6 Mistakes To Avoid While Hunting In Cold Weather

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Are you thinking of becoming a cold weather hunter? Make sure you read this article first.

Cold weather hunting is no laughing matter. It is not a game. If you are not a seriously experienced hunter, you shouldn’t even think about doing this. Why? If you are inexperienced and you run into trouble while you are out there in the mountains, there’s no phone signal. There is no calling for help. You’re on your own. You need to know how to deal with every situation on your own or you shouldn’t be out there.

Convinced you want to go ahead with it? Here are six other mistakes you should avoid while you’re hunting in cold weather.

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Hunting In Low Temperatures

Here are the 6 mistakes to try to avoid. Learn from those that have come before you.

1 – Cheap tents

Cheap tents aren’t good enough when you are out in cold weather. Your tent needs to be waterproof. If you don’t have a place where you can come to that is dry at the end of the day, you are going to run into serious trouble. We’re talking frostbite and losing fingers and toes. Get a good tent.

2 - Cheap gear

High quality cold weather hunting gear is essential. There is a huge difference between buying a jacket that is going to tear easily, scare away the deer and ultimately get you wet and cold, and a pro jacket. A good quality outerwear jacket for cold weather hunting will keep you warm and dry, will be soundless, and has plenty of storage pockets for your bits and bobs. It won’t fall apart, either.

3 – Not enough layers

Many hunters that go out and try winter hunting for the first time are scared away by the cold. You need to be prepared for that cold. Layering up your clothing is a hunter’s best friend in this instance. Start with long johns, move up to a good vest, jacket, and trousers combo, and then add waterproofs. Use carboard for extra layers if you need it.

4 – Summer Sleeping Bag

If you are out in winter with a sleeping bag that’s too light, you are going to feel it. You want a good, tough, winter-proof sleeping bag. Looking at ex-army equipment is good for this if you can find it. The same can be said for your tent. Ex-army equipment has been tested to army standards. If it’s good enough to keep troops dry, it’s good enough for you.

5 – Not enough hot drinks

Hot drinks work wonders when you are out in the blind in the cold. Taking a flask with you and not leaving your camp without it, allows you to always have something hot to hold and sip. This helps your hands and reassures your body. It’s soothing, as well as potentially delicious. Take plenty of water with you or camp near a clean water source. You should consider a water filtration system to help you along here. There are plenty of new gadgets that help you make water safe in the field.

6 – Prepare for Freezing

Always prepare for freezing weather when you are hunting in cold temperatures. Research the area you are going to and find out what the coldest noted temperature is for that area, then dress to be four or five degrees colder than that coldest temperature. You don’t want to be out on the hillside, caught out on the coldest night of history for that region. This is how hunters get killed. Don’t let it happen to you.

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