will vibrate to help you lock onto targets, then correct for any slope in the distance. 

At only $84.00 for the lower-ranged 650yd option and a slightly higher $94.00 for the 900yd option, this rangefinder has been consistently well ranked for its accuracy, clarity, and high performance in this price range. While it might not provide computer software programming to dial in your scope like other options on this list, this is a rangefinder that will leave you absent of any complaints. And like the previous GoGoGo Sport option, it comes with a full one-year warranty.


At the end of the day, whether you appreciate the do-it-yourself method of target shooting or want a piece of high-tech equipment that can perfect your shots to the utmost abilities of your rifle, a rangefinder is an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to accurately target shoot. Remember that no one piece of equipment can do it all, though. If you want to make consistently perfect shots, be sure to learn how to use these products to the best of their ability and pair them with quality rifles and scopes. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our list and encourage you to try out these products. Whether you go for the high-end, high-tech options or the more basic entry version, we know that you will be happy with your purchase!